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Must try these things in bed!

If you have a good relationship, things will go wrong from time to time Love starts off as a wildfire, but then it dies down to a steady glow. if you don’t keep the fire going by adding something new to the bedroom every now and then, the heat could die out. When you first met, the excitement of finding out about each other kept the relationship going. 
Easy to keep things hot. 


If you have a good relationship, things will go wrong from time to time 

Love starts off as a wildfire, but then it dies down to a steady glow. 

if you don’t keep the fire going by adding something new to the bedroom every now and then, the heat could die out. 

When you first met, the excitement of finding out about each other kept the relationship going. 

Easy to keep things hot. 

That easy sexual chemistry faded away as you grew more comfortable in the relationship, and as bills and/or kids came into the picture, you didn’t have as much fun. 

It now takes a lot of work to bring back that old romance. 

One or more of these 9 new things to do in bed with your partner could be a good idea for tonight. 

In the first place, try out new places. 

The Kama Sutra talks about 64 sexual positions. A lot of people get tired after three or four. 

A few things work for him and a few that work for her, and they always stick to them. 

When you do the same thing for sex all the time, it can quickly get boring. 

Want to do something new in bed? Try a different way to have sex. 

All sex positions start at one of the three points. 

These are the first steps: 

Face-to-face vs. through the back: Standing, lying stacked, or lying next to each other are all ways to do this. His top, hers top. Everything else is based on one of those. 

The sky’s the limit, however, as long as you stay within these basic rules. 


With her bent over the bed, he stands behind her. His shoulders are on an ottoman and his hips are raised in a bridge pose. The reverse missionary is when he lies on his back, tucks his legs back, and she thrusts her vagina up and down on his penis. This is great for role-playing! No one is going to judge you for going back to your old spot for the climax. 

But you and your partner might feel things you didn’t know were there. 

Just be aware of your body, and don’t hurt yourself or your partner in any way. 

The new job might be a funny train wreck, but it’s not a disaster. It’s a good thing to bond over and laugh about. 

Sex is supposed to be fun, so don’t forget about that! 

See More Sex Positions We’d Like You to Try: Sex Positions to Make Bedtime Last Longer. 

2. Turn the lights on or off. 

Getting close in a romantic setting. More than 2,000 people took part in a survey. People who were single said that they preferred having sex with the lights on. 

It’s different for people who have been in a relationship or who are married, though. They prefer to have intercourse in dark and dimmer places. 

People who are exposed to bright light for a long time during the day have more sex drive and have more testosterone. This was found in another study (A Griffin 2016). 

For Sex Infographic: Lighting Preferences During Sex This is another thing you can do while you’re in bed. 

You might want to keep the lights on if you usually like to be in the dark. This can be a good thing to do for him in bed. 

Men are often drawn to things that look. When she does naughty things to him, it makes the meeting more exciting. 

Sex in the dark is a good idea if you’re usually “light on.” In bed, she’ll love this one. 

Women have a lot of fun fantasies, and they are very good at them. She might get excited by the thought of what could happen. 

3. Try a Light Bondage first. 

People who want to try “light bondage” People who like BDSM can be anywhere from 2% to 62% of couples, according to Magliano (2015), who did a study. 

Make sure to remember that how the question is phrased can make your brain hurt. 

Everything from holding your partner down to handcuffs and ball gags could be part of BDSM, but it could also be something else. 

People use “BDSM” as a shorthand for “BDSM.” It stands for “bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism,” or “sadism and masochism.” 

When couples are together, they enjoy the thrill of power or the rush of being helpless. 

Most of the time, one partner likes to be dominant and the other likes to be submissive. This is true for many couples who don’t use BDSM. Every now and then, couples might switch roles. 

The first thing you should not do is to use handcuffs or ropes to try to stop someone. A person could easily get hurt. 

With silk scarves, you could try to hold each other down instead. You could even use one as a blindfold. 

