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Thor: Love and Thunder’s Crucial Venom Connection Expounded

Many have speculated endlessly about Gorr’s “terrifying” weapon, which comes with his Marvel Legends toy figure for Thor: Love and Thunder, but comic book readers know it as the Necrosword. This weapon was not only strong enough to compete with Thor and every other god in the world, but its origins were intimately linked to Venom and the symbiotes.

Fans weren’t much wiser about Gorr’s background when he and his iconic sword first appeared in the comics. Fans are also debating whether Marvel Studios will be able to disclose the Necrosword’s intricate past in Love and Thunder, or whether the sword’s symbiote-connected maker will remain a mystery.

How Gorr Discovered the Necrosword

To comprehend the Necrosword, one must first understand how Gorr came to hold it. Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi recently said that Gorr is one of “the most sympathetic villains they’ve had,” so it wouldn’t be shocking if Gorr’s narrative in the film remained true to the comics.

So, before being known as the Killer of Gods, Gorr was born on a planet with no name, lived on the verge of famine every day, and was trained from infancy to always obey the gods. None of his requests were ever fulfilled by these gods.

Even when his parents died of fever and animals, the ground swallowed his pregnant wife, and all of his children perished of starvation, Gorr was required to revere and adore the gods. When Gorr’s final kid died, he couldn’t handle any more pain or sorrow.


God Butcher Thor Gorr Comic Panel
Thor: God of Thunder — Issue #6 (2012)
Gorr told his people that there were no gods and that they could only rely on themselves. But they refused to listen, labeling him a blasphemer and banishing him to their lonely world to die alone.

Something smashed on the planet not far from Gorr as he crawled through the scorching earth, hoping for death. Gorr investigated and discovered what looked to be two gods, one in black armor and the other in gold. While the one in black seemed to be dead, a spear through the head, the one in gold remained alive and implored Gorr for assistance, which enraged him since the gods had not helped him or his family through their hard times.


Thor Gorr Knull Necrosword Thor: God of Thunder (2012) — Issue #6 Comic Panel

The sword of the god in black surged toward Gorr, binding itself to him, as though responding to his burning wrath. Gorr used his new sword to depart his realm after slaying the begging deity, wondering whether there were other gods to destroy.

However, readers were unaware that the god in black was not dead, and they would soon discover that this deity’s name was Knull, the King in Black.

Who exactly is Knull?

There was a god who slept in the Abyss, referred to by Asgard as the Ginnungagap, between the destruction of the sixth iteration of the cosmos and the creation of the seventh. This was a completely evil dimension that gave birth to many anti-life entities, Knull being one of them.

When the Celestials started building the cosmos, they disturbed the Abyss, waking Knull in the process. Knull easily killed one of the Celestials in vengeance for intruding on the Abyss before the others threw him back into the vacuum.


King in Black: Return of the Valkyries (2021) — Issue #2 Knull All-Black Celestial Nowhere Comic Panel

Knull was able to create a weapon with practically no equivalent by using the Celestial’s body left in the Abyss as a forge: the All-Black. Knull was able to wreak immeasurable harm to the cosmos after leaving his vacuum, murdering anybody who stopped in his path and starting on a genocidal crusade against all gods and life itself.

Knull eventually encountered true resistance in his quest from an army of golden-clad gods wielding the might of the Light, his polar opposite. Knull was able to kill all but one of the gods, resulting in both gods crash-landing in front of Gorr.


Venom (2018) — Issue #4 Venom Knull Gorr Comic Panels
With a spear through his skull, the All-Black abandoned Knull and joined forces with Gorr, who, like Knull, had a burning hate for all gods. However, Gorr had unintentionally continued Knull’s mission throughout the cosmos, slaying any gods he came across.

Knull finally healed from his wounded and started to explore with his abilities, no longer relying on the All-Black blade. Symbiotes were developed as a consequence of his research, which Knull utilized to devour whole planets.

Knull’s link to his Symbiotes was lost owing to Thor’s activities half a galaxy away, prompting them all to betray and imprison him. Knull was imprisoned in a cage in the heart of what would become known as the symbiotes’ homeworld, Klyntar, for millennia until he was ultimately let free.

Meanwhile, Gorr kept using Knull’s weapon to do what it did best: murder gods.

