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100 Dirty Truth or Dare Questions That Are Essentially Foreplay 

A thrilling game of truth or dare is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about innovative date night activities. With so many sex devices to try and spicy Netflix films to watch, playing a classic game generally reserved for

A thrilling game of truth or dare is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about innovative date night activities. With so many sex devices to try and spicy Netflix films to watch, playing a classic game generally reserved for horny middle schoolers may seem weird. However, it turns out that truth or dare—specifically, dirty truth or dare—is an inexpensive, unique, and sexy way to spice up any romantic evening or casual get-together. 

Not only is the game simpler and less stressful than, example, Monopoly (you simply take turns asking each other “truth or dare”), but it can also provide useful information regardless of your relationship situation. Plus, hello, it’s essentially endless foreplay. Things may progress to both of you naked on the floor due to sensuous dares and filthy truths. 

However, before you jump right in, keep in mind that continual permission is crucial. It’s quite fine if you or your partner don’t want to participate in a dare or answer a truth. It’s about having a good time, not forcing your significant other to reveal all of their dark secrets. Consider a low-stakes “penalty” that you can each apply if you refuse to answer a fact or complete a dare (like removing an article of clothing or taking a sip of a drink). That way, even if one of you skips a round, it’s still entertaining. Now, for your entertainment, here are 100 of the hottest “truth” and “dare” alternatives that will dramatically transform the way you play your favorite childhood sleepover game. Trust us when we say this version is more “do a striptease” than “consume some hot sauce.” We double-dog dare you to join in the fun! 


1. Have you ever sent a sext to the wrong person by accident? 

2. What are your thoughts on shower sex? Is it something you adore, despise, or are completely indifferent to? 

3. What is the most seductive tune you have ever heard? What about it piques your interest? 

4. How many times have you orgasmed in a single day? 

5. Have you ever been turned on while at work (or while watching WFH)? What action did you take in response? 

6. Have you ever had a one-night stand or hooked up with a stranger? 

7. When it comes to me, do you like to use your tongue or your fingers? Which would you want I use on you? 

8. What are your thoughts on swinging or partner swapping? Is the concept appealing to you? 

9. Is there anything I do that turns you on but isn’t sexual? 

10. Would you ever want to join me at a sex club? 

11. Where have you ever masturbated in the strangest location? 

12. Right now, what’s at the top of your sexual bucket list? 

13. Have you ever been caught having sex with another person? 

14. Have you ever walked in on someone getting it on by accident? 

15. Do you view a lot of porn? Tell me the type of person you are most attracted to. 

16. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever thought about me? 

17. What is a popular sex act that you believe is overrated? 

18. What do you think is the most underappreciated sexual activity (or activities)? 

19. Have you ever dreamed of being a teacher or someone in a position of authority? Who was it, and why did they do it? 

20. Do you know everyone you’ve had sex with’s last name? What about starting with the most basic? 21. Which portion of your body do you prefer to suck on? 

22. Do you want to be the boss in bed or do you want me to be the boss in bed? 

23. Do you prefer to be lightly bitten or nibbled on? Where? 

24. Which of your sex toys do you prefer to use on me? 

25. What is the most bizarre thing you’ve ever done? 

26. What has been your hottest sex fantasy? 

27. Tell me one thing I could do to make you orgasm right now. 

28. Do you like calm, slow, and sweet sex or violent, rapid, and feisty sex? 

29. Who would you hook up with if I offered you a free pass to hook up with one celebrity, and why? 

30. Which piece of clothing do you believe I appear the most attractive in? 

31. In three words, describe my in-bed personality. 

32. What would you do to me if I was handcuffed to the bed? 

33. What would you term a unique sex move if you had to come up with one? 

34. Is there anything filthy you’ve always been afraid to tell me in bed? 

35. If we could only have sex for a month in one position, which one would you choose? 

36. Is there anything you’d like to try that you’ve seen in a sexy movie? 

37. Which of my sex moves is your favorite? Tell me everything there is to know about why you appreciate it. 

38. If we’re in bed together again, what kind of foreplay would you like to try? 

39. Where do you think our most passionate kiss occurred? Tell me everything that comes to mind. 

40. What’s your favorite part of me to watch when I’m on top of you? 

41. Do you masturbate on a regular basis? How frequently does it come down to me? 

42. What would you change if you could go back in time and change something about the first time we had sex, and why? 

43. What’s your best sexting-related text I’ve sent you? 

44. Which of the following sex positions is your least favorite, and why? 

45. What are your thoughts on threesomes? Have you ever had one, and if not, would you consider getting one in the future? 

46. Which portion of my physique do you think is the sexiest? 

47. Which portion of your body do you believe is the sexiest? 

48. Have you ever thought about doing something sexual with a person of your own gender? 

49. Where have you ever had sex in the most unusual location? 

50. What were your first thoughts when you saw me naked? 


1. Go to the kitchen and prepare the sexiest snack you can think of in Master Chef style for me. What’s the catch? You’ve got three minutes and you’re on the plate. 