Slipknots can constrict and stop blood flow, so there should be no of them. Use a knot that isn’t moving, like a square knot or a bowline, to hold things in place. 


Feathers\sFoods\sFingers\sTongues A “safeword” is an important part of BDSM play. This word is usually something that has nothing to do with the sex act, like “banana” or “freight train.” 

When the submissive partner says the safeword, the session is over right away, and the dominant partner removes all of the restraints from him or her. 

Submissives can say things like “No, please stop!” and the dominant will know that they can keep going. Safewords are words that allow this. 

Remember that BDSM is about the illusion of power and control between two people who trust each other. 

Must try these things in bed!

Real power can quickly turn into an attack. 

Remember: Don’t let a stranger tie you down. 

4. Tell your friends about your fantasies, too. 

Sharing Wild Dreams in Bed For ideas of things you can do in bed with your boyfriend or girlfriend, don’t forget to ask them. 

Your partner may be ashamed of his or her sexual fantasies because he or she was raised to think they were wrong or bad. 

A lot of fantasies can be inappropriate or even offensive in the wrong setting. 

The darkest desires in each other’s hearts could be talked about in a safe place. 

This might be the most risky idea on this list. 

Your partner might tell you something you didn’t want to know. 

In the long run, it’s better to find out now rather than later, but 

You might also find out that when you act out the fantasy, it doesn’t get you excited when you masturbate. 


Must try these things in bed!

In bed, a couple cuddles and talks dirty. Many people don’t like talking dirty in bed, but if you run out of things to do in the bedroom, it can be a great way to spice things up. 

If you’re not used to talking dirty, you might be afraid that you’ll sound silly. 

Indeed, if you say “Give it to me!” or “You’re a bad girl!” half-heartedly, people might laugh instead of cry. 

Make sure you stay in the moment and speak from your heart. 

Let your partner know what you want to do to him/her or what you want him/her to do to you. 

If you want your sex to be happy all the time, you’re not alone. Many people don’t want that to happen all the time. 

As long as their partner is around, they want to be treated as if they were an animal in bed. 

6. Be rough. 

Like BDSM, rough bedroom play can be scary. Is this person a person you care about? Do you want to hurt him or her? 

OKCupid found that women like rough sex. That said, 62% of women who took an OKCupid poll said they liked rough sex. 

These are just some of the possible things that could be said here. 

Choking Keep your partner on the ground Taking charge: People slap each other on the back, face, etc. Pulling the hair Spanking Scratching\sBiting 

Choke, slap or scratch someone before you do anything that could leave them with a scar. You don’t want to hurt them. 

It looks like someone is attacking. if they don’t get your permission, they are assault. 

A trusted friend should be your only source of rough play. You should start small and build up to it, so you know how rough you can be safely. 

It’s also rough to call your partner a slut or abuse him or her in words. 

This is where you could start. 

If one or both of your partners don’t like it, you can always make up later and there will be little damage done. 


Must try these things in bed!

If you want to get climaxed, most people who give blowjobs swallow the urine. 

In the past, you or your partner might not have liked this. If that’s the case, give it a try. 

This is a naughty thing to do with your girlfriend or boyfriend when you’re having sex in bed. Some people think it’s a good idea to swallow semen. 

Semen is 97% water, not fattening, and has about 2% sperm for people who care about their health. 

Zinc, an important mineral, is the source of the metallic taste. 

If a partner doesn’t like the taste of semen, the man could do a few things to improve it. 

People say that eating a lot of fruit or drinking fruit juices can make the taste of semen better. Other habits, like drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, can make it taste bad. 

The taste of semen can be bad even if you eat certain foods. This is because: 

Some of the food on the plate: broccoli Brussels sprouts meat dairy and coffee Deep-fried food is food that has been fried. 

8. Take a look at each other 

Must try these things in bed!

Couples should watch each other have fun. Pay attention, you might learn something. 

Many people hide their masturbation because they learned the habit as a child while living with their parents. 

