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2023 BMW 2 Series Coupe Configurator Images Show iDrive 8

We won’t have to wait till the M2 G87 makes its long-awaited arrival to see the 2 Series Coupe with the iDrive 8, since the lower models already have it. Following last week’s announcement, BMW has updated its online configurators to reflect the significant changes within the G42. Early adopters will have a solid argument when they argue that updating to a newer infotainment system is inconvenient, given that the second-generation 2er was released less than a year ago.

On the other hand, not everyone is pleased that the temperature settings have been incorporated into the dashboard. The dashboard of the M240i (above) and 220i (below) has been simplified by putting the HVAC controls within the 14.9-inch touchscreen. Then there’s the complaint that the 12.3-inch instrument cluster isn’t properly incorporated into the dashboard. The primary display also protrudes more from the center console than previously, as seen on many modern BMWs.

Aside from the dashboard, the 2023 2 Series Coupe eliminates the large gear lever in favor of a significantly smaller shifter on all models, since the 2er is only available with an automated gearbox. Only the M2 is anticipated to feature a manual transmission when it comes in the near future. Meanwhile, BMW is introducing a rear-wheel-drive M240i that is €2,000 less expensive than its xDrive brother, starting at €56,000.

2023 BMW 2 Series Coupe Shows iDrive 8 In Configurator Images

As previously stated, the 2023 model year will have a new basic model. The 218i is only available in RWD and is powered by a 2.0-liter engine with 156 horsepower and 184 lb-ft (250 Nm) of torque and an 8.7-second sprint to 62 mph/100 km/h. All future 2er variants will have shifter paddles, and an Innovation Package and a Comfort Package are now options.

Although the iDrive 8 is available in the 2022 2 Series Active Tourer and will soon be available in the Coupe, it is unclear if BMW has urgent intentions to do the same for the Gran Coupe. However, the changeover should be completed by the LCI at the latest.

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