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Doctor Strange 2 Cast | Complete Marvel Character List

While an Avengers film is presently not on Marvel Studios’ Phase 4 plan, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness kept audiences interested with its massive crossovers. The follow-up to the 2016 original reunited Benedict Cumberbatch’s Stephen Strange with Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff, as well as newcomer Xochitl Gomez’s America Chavez.

However, the three main characters were far from the only superheroes in this universe.

Fans were treated to other versions of various Marvel characters when the Multiverse idea was used as the vehicle for Doctor Strange 2’s tale. Surprise cameos by Earth-838 Variants and shocking debuts in the post-credits sequence increased the supporting cast’s character count to almost treble that of the poster.

Here’s a list of every Marvel character that appears in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to help you keep track of who’s who in this otherworldly journey.

Every Character in Doctor Strange’s Mad Multiverse
The remainder of this article includes Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness spoilers.

Dr. Strange (Earth-616)


The resident good doctor of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has returned. Despite being billed as an Avengers-lite film, this Doctor Strange sequel is really about Benedict Cumberbatch.

When America Chavez arrives in Doctor Strange’s realm and the Scarlet Witch starts to damage the fabric of reality, he is drawn into yet another unforeseen fight. While his journeys throughout the Multiverse are not without repercussions, Strange emerges from the Multiverse of Madness relatively undamaged. In fact, his peripheral vision improves.

Scarlet Witch 2


In Doctor Strange 2, the MCU’s Daenerys Targaryen completes her transformation to the dark side. Elizabeth Olsen starts up where WandaVision left off, pursuing America Chavez throughout the Multiverse using the Darkhold’s terrible teachings.

Unlike WandaVision, Olsen is fully transformed into the Scarlet Witch. Fans see glimpses of the human Wanda Maximoff here and there, but the chaotic magic wielding is in control for the duration. While her attempts to reclaim her children are futile, the devastating road she blazed on her way to destroying Mount Wundagore is clear.

Chavez, America


The Multiverse of Madness’ MacGuffin takes the shape of a character. Throughout the 126-minute film, Xochitl Gomez’s America Chavez is pursued by the Scarlet Witch as the malevolent sorceress wants her Multiversal abilities.

Chavez has the extraordinary capacity to generate star gateways that take her to other realms. While this capacity is first only activated in times of crisis, by the conclusion of the film, Chavez has gained control over it. She concludes Doctor Strange 2 by enrolling in sorcerer training at Kamar-Taj.



Wong by Benedict Wong continues to dominate Phase 4. The Sorcerer Supreme makes his third MCU appearance in less than a year, and he survives.

Wong spends the most of the film with the Scarlet Witch, taking her to Mount Wundagore against her will. He subsequently assists an undead Doctor Strange in his last battle against Scarlet Witch, before returning to Kamar-Taj to supervise the rebuilding and youngling training.

Mordo, Master


Mordo is absent from the MCU, although Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Master Mordo Variant demands substantial screen time. As shown in the trailers, this Mordo has dreadlocks and is the Sorcerer Supreme in his reality.

Master Mordo is also a member of the Illuminati, a group of Earth-838’s sharpest minds. While his colleagues perish at the hands of the Scarlet Witch, Master Mordo narrowly escapes the carnage scene alive.

West, Nicodemus


Despite being one of the film’s most prominent characters, Michael Stuhlbarg’s Nicodemus West appears extremely briefly in Doctor Strange 2. West attends Christine Palmer’s wedding, describing his ordeal during the Blip and mocking the MCU’s Stephen Strange for failing to marry Christine.

Christine Palmer is number seven (Earth-616)


Rachel McAdams reprises her role as Stephen Strange’s long-lost sweetheart. Christine Palmer marries another man in the first act, much to Stephen’s displeasure. Regardless, Christine’s talk with her ex-fiancé pushes Stephen to chase the happiness he’s long neglected.

More: Marvel Studios had a whole different idea for Christine Palmer.