From mom and dad’s house, we’ve come a long way. 

People find masturbation more physically satisfying than having sex with a partner, even though having sex with a partner was more emotionally satisfying. This is based on research. 

So, maybe we don’t have to worry about anyone else. 

Because only we know how to make ourselves happy. 

So, make masturbation a joint thing to do. 

Let go of the pressure to please each other in bed and just enjoy being with each other. 

Because of how you were touching the penis or vagina in question, you might find out that it was very different from how your partner likes to be touched by you. 

You can try to copy that touch with your hands when you have your next hands-on session. 

9. Give and Take Massages 

Having sex after a long day at work may be too much, but who isn’t up for a massage? 

If you want to try something new, you can use aromatic oils, soothing music, and soft sheets to try. 

It’s a great way to enjoy each other’s bodies and make each other happy without having to do sex. 

Who knows? In that relaxed, dopamine-filled state, sex might happen.

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Unknown Facts About Monica Bellucci

Italian model and actress Monica Anna Maria Bellucci. She is frequently considered as one of the most stunning ladies in the world.

About Monica Bellucci

The only child of Brunella Briganti and Pasquale Bellucci, Monica Anna Maria Bellucci was born on September 30, 1964, in the Italian village of Città di Castello, Umbria.

She holds Italian nationality. Brunella Briganti and Pasquale Bellucci’s only child is Monica Bellucci.

When Monica Bellucci was a teenager, she began modeling. She first appeared in Bram Stoker’s Dracula and The Apartment after working as a model. Early in the 1990s, Bellucci’s film career got underway.

She cemented her status as an actress in 1996 when she was nominated for a César Award for best supporting actress for her depiction of Lisa in The Apartment.

Bellucci played Persephone in the popular science-fiction sequel to The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, which debuted in 2003. The two were nominated for best kiss at the MTV Movie Awards for their on-screen liplock with co-star Keanu Reeves.

Two national publications claim that Italian is regarded as a sex symbol.

After that, Bellucci focused on all things biblical, portraying Mary Magdalene to Jim Caviezel’s Jesus in the Mel Gibson-directed The Passion of the Christ (2004). Immediately after that, Bellucci starred as the Mirror Queen alongside Matt Damon and Heath Ledger as the title characters in the fantasy-action adventure The Brothers Grimm (2005).

She briefly studied law before opting to pursue modeling.

Bellucci Love Life

In 1990, she wed the photographer Claudio Basso; however, the couple separated in 1994.

Claudio Carlos Basso 1. (1990-1994)
Vincent Cassel 2. (1999-2013)

Bellucci continued to split her time between Hollywood assignments and European film appearances. She co-starred in the 2000 film Under Suspicion alongside Gene Hackman, and the same year, she won praise for her moving portrayal of a wife who is torn apart by war in the Italian-language drama Malèna.

Before divorcing in 2013, she married Vincent Cassel, with whom she had two daughters: Deva in 2004 and Leonie in 2010.

Bellucci Family

1. Deva Cassel (daughter with Vincent Cassel)
2. Léonie Cassel (daughter with Vincent Cassel)

Leonie and Deva

She posed half-naked for the Italian Vanity Fair magazine’s April 2010 issue while she was carrying her daughter Deva in 2004 in an effort to draw attention to the country’s ban on sperm donations.

Bellucci continued to split her time between Hollywood assignments and European film appearances. She co-starred in the 2000 film Under Suspicion alongside Gene Hackman, and the same year, she won praise for her moving portrayal of a wife who is torn apart by war in the Italian-language drama Malèna.

Later, Bellucci co-starred with Rachel Weisz in the 2010 true-crime film The Whistleblower and Robert De Niro in the 2011 Italian romantic comedy The Ages of Love. She also gained notoriety when she was chosen to play the next “Bond Girl” opposite Daniel Craig in the 2015 film Spectre, making her the oldest actress to ever portray the superspy’s love interest in the James Bond film series.

