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Allow BMW to walk you through the changes made to the 2023 3 Series.

Who better to speak about the 2023 3 Series than BMW itself? A new official film offers a 12-minute tour of the facelifted sedan and the adjustments made with the LCI. The sedan in this photo is a 330i with the M Sport Package and the recently available Brooklyn Grey body color. The German luxury label boasts a “much more muscular and striking” kidney grille, as well as a glossy black interior with a chrome frame and double slats.

The sporty sedan, like other models of the redesigned 3er, receives thinner headlamps with sharper LED daytime running lights shaped like an upside down “L.” The vehicle in this photo features optional adaptive headlights with laser technology. The 3 Series, like its crossover sibling, the X3, has lost its distinct fog lights, which have been merged into the main headlights. The front fascia now has a hexagonal air inlet flanked by the air curtains found on the facelifted X3.

The 330i M Sport sits on 19-inch wheels with a two-tone finish and M marking on the sides. The taillights are largely the same, but the bumper has a meaner diffuser and a huge glossy black section with vertical reflectors, similar to the M3.

Let BMW Guide You Through The Changes Applied To The 2023 3 Series

Inside, the dashboard has been rebuilt to fit BMW’s newest infotainment system, which has resulted in more dramatic alterations. A 12.3-inch completely digital instrument cluster is complemented by a 14.9-inch touchscreen running iDrive 8. For better or worse, the primary display includes the majority of the functionality, including temperature settings. Because of this significant transformation, the organization has been able to streamline the dashboard.

Furthermore, the center console has been modified to replace the very big gear lever with a much smaller rocker switch. All future 3 Series models will have automated transmissions, with the exception of the basic M3, which will retain a clutch pedal to appeal to enthusiasts. BMW’s highlighted vehicle has sports seats with perforated Sensatec fabric.

The movie concludes with the 330e Touring, which has a little lesser load capacity (410 to 1,420 liters versus 500 to 1,510 liters) due to the plug-in hybrid setup’s additional hardware. We also get to see the hotter M340i for those looking for six-cylinder power but don’t want to go all out for the M3.

BMW.com / YouTube

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