In one of Doctor Strange 2’s early clashes, the tentacled giant makes his MCU debut. Gargantos, first thought to be Shuma-Gorath, hunts America Chavez under the orders of the Scarlet Witch. Despite destroying havoc on a New York City block, Gargantos dies horribly at the hands of Doctor Strange.

Strange, the Defender


The first Doctor Strange that fans encounter is not from the MCU. Defender Strange, the ponytail-wearing Variant, pursues the Book of Vishanti alongside America Chavez as a demonic creature is hard on his heels.

This alternative Strange gets slain by the creature but manages to save Chavez before he dies. By the conclusion of the film, Defender Strange has been revived, as the MCU’s Strange dreamwalks into his zombified form to fight the Scarlet Witch.

The Supreme Strange


Earth-838’s Supreme Strange is another Doctor Strange encounter for fans. The common populace thought that this version of the sorcerer died honorably battling Thanos, but he was actually killed by the Illuminati for his irresponsible use of the Darkhold.

Professor X


As Professor Charles Xavier, Patrick Stewart makes his long-awaited MCU debut. Professor X, the head of the Illuminati, is introduced in his distinctive yellow wheelchair from the animated series.

Professor X says that the Illuminati assassinated Doctor Strange in order to defend the Multiverse. This revelation sets the stage for the Scarlet Witch’s assault of the Illuminati headquarters, which ends in a mental fight between the two. Unfortunately for the seasoned mutant, the struggle ends with his neck being severed in two.

Patrick Stewart Discusses Prof. X in Multiverse of Madness

Thanos (Earth-838 Corpse)


Viewers see a wide sight of the Illuminati on Titan just before Strange dies. This occurs immediately after their defeat of Thanos, whose body is briefly visible.

Thanos was vanquished by Supreme Strange, who utilized the Darkhold to dreamwalk into multiple versions of himself in order to find new means to confront the Mad Titan. Supreme Strange’s purity was lost as a result of his use of the banned textbook, which corrupted the clean-shaven sorcerer. Beyond that, dreamwalking to defeat Thanos triggered an Incursion, merging two universes and killing billions.

Captain Carter


Hayley Atwell makes her live-action Marvel debut, bringing to life an animated Variant. Captain Peggy Carter, Earth-838’s Super Soldier, serves on the Illuminati council with Professor X and four other members.

Captain Carter goes beyond scolding Doctor Strange by fighting the Illuminati’s uninvited visitor, but finds up taking a vibranium frisbee directly through the stomach.

Captain Marvel


Lashana Lynch, who played Maria Rambeau in 2019’s Captain Marvel, is another Illuminati member verified by trailers. Rambeau is Captain Marvel in this realm, decked out in a sleek silver and black outfit.

Rambeau attempts all she can to defeat Maximoff, but she is crushed by a statue.

Black Bolt


In Doctor Strange 2’s first surprise cameo, the leader of the Inhumans makes his formal MCU debut. Anson Mount returns as Blackagar Boltagon from ABC’s Inhumans, sitting calmly atop the Illuminati.

Black Bolt, endowed with the capacity to destroy cities with a single word, is the Illuminati member entrusted with killing his universe’s Doctor Strange. Strange is reduced to atoms with a single whisper of “I’m sorry.” Scarlet Witch uses that power against Black Bolt in his last moments, removing his mouth and ricocheting a horrified scream directly back into his own skull.

Anson Mount Breaks His Silence on Reprising Black Bolt

Mr. Fantastic


The fan effort was successful. Reed Richards, the captain of the Fantastic Four and the brightest man in his world, makes his MCU debut as played by John Krasinski.

Richards admits to the Scarlet Witch that he is a father, implying the start of a bloodline that ends with Kang the Conqueror, and that he is married, implying Sue Storm is somewhere out there. Mr. Fantastic suffers the same fate as the majority of his fellow Illuminati members, when Scarlet Witch turns his stretching ability against him and tears him into threads.