The All-Black Effect

While Hela’s weapon was never identified in Thor: Ragnarok, the Collector referred to it as “a” Necrosword in the What If…? episode “What If… T’Challa Became a Star-Lord?” This suggested that there were at least two or that the blades generated were just duplicates of the original Necrosword.

However, in comparison to the comics, Hela’s usage of it was somewhat restricted. Her Necrosword’s sole skills appeared to be fast producing several copies of itself and altering form, like when Hela used it to make an ax for Scurge to wield as her executioner.


Otherwise, it seems little in relation to Gorr’s strength, particularly given how little fans have seen of him in the MCU.

Looking at the marketing and merchandising for the Ragnarok sequel, it’s clear that Gorr’s weapon will function much more like its comic version than Hela’s weapon. Gorr not only has the ability to call Black Berserkers, as opposed to Hela, who was obliged to revive dead Asgardians, but it can also sprout protective black tendrils.


The second trailer for Love and Thunder purported to depict Gorr creating a settlement for himself that is coated in black, slimy, symbiotic tentacles.


In the comics, the Necrosword quickly increased its host’s strength, durability, speed, and reflexes to god-like levels. So, although Hela was strong, Gorr might be assumed to be more so than the Asgardian goddess of death.


Venom (2018) — Issue #4 All-Black Necrosword Knull Comic Panel
The All-Black is considered the original symbiote, since Knull would eventually develop symbiotes such as Venom. It behaved similarly to its contemporary equivalents, enhancing its host, changing shape into various weapons or appendages, and even constructing a suit around its host.

In the comics, Gorr used all of these skills against Odin’s son as he sought to destroy him and other gods.


Comic Panel Gorr Thor God of Thunder
Issue #5 of Thor: God of Thunder (2012)
But, as previously stated, the most frightening capability the Necrosword held in the hands of Gorr was his capacity to gather an entire army. The weapon was capable of spawning semi-sentient symbiotes that obeyed the will of whomever used it, similar to how Venom generated Carnage from its essence.

So the real issue today is whether Marvel Studios will employ any of this narrative and mythology.

Connections with Lawyers

The short answer is no.

According to all sources, Knull is largely related to Venom, who is directly linked to Spider-Man, implying that Knull’s film rights are likewise tied to Sony Pictures. As a result, Marvel Studios cannot lawfully make any direct allusions to that character without first obtaining permission. Any hopes of Thor or anybody else mentioning the deity of symbiotes should be put to rest right now.

Long answer: Yes, but with qualifications.

Because every key part of Gorr and the Necrosword was written and illustrated before any relationship to either was discovered, Marvel Studios could do anything except reference Knull or symbiotes. The MCU might go so far as to hint at Knull’s existence while without identifying or displaying him.


Remember the Celestial Knull decapitated with the All-Black? The severed head became Nowhere, which appeared prominently in Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Infinity War.

It’s possible that Love and Thunder just bestowed this horrific ability to Gorr, but it might also be hinted that the Celestial was slain with the Necrosword by someone else. In reality, fans might be presented Gorr’s narrative from the comics in its entirety with no alterations made.


After all, Knull is never identified, and his more often used character design in subsequent appearances is also absent. Thus, Marvel Studios could hypothetically insert Knull into a flashback and just ignore him.

In contrast, the fundamental appearance of symbiotes is so generic that Marvel Studios could change the design of the Black Berserkers to seem more like them, but not so much that Sony Pictures’ attorneys would show up. All Marvel Studios would have to do is give them white teeth, and presto! You have creatures who resemble symbiotes, such as Venom, but are legally different from them.


It may even be a means for Marvel Studios to reach out to Sony Pictures in the future. They’ll have to work out a new deal before the next Spider-Man trilogy in the MCU, although it might include additional characters like Knull. But, if that fails, it’s not like these Knull secrets will affect the MCU in the long run and can be dismissed as entertaining Easter eggs for fans.

Audiences will have to wait and see how much Marvel Studios will rely on these Knull links when Thor: Love and Thunder reaches cinemas on July 8.

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Doctor Strange 2 : Scarlet Witch vs. Strange Deleted Fight Scene – FanArt

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness stunned fans straight away by revealing that the Scarlet Witch will be the film’s principal adversary. This res

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness stunned fans straight away by revealing that the Scarlet Witch will be the film’s principal adversary. This resulted in some really fantastic battle sequences between the MCU’s two most powerful magic-wielders, but there’s been a lot of talk about more of it appearing in deleted scenes.