It was named Dolce & Gabbana’s advertising spokesperson in 2012.

Bellucci and her then-husband Cassel co-starred in the historical action movie Brotherhood of the Wolf two years later.

Monica is dating Mountain Jew millionaire and entrepreneur Telman Ismailov.

Monica Bellucci and Telman Ismailov

Ettore Scola’s A Special Day is her favorite film. Her favorite actresses are Claudia Cardinale and Sophia Loren. She can sing, and acting is his love.

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Monica Bellucci’s home (photo)

Fans have long been curious about Monica Bellucci’s residence, one of the most stunning women in Italian cinema. Here is a picture of her home for your perusal.

Where does Monica Bellucci live?

Superior and stylish Bellucci, who is both an actor and a model, has frequently acknowledged that freedom is what she values most in life. She was also being honest in her interiew. She was married twice, but she never shared a home with either of her husbands.

Note: The day after Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel’s 1999 wedding, the newlyweds returned home. Monica traveled to Rome while Kassel stayed at his apartment in Paris.

Belluci house

At that point, it was revealed that Bellucci’s first marriage had more in common with a “guest” relationship than Vincent Cassel, who did not reside in the same home. Relationships with Italian photographer Claudio Carlos lasted from 1990 through 1994.

The stunning Monica Bellucci did not want to alter her name in either of her marriages, nor was she ready to start a family. The actress has stated numerous times that she fears losing her independence and growing weary of daily life because she must return home from work every day, cook supper for her family, and watch TV. She thinks it ruins relationships and love.

Bellucci house

Bellucci, a well-known actress and model, avoided talking about her house. She only mentioned having apartments in Rome and London, where she goes to unwind in between shootings. But Monica continues to think about Italy, and more specifically, Rome.

Many pictures of the couple together can be seen online, but sadly, they were almost all taken as part of collaborative projects where Bellucci and Kassel were photographed rather than at home.

The sole home that Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci bought together is a big white mansion in Rio de Janeiro, the capital of Brazil. They purchased it in 2012, just before getting divorced.

Bellucci’s and Vincent Cassel’s Vila

The couple probably made the decision to try to save their marriage and save their connection at that point, and Rio de Janeiro appeared to improve family happiness and well-being at the time. Monica Bellucci ultimately made the decision to have her first child, a daughter they called Virgo, just before she turned 40.

The Kassel-Bellucci family traveled to new locations when the baby was born. Monica liked becoming a mother while staying in Rome with her kid, while Vincent attended the shooting and is alleged to have cheated on his wife.


Everyone seems to have become accustomed to the couple’s “free” relationships over time. Was it really the case, and how could the world’s most stunning woman forgive her husband? Fans and media members were shocked when Monica Bellucci gave birth to a second child, this time a daughter who was given the name Leoni, just before her 45th birthday.

The actress frequently visited this area with her kids after purchasing the house in Rio de Janeiro, where she even briefly resided. The best spot to accomplish this is in a home close to the ocean.

The white house in Kassel, which is close to the shore, survived when the couple split up in 2013. After all, he was the one who started the relocation with his wife and bought the property himself.

Since the divorce, Monica Bellucci has not returned to Rio de Janeiro, though her daughters have continued to live with her. The oldest Virgo, who is already pursuing a modeling career, resembles her mother a lot.

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Since the early 2000s, when Megan Fox first appeared on the scene, she has been a Hollywood bombshell. Totaly sexiest women in whole Hollywood. She flaunts her seductive looks on Instagram when she’s not preoccupied with being a member of one of the most popular celebrity couples right now. L’OFFICIEL looks at some of Megan Fox’s sexiest outfits, including everything from corsets to nude dresses.

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Sexiest Images of Megan Fox
Sexiest Images of Megan Fox

Sexiest Images of Megan Fox
Sexiest Images of Megan Fox

Sexiest Images of Megan Fox

Sexiest Images of Megan Fox
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