Billy Maximoff


Julian Hilliard reprises his WandaVision role as comic fan favorite Billy Maximoff in Doctor Strange 2. Although he did not employ his skills in Multiverse of Madness, he has the ability to manipulate psychic energy, like his mother, the Scarlet Witch.

Tommy Maximoff


Jett Klyne, the second half of the Maximoff twins, reprises his renowned role as Tommy Maximoff in Multiverse of Madness. Unlike his brother, who adopts Scarlet Witch-like abilities, Tommy adopts Quicksilver-like super-speed abilities.



Minotaurs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Rintrah makes his MCU debut as a student at Kamar-Taj, but does nothing more than assist secure the dojo during the Scarlet Witch’s siege. Rintrah, don’t worry, she survives the attack.

Mystic Artists of Kamar-Taj


Aside from Rintrah, Kamar-Taj is home to a slew of other named sorcerers who play distinct roles in the film. Topo Wresniwiro returns as Master Hamir from Doctor Strange, while Sheila Atim and Ako Mitchell make their debuts as Sara and Charlie, respectively.

Daniel Swain also appears as the London Master, while Momo Yeung appears as the Hong Kong Master beside him.

Christine Palmer (Earth-838)


Rachel McAdams’ most significant role to Doctor Strange 2 is as Christine Palmer, a Variant of Stephen Strange’s love interest on Earth-616. Palmer works for the Illuminati and states that Supreme Strange’s death prompted her to join the Baxter Foundation.

Despite the murder at the Illuminati headquarters, Palmer survives. She assists Doctor Strange of the MCU in his dreamwalking adventures before bidding farewell to the sorcerer as he returns to his realm.

Strange, Sinister


Doctor Strange’s last universe visit takes him to a dismal Earth. The only live being he encounters is a three-eyed Doctor Strange who seems to have not slept well in years.

This wicked Variant, dubbed “Sinister Strange” by marketing brochures, is devoured by the Darkhold’s temptations. He participates in magical and musical brawls with Strange from the MCU, culminating to Strange’s triumph.

Wanda Maximoff (Earth-838)


The MCU’s Wanda is all Scarlet Witch, while Earth-838’s Maximoff is the motherly Maximoff fans are familiar with from WandaVision. Wanda from Earth-838 is employed by the Scarlet Witch for dreamwalking, but she also has romantic moments with her boys.

Pizza Poppa


As Earth-838’s “Pizza Poppa,” Bruce Campbell makes his trademark Sam Raimi appearance. Campbell mocks Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange, causing him to be trapped in a hitting himself spell for days on end.



In Doctor Strange 2’s first post-credits sequence, Charlize Theron makes her MCU debut. On the comic page, Theron plays Clea, Strange’s love interest and eventual Sorcerer Supreme.

Clea meets Doctor Strange on Earth-616, stating that his activities resulted in a “incursion,” and orders him to accompany her into the Dark Dimension.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now in cinemas.


Marvel stars and BTS V will appear in a new reality series on Disney+

New reality series IN THE SOOP: Friendcation, will premiere on Disney+ next month.

Marvel stars: Park Seo-joon, Parasite’s Choi Woo-shik, Park Hyung-sik (Soundtrack #1), rapper Peakboy, and member of BTS V will all be featured in this spinoff of the original IN THE SOOP series. They will all be seen relaxing together on a vacation.

According to the summary of the program, “This brand-new vacation reality series shows the buddies having time to enjoy nature and indulge in their favorite activities in the soop while hidden away from the world” (in the forest).

“Viewers will get to see the stars and best friends relax over a well-earned break away from the strains of day-to-day stardom” throughout the course of the four-episode series.

In The Soop

Choi is most known for playing Kim Ki-woo in the Academy Award-winning movie Parasite, and Park also had a brief appearance as Ki-friend. woo’s He will now play an unspecified role in the upcoming July 2023 television series The Marvels.

