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Monica Bellucci’s timeless beauty concepts, which you can easily apply to yourself

Monica Bellucci, an Italian actress and Dior, Dolce & Gabbana fashion house muse, knows how to love herself; she thrives in her own skin. Her approach to beauty, body image, and aging is both motivating and refreshing for many women. The actor, who is 54 years old, demonstrates that sexuality is determined by one’s inner mood and energy, not by one’s age.

Ms. Bellucci claims she has never been concerned about her appearance and has always felt confident in her female body. This merely goes to show that the most attractive thing is self-assurance. For example, she did not rush to lose weight after having child; after all, it is natural to notice, so why rush? “I was thrilled with my appearance when I saw myself in Veronesi’s The Ages of Love – plump, lovely – because I was breastfeeding every two hours throughout filming,” she remarked.

A contrast shower is one of the secrets to the actress’ toned body, along with a healthy diet and exercise. Ms. Bellucci always begins her day with a lukewarm shower. Cold water wonderfully promotes the skin’s microcirculation, making it firmer and more elastic.

Monica Bellucci

Take good care of your skin

Ms. Bellucci has glowing skin because she dutifully takes care of it. “Before I go to bed, I remove my makeup, I think the skin needs to breathe. So I like to clean everything, take a clean shower and sleep well, because the most important thing for beauty is sleep, she said in an interview with Savoir Flair. – I take care of my skin, because purity is the basis of good makeup. I clean and moisturize my skin diligently. I try to drink a lot of water so that my eyes are bright and shiny.”

Lip care is one of the most important beauty rules for an actress. She said so in one of her interviews. M. Bellucci believes that a woman’s lips are one of the most attractive parts of her body, so she spares no time and means to take care of the beauty of her plump lips. Lips also need to be moisturized, and various cosmetic products can do this.

Hair, according to M. Bellucci, must be carefully cared for. When washing her hair, M. Bellucci dilutes the shampoo with mineral water, which allows to reduce its concentration. As a result, the scalp and hair do not dry out. For the same reason, the actress does not abuse the hair dryer.

She uses it very rarely, for example, before important events, when her hair must look perfect. At all other times, the star’s hair dries naturally. Ms. Bellucci’s hair is shiny because she treats it with an olive oil mask before washing it. The oil nourishes the hair and gives it softness.

Don’t be afraid to make bright eyes

The distinctive part of Ms. Bellucci’s image is her eyes painted with bright smoky makeup. Bright eyes will help attract attention, and the face will be more expressive. Monica Bellucci© Vida Press

Or put on red lipstick

“Use lipstick that reflects your mood. I like to put on a bright, vibrant color, it lifts my mood and makes me feel ready for anything. Nobody stresses like that

Monica Bellucci

dynamism and fearless beauty like bright red lipstick,” says the actress.

“I want to live long, so I’ll have to accept the wrinkles on my face,” she once told Vogue Italia. – I used to smoke, I drank a glass of champagne every day. When I stopped doing that, I got back in shape without restricting myself too much or taking extreme measures. I think everything is possible, but in moderation.”

Don’t be afraid to grow old

in 2015 Bellucci starred in the James Bond film Spectre, aged 51. She became the oldest Bond girl and was not shy about why she was happy to take on the role: “I can’t say I’m a Bond girl because I’m too old to be a Bond girl.

I say – Bond lady, Bond woman… Men think that women who can no longer give birth become old. That’s not true – they’re still amazing! Therefore, I think that the director of the film, who chose me as an adult woman, caused a real revolution.”

Monica Bellucci

M. Bellucci also has an opinion about aging in an industry where aging is often considered the end of a career: “I think it’s interesting to age a little in my profession. I can say goodbye to the beauty of youth and get acquainted with a different form of beauty – the one that I have developed through experience.

Remember that a person is not just appearance

“I know there’s a certain interest in beauty,” Bellucci agrees. – But as Oscar Wilde said, interest in beauty will only last five minutes if you don