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Use These 10 Colors To Influence People

When a man enters a room, he immediately owns it.  Other men bow down to him. He is attractive to women.  He has a high-status appearance. He acts as if he’s in charge.  What exactly is going on?  This is how powerful color can be

When a man enters a room, he immediately owns it.  Other men bow down to him. He is attractive to women.  He has a high-status appearance. He acts as if he’s in charge.  What exactly is going on?  This is how powerful color can be. I’m going to show you how to take advantage of it today. 

A red tie conjures strength in most men, but did you realize that every color elicits a particular emotional response? Color may help you achieve the effect you want others to have when they look at you if you know what you want them to feel. 

Today, I’ll talk about ten colors, the emotions they evoke, and how you may incorporate them into your clothing. Many men are afraid of color. They believe it to be feminine. That is, in fact, the OPPOSITE of the truth. Inquire of a peacock. 

Male animals typically utilize color to attract a partner or to express dominance and violence, according to Charles Darwin’s book “Descent of Man.” Humans aren’t all that dissimilar. Certain hues elicit subconscious responses, according to research. People will defer to you, trust you, and feel drawn to you if you use this to your advantage. 

Red is number one (And Pink) 

  • Because red and pink should only account for roughly 2% of your wardrobe, I’m going to combine them together. 
  • Passion is evoked by the color red. It makes you feel more assertive, powerful, and courageous, as well as make you appear more energized and commanding. 
  • Wearing red makes you more convincing, according to a 2014 study published in the Journal of Psychology and Marketing. 
  • Pink is associated with a whole different set of meanings. It invokes feelings of youth, love, passion, and supportiveness in particular. 
  • And for those of you who are thinking, ‘If they’re so different, what happens in the middle?’ – The youthfulness of pink can be found in lighter and brighter reds. The deeper colors suggest an older, more powerful feeling. 
  • So, how do you incorporate red and pink into your look? Accessories, including as neckties and pocket squares, are the simplest way to go. 
  • A well-dressed man, particularly one with darker skin, can look fantastic in a traditional pink shirt (or a white shirt with a red pattern, which looks pink from a distance.) I’ve also seen it utilized in contrast stitching on the strap to draw attention to the second hand or some of the complication dials on watches. It gives it an athletic vibe and makes it stand out. 
  • Orange is number two. 

  • Orange is an excellent alternative to red and pink if you don’t like them. 
  • It creates uplifting, cheerful, lively, and creative feelings. 
  • It should only account for roughly 1% of your total wardrobe. Stick to embellishments like pocket squares and possibly accent stitching rather than an entire sports jacket in orange to avoid burning people’s eyes. I’ve seen orange accent stitching on boots and a jacket, and it looks excellent on both. 
  • Consider orange, red, and pink to be spices; simply add a pinch to the mix. 
  • Brown is number three. 

  • One of my favorite hues in a man’s clothing is brown. It should make up roughly 10% of your wardrobe if you add tan and khaki. 
  • It conveys earthy, natural, solid, cozy, dependable, and rustic feelings. 
  • Brown is a more relaxed color. For less formal shoes, belts, and watch straps, it’s the go-to hue. 
  • When you’re putting together an adaptable wardrobe, it’s also quite simple to coordinate. 
  • Green (#4) 

  • One of my favorite colors is green. It conjures up feelings of security, stability, and encouragement. 
  • Some people simply use green as a spice (herb?) in their accessories, but I utilize it as a key ingredient as well. Green is the color of many of my jackets and sweaters. Perhaps it’s because of my experience in the Marine Corps, but I’m a sucker for a green sweater. 
  • Green trousers are less interchangeable than brown or khaki, which is one of their drawbacks. However, if you have enough blue shirts and coats to pair them with, they can work for you. 
  • Blue is number five. 

  • The color blue is by far the most popular in a man’s outfit. If you want some particular statistics (don’t worry, these are only guidelines), roughly 26% of your wardrobe should be blue, with a little preference for navy – 14 percent navy blue and indigo to 12% pure blue. 
  • The feelings evoked by these various blues are slightly different. 
  • True blue is a calming color that is dependable, unafraid, wise, and inviting. Responsibility, honesty, and loyalty are all connoted by dark blue and indigo. 
  • Blue, like brown, is a fairly easy color to match, so it’s a good choice for your foundation pieces like your first suit, sports jackets, and jeans. 
  • White is also a terrific color for a polo, especially in the summer. If you want to feel particularly cool, consider a white linen shirt. White really helps keep your temperature down in hot weather because it reflects sunlight. 
  • White is #6. 

  • White should account for around 20% of your outfit. 
  • It sends out the message that you’re clean, moral, and healthy. 
  • Pure white, on the other hand, can appear sterile. It’s classic in dress shirts, but you’ll probably want to go with off-white or cream in a jacket or sweater. 
  • Black is #7. 

  • A suitably gothic 13 percent of the average man’s wardrobe is black.
  •  But this is something that varies a lot from man to guy — Aaron Marino wears a lot of black, whereas I don’t.  The color black is the most formal of all the hues, evoking feelings of power, authority, and elegance.  As a result, black goes well with black tie. It’s also the hue of the most sophisticated business footwear. For many men, black will be the dominant color in their shoes. It’s also a casual color for others.
  •  So, am I a fan of black suits? Personally, I don’t think they’re for me. I think they’re a touch too sharp a contrast, don’t go with a wide range of shirts, and are so formal that they actually go with a black tie. Also, I don’t think black dress shirts look good on most people.  In my perspective, most males utilize black excessively. It’s something I’d save for more formal events. 
  • Gray is #8. 

  • Gray conveys a realistic and conservative attitude. 
  • I think it’s best employed in a soiled overcoat or jacket, which accounts for 18% of your wardrobe. Gray is a relatively forgiving color when it comes to staining and matching. That also applies to shoes: because gray is a non-color, a light gray shoe will go with a variety of lighter-colored trousers. 
  • Gray flannel trousers can also be worn in a variety of ways. They’re a timeless masterpiece that doesn’t get nearly enough attention. They’ll go with a wide range of shirts and coats, and come in a variety of colors ranging from charcoal to light gray. 
  • #9 Lavender and Purple 

  • These colors, which make up around 2% of a man’s wardrobe, have a long connection with monarchy. 
  • As a result, we associate purple with luxury. We think of mystery when we think of purple, especially darker purple. 
  • The lighter variant, like reds, is more fun. In the spring, lavender may be a very cheerful hue for a dress shirt. 
  • Yellow And Gold (#10) 

  • This is the final 1% of your wardrobe. 
  • Yellow and gold convey feelings of playfulness, enjoyment, and relaxation. 
  • Gold, in my opinion, is a color that is underappreciated. It’s a little more difficult to incorporate into your wardrobe, but I think if you get the color right, it’ll really pop on accessories like pocket squares and neckties.
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