Fans of BTS may presently watch the K-pop group’s most recent movie on the streaming service, BTS: Permission to Dance On Stage – LA. The movie is a part of the group’s contract with Disney+, which also includes the docuseries IN THE SOOP: Friendcation and BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star.

In order to pursue individual careers, BTS, which also consists of Suga, Jin, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook, recently revealed they will be taking a short break from one another. The group announced their choice on their YouTube site, adding that they intended to “spend some time apart to learn how to be one again.”

IN THE SOOP: On October 19, Friendcation will make its Disney+ debut.

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Armor Wars Movie: from Marvel Disney+ Series To A Film

Due to creative adjustments, the TV series starring Don Cheadle will now be turned into an MCU – Armor Wars movie. The most of the Disney+ series that Marvel Studios had planned have already been released, but Armor Wars has been stuck in development for a while. Even though it had been announced in 2020, James Rhodes’ spinoff show hadn’t received any updates until 2022. In 2008’s Iron Man, Terrence Howard played Rhodes; in Iron Man 2, Cheadle took over as War Machine, and he has since continued to feature in several MCU projects.

Despite being a part of Phase 5, the Armor Wars TV series on Disney+ is being redesigned as an MCU – Armor Wars movie, with Don Cheadle remaining attached to play War Machine.

Due to creative adjustments, the TV series starring Don Cheadle will now be turned into an MCU – Armor Wars movie. The most of the Disney+ series that Marvel Studios had planned have already been released, but Armor Wars has been stuck in development for a while. Even though it had been announced in 2020, James Rhodes’ spinoff show hadn’t received any updates until 2022. In 2008’s Iron Man, Terrence Howard played Rhodes; in Iron Man 2, Cheadle took over as War Machine, and he has since continued to feature in several MCU projects.

War Machine is followed by Armor Wars following Phase 3, which resulted in the demise of his closest friend, Tony Stark. The Disney+ drama will, according to confirmation, follow the events of Secret Invasion, in which Cheadle will next play the Marvel character. Despite Disney’s commitment to creating the series, Armor Wars was not included in any of the Phases 5 or 6 slates that Marvel Studios presented at San Diego Comic-Con. One of the key Armor Wars stories, according to Cheadle in an interview from earlier this month, would include Tony Stark’s technology going out into the open, with Rhodey having to stop the wrong people from using it.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Armor Wars is being retooled into a feature picture, causing a significant shake-up within Marvel Studios. The company decided that a movie would be a better choice as opposed to a 6-episode series since they were dedicated to “having the tale conveyed the proper way.” The movie’s screenplay will be written by the film’s head writer, Yassir Lester, who is still employed. Production had been planned to begin in 2023, but this most recent development has forced a postponement. The Armor Wars information was released shortly after the director of the Blade reboot was fired.

How the MCU Will Be Affected by the Filming of Armor Wars Movie

Armor Wars

While Armor Wars’ continual postponement is a problem in and of itself, Cheadle’s character might gain from the film’s decision. Despite the fact that War Machine has been in a lot of MCU movies, he has never been the main character in any of the plots. Despite Rhodes having his own show at first, a feature film offers him a greater stage for obvious reasons. Additionally, this would give War Machine his own cinematic prominence after serving as Iron Man’s sidekick throughout the duration of the MCU. Marvel has adapted a product from one medium to another before, and Armor Wars is hardly the only instance of this. The Royal Family was supposed to have its own Phase 3 movie before The Inhumans became a TV show, but instead received a short series on ABC that had a poor outcome.

The length of Armor Wars’ delay as a result of the move from Disney+ to theaters is yet unknown. Armor Wars may have to wait until Phase 6 even if it takes place after Secret Invasion unless Marvel discovers a window in Phase 5 that makes sense. Due to the enormous lag between the conclusion of Secret Invasion and the release of Cheadle’s movie, it’s probable that the tie-ins from Secret Invasion will be eliminated if Armor Wars is redeveloped as a feature film. There is a likelihood that Armor Wars was always a Phase 6 project because the slate wasn’t fully revealed at San Diego Comic-Con. It is unclear how Armor Wars will fare as a movie unless Cheadle, Feige, and Marvel Studios make announcements.