The majority of that attention has been focused on the sequel’s abandoned opening scene, in which Wanda Maximoff would have killed Earth-616’s Baron Mordo. She would have decapitated him and gave Strange the severed head when they first met at the farm, leaving little mistake about who Strange would face during Doctor Strange 2.

Over the last several months, concept art has also hinted more deleted sequences, including a flashback to Strange losing his sister at the lake and a tease showing the wicked Nightmare in action. Fans can now see more deleted Scarlet Witch action, which would have pitted her against Strange once again early in the Multiversal sequel.

Doctor Strange 2’s Deleted Scarlet Witch Battle Illustrator David Allcock released a collection of storyboard drawings including a previously uncovered deleted sequence from Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness through Twitter user @itsjustanx. This scenario would have pitted Doctor Strange against the Scarlet Witch as Strange and America Chavez jumped across the Multiverse after leaving Kamar-Taj.

Strange uses his magic to free Chavez from the Scarlet Witch’s grasp while Chavez opens one of her star portals.

New Doctor Strange 2 Art Reveals Deleted Scarlet Witch vs. Strange Fight

The scene when Chavez falls through with the blue light from her portal around her in-frame seems very similar to what appeared in the final cut of the film.

New Doctor Strange 2 Art Reveals Deleted Scarlet Witch vs. Strange Fight

It would have had the Scarlet Witch really pursue Strange and Chavez into the star gate, employing images similar to those seen before when the villain was pushing through mirrors.

New Doctor Strange 2 Art Reveals Deleted Scarlet Witch vs. Strange Fight

Along with Wanda pursuing the heroic team, they would have encountered other demons while traversing the Multiverse. There was even a chance they’d run across one of the more sinister Strange Variants, akin to how Earth-616’s good doctor confronted Sinister Strange at the conclusion of the narrative.

New Doctor Strange 2 Art Reveals Deleted Scarlet Witch vs. Strange Fight

As the Scarlet Witch pursued Strange and Chavez, she would release more of her actual power, which she had garnered while delving into the pages of the Darkhold.

New Doctor Strange 2 Art Reveals Deleted Scarlet Witch vs. Strange Fight

In her chase, the villain would have seized Chavez by the wrist, however it’s uncertain whether the action would have progressed as it did in the final edit of Doctor Strange 2.

New Doctor Strange 2 Art Reveals Deleted Scarlet Witch vs. Strange Fight

Marvel Parallels Avoided With Deleted Scene?

New Doctor Strange 2 Art Reveals Deleted Scarlet Witch vs. Strange Fight

With Doctor Strange 2 clocking in at little over two hours, it’s hardly unexpected that so many deleted scenes and concept art have been published now that the film has come and gone. This sequence would have certainly added a couple of minutes to the running length, although it’s unclear whether it would have come with the universe-jumping scene or taken its place entirely.

Furthermore, given Marvel’s vast history, this deleted battle has some resemblance to another sequence seen by fans in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok, which starred Thor, Loki, and Hela. This three got into a similar brawl when Loki summoned the Bifrost to transport him and Thor to Asgard, prompting Hela to leap in and fling them over the rainbow bridge into the uncharted realms of space.

In the end, it looks that this confrontation between Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch was never even pre-visualized, since this is the first time fans have seen this scene shown in public. While it would have undoubtedly provided another fantastic combat scene to the already packed film, leaving it out maintained some of the emphasis on Strange and America as they began their first journey across the Multiverse.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now available to watch on Disney+.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home Extended Cut Trailer Is Now Available

Spider-Man: No Way Home, the third-highest-grossing MCU film ever, is poised to return to cinemas across the globe in the coming weeks. Sony and Marvel are

Spider-Man: No Way Home, the third-highest-grossing MCU film ever, is poised to return to cinemas across the globe in the coming weeks. Sony and Marvel are preparing to send fans back to the MCU’s first real Multiversal event, “The More Fun Stuff Version,” when Tom Holland’s third and largest solo Spidey trip takes a second run on the big screen.

The extended edit of No Way Home will feature 11 minutes of material that did not make the initial theatrical release in December 2021, according to reports. More material starring Charlie Cox’s “very smart lawyer,” Matt Murdock, as well as other exchanges with Holland and the two other Spider-Men, portrayed by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, are possible.

The advertising tour for the new No Way Home extended cut began with a new poster that included all three Spider-Men, as well as all five villains and a scattering of supporting characters. This promotional tour now continues with a new trailer for the film, however it doesn’t exactly include any…new stuff.