2. I’ll choose a music, and you must perform a lap dance for me. Blindfolded. 

3. For the duration of the game, you can’t say my name; instead, you must refer to me by any nickname I choose. I get to spank you every time you make a mistake. 

4. Without saying anything, act out your hottest fantasy. Props, on the other hand, are strongly recommended. 

5. Join me in skinny dipping. (If you don’t have access to a private pool, think outside the box! A water fight in the kitchen, the bathtub, or the shower all count.) 

6. For the rest of the game, trade clothing with me. After you’ve put mine on, turn up your favorite hype song and flaunt your new runway model appearance. 7. Try to lick yourself from your head to your toes (li li li). You only have three “assistance” positions where I can jump in, so make the most of them. 

8. Take off your pants and twerk your heart out for me. Now try it on the wall upside down. 

9. Organize a sultry 5-minute yoga class for me, complete with sensual stretching and downward dogging. 

10. Make a phone call to me from the other room. If the call goes to voicemail, leave me a detailed message explaining what you intend to do to me. 

11. On the nearest appropriate object, demonstrate your best oral sex move. 

12. Put Ginuwine’s “Pony” on and vacuum seductively for the duration of the song. 

13. Turn out all the lights and try to wake me up using only sounds. You have two minutes to do the task, and if you don’t, you owe me a sexual favor. 

14. I’d like you to give me a lovely foot massage. The higher the temperature, the better. 

15. Kiss each of my three favorite body areas. 

16. Set a timer for 15 minutes and act out as many sexual positions as you can while still wearing your clothing. 

17. Choose three sex toys from the internet that you’d like to try with me. I get to choose my favorite, and you must order it immediately away. 

18. Take a selfie with your most outlandish “O” expression. Put that as your lock screen for the next 48 hours and don’t change it. You owe me dinner if you change it before the deadline. 

19. Show me how to make cereal in a precise, compelling cooking demonstration. The catch is that you have to do it naked. 20. Get in the mood by reenacting with me the most romantic movie kiss you can think of. Try Titanic, The Notebook, or even Spider-Man if you need some inspiration. Who knows, maybe things get so heated that you end up reenacting certain Bridgerton moments next *wink wink*. 

21. Go get an old Halloween outfit and dress up as me. Then we’ll figure out what we’re going to role-play. 

22. Smear whipped cream on my favorite body parts. Now it’s time to lick it off. 

23. Indulge in the most exquisite strawberry experience possible. 

24. Engage in five minutes of foreplay with me, with one exception: you may kiss me anywhere but my mouth. 

25. Give me a 10-minute massage anywhere on my body. 

26. Right now, do something to me that you’ve been fantasizing about. 

27. Smear something delicious across your lips and kiss me passionately. 

28. Take me to the closet for a seven-minute adult round of bliss. It’s important to keep the making out above the waistline. 

29. Stimulate two different parts of my body at the same time. On one section, use your hands, and on another, use your lips. 

30. Make your way from my wrist to my ear with your mouth. Please take your time! 

31. Tell me what you liked about the last time we had sex in your most seductive voice. 

32. Join me in the shower and wash my entire body, being careful not to miss any rough parts. 

33. You have ten seconds to enthrall me simply by kissing me. You’re not confined to my lips, as a hint. 

34. Copy my most adaptable sex move. 

35. Do what we used to do before we started having sex with me. 

36. Pole dancing for the duration of a song of my choice with an imaginary pole. 

37. Play me a music that makes you want to have sex. 

38. Find a way to give me goosebumps right now with your fingers. 

39. Show me a motion you saw and enjoyed when watching porn on TV. 

40. I’d like you to give me a wonderful massage. Begin at the bottom and work your way up. 

41. Touch yourself as if you were touching me for the next 60 seconds. 

42. Use your tongue to write a short, seductive message on my body. 

43. Pretend to be someone else I’m a complete stranger in a pub. Attempt to pick me up and persuade me to accompany you home. 

44. I’m going to the other room to smear some perfume or fragrance over my body. You’ll have to smell around till you figure out where I wore it. 

45. Go down on me for 15 seconds with an ice cube in your mouth. 

46. Turn on my phone and position it anywhere on my body. Now dial my number. 

47. Make a sugar trail from the small of my back to the nape of my neck. Now it’s your turn to lick it up. 

48. With your mouth, remove my underwear. 

49. Rub my nipples with your fingertips dipped in mouthwash, so I receive an arousing, tingly sensation the moment you touch me. 

50. Pick an area of my body that isn’t generally associated with sexual activity—elbows, knees, or ankles—and lavish it with kisses until I’m turned on.

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