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Based on spy shots, the BMW XM loses its camouflage in rendering.

Even while BMW keeps us busy with regular product debuts, we can’t help but wonder when the 2023 XM will be unveiled. The international debut is expected for before the end of the year, but pre-production prototypes have been seen in the meanwhile. Spy images from earlier this month, which have since been removed, showed a test car with little camouflage.

An independent artist has opted to create a picture of the final XM based on the spy photographs. BMW stated the plug-in hybrid SUV would retain the crazy look of last year’s Concept XM, and a prototype seen a few weeks ago validated the German luxury brand’s promise. As a result, we’re cautiously hopeful about the appearance of the company’s most powerful vehicle to yet. While the adjacent depiction is unofficial, the actual item is unlikely to vary much.

CAR DESIGN | RENDERINGS (@kelsonik) shared a post.

The XM will undergo certain foreseeable alterations as it progresses from concept to production form. We’re referring to the inclusion of conventional door handles as well as somewhat bigger side mirror covers. In addition, the luxobarge will receive a rear wiper and minor bumper changes. The massive grille, as well as the 23-inch wheels and overall aggressive appearance, are here to stay.

While the design will undoubtedly be divisive, if the Concept XM is any indicator, the inside should be spectacular. BMW has pushed its interiors to the next level with the 7 Series G70 / i7, and logic suggests that the XM will follow suit.

The XM, the company’s heaviest production vehicle to date, will combine a twin-turbo V8 engine with an electric motor. The debut model will have 644 horsepower, but the hotter Competition model, expected in 2023, will have the full 750 electrified ponies.

Instagram photo by kelsonik

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