New Trailer for No Way Home Extended Cut

Watch: Spider-Man: No Way Home Extended Cut Trailer Released

Sony Pictures has published a 30-second clip for Spider-Man: No Way Home’s theatrical re-release, which begins on August 31 in Indonesia.

Surprisingly, despite the promise that fresh material would be added in this edit, this teaser has no new footage.

The commercial focuses mostly on Peter’s struggles with the film’s five Multiversal antagonists, including Happy Hogan’s phone conversation in which he asks Peter who they are all. The closing scene of the teaser depicts Peter leaping into fight against the criminals, with the other two Spider-Men cut out, but the Lizard is still hit by the air, exactly as he was in the second trailer.

The whole trailer is available below:

Sony is back with another Spider-Man trailer.

Sony Pictures rocketed to the top of the entertainment business with the original release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, despite a difficult couple of years of releases. The studio had its most successful film ever, shattering box office records and generating over $2 billion in its first run.

Despite the hype for the “More Fun Stuff Version,” Sony made no attempt to tease anything new that would be presented in this new edit of the threequel. The studio didn’t even bother to replace the scene of all three Spider-Men leaping into fight on the Statue of Liberty, instead settling for the error-filled picture in which the Lizard is assaulted by a secret figure.

Regardless of these gaffes, anticipation is growing for what Sony and Marvel have in store with material not included in the initial December 2021 edit. And, if nothing else, the threequel is still one of the most popular superhero films in history, which should be plenty to entice fans to return to the big screen a few more times.

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Marvel’s Biggest Multiverse Reveal Is Wasted

This article contains Edge of Spider-Verse #2 spoilers.Marvel Comics squandered their most significant multiverse disclosure. Multiverses may be trendy rig

This article contains Edge of Spider-Verse #2 spoilers.

Marvel Comics squandered their most significant multiverse disclosure. Multiverses may be trendy right now, but Marvel Comics has been using the notion for decades. The finest multiverse tales allow you to ponder the question “What If…?” – to picture universes where heroes were beaten instead of triumphing, planets were broken, or entire new champions created. Sometimes these “What If…?” tales help to establish concepts that will ultimately make their way into the regular comic book narrative, and maybe even into the movies themselves. In the comics, Jane Foster initially appeared as Thor.

Edge of Spider-Verse #2 features “A Single Thread,” a short narrative by Dan Slott and Paco Medina that has just been used to change the history and nature of the entire Marvel world. The universe started untold billions of years ago, long after the ancient Elder Gods were expelled, according to Edge of Spider-Verse #2. Gaea and Oshtur started producing new gods and demigods, and they entrusted the construction of the universe to the early spider-goddess Neith. She fashioned the Web of Life and Destiny, which is centered on Earth-001. Finally, the Spider-hidden Verse’s genesis has been exposed.

Marvel has just rewritten the structure of the whole multiverse.

It’s odd, though, that Marvel practically squandered such a big disclosure. The real nature of the universe is introduced in what seems to be a tangent or side-story to the main event, rather than in a large ” event ” issue with a great amount of hype behind it. This choice is even more astounding considering the importance of multiverses in popular culture, and Marvel Comics’ own multiverse is now serving as inspiration for the MCU’s. Spider-Man: No Way Home, like the comics, has established spider-characters as prominent players in the universe.

Marvel Wastes Its Biggest Multiverse Reveal

To be fair to Marvel, Edge of Spider-Verse #2 does have some backstory. The first Edge of Spider-Verse miniseries debuted with the original Spider-Verse storyline in 2014, and its second issue featured the famous Spider-Gwen. Marvel may have decided to make the second issue of this new Edge of Spider-Verse miniseries seem just as important – but if so, the comic book publisher could have pushed it more aggressively.

It’s enthralling to discover the real genesis and nature of the MCU’s cosmos. The important issue is whether it will survive much longer; this tie-in is tied with the End of the Spider-Verse event, implying that the multiverse’s laws are going to be altered. Marvel’s universe has been defined, but it may not last.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home, the third-highest-grossing MCU film ever, is poised to return to cinemas across the globe in the...

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Marvel’s Biggest Multiverse Reveal Is Wasted

This article contains Edge of Spider-Verse #2 spoilers.Marvel Comics squandered their most significant multiverse disclosure. Multiverses may be trendy rig

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