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Everything you need to know about Wolverine


Wolverine is a fictional character that appears in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, typically in conjunction with the X-Men. His real name is James Howlett, but he also goes by the aliases Logan and Weapon X.

How did Wolverine Became Popular?

Origin of Wolverine by Paul Jenkins Wolverine, the ol’ Canucklehead, has certainly evolved from the idea of a Canadian superhero to being the finest at what he does. Wolverine, a comic book character whose stern, aggressive demeanor established the bar It became quickly obvious that his initial yellow-and-blue clothing did not conjure up images of a furious the early 21st century…

James Howlett – Wolverine – Logan – Weapon X

Here is some facts about Wolverine

Habitat. These hardy creatures live alone and require a lot of space to wander.
Diet. Wolverines are stubborn, so while they occasionally consume vegetarian food like plants and berries in the summer, it does not constitute a significant portion of their diet.

What role does Wolverine play in X-Men Apocalypse?

Professor Charles Xavier invites Wolverine to join up for his new superhero-mutant team, called the X-Men, where Logan creates a close friendship with Cyclops and Jean Grey. Later it was discovered that Xavier, erased Logan’s memory and forced him to join the X-Men team by purpose. Professor X had to delete all Wolverine memories because he was sent to kill X-Men team leader a.k.a. – Charles Xavier.

Cyclops and Jean Grey

James Howlett (Wolverine) is also called Logan and Weapon X. He is a mutant with three retractable claws in each hand and animal-keen senses. He also has heightened physical powers, a strong regeneration ability known as a healing factor, and animal-keen senses.

Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine a.k.a. Logan

So Wolverine is from DC (Detective Comic) or MCU ( Marvel Cinematic Universe)?

Offten fans wonder is Wolverine a DC or a Marvel hero? Well, Wolverine was allegedly inspired by the DC superhero Timberwolf. Due to his ability to heal, the color of his outfit, and his hair, he is Wolverine’s polar opposite. The only thing that separates them is their claws, which are quite similar to each other despite Timberwolf’s sharp claws not being like Wolverine’s retractable ones. But, officially Wolverine was created for Marvel Comics by writer Len Wein and artist John Romita.

What is Wolverine’s history?

Did you know that Wolverine actually are father to Jimmy Hudson? James Hudson and Wolverine served together in the Iraq War, and James was given guardianship of Wolverine’s infant kid. To make the adoption legitimate, Jimmy’s surname name was changed from Howlett to Hudson. Jimmy’s origins were kept a mystery up until his senior year of high school. Wolverines son – Jimmy didn’t realize he was a mutant when he was a child, but he always felt unique and rejected the idea that he might be one.

In movies we saw that Hugh Jackman who played Logan in several movies, had to play very different scenario/story line whan it’s in comic books. For the first time Wolverine appeared in our TV screens in 2009. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) showed us remarcable MCU story line with new characters. At the movie we saw that Logan a.k.a. Wolverine was made in laboratory. But did you know that in comics, originally he got such powers from his birth parent.

Just to clarify, who is Wolverine?

Wolverine is a fictional character that appears in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, typically in conjunction with the X-Men. His real name is James Howlett, but he also goes by the aliases Logan and Weapon X.

Other interesting information

Wolverine and Deadpool

Who is Deadpool in Wolverine?

One of the worse films in the Fox X-Men film series is frequently cited as X-Men Origins: Wolverine. And the portrayal of Wade Wilson, a.k.a. Deadpool, in the movie has drawn some of the most severe criticism. Fans were ecstatic to see The Merc With the Mouth on the big screen when it was released in 2009.

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Everything you need to know about Wolverine

Wolverine is a fictional character that appears in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, typically in conjunction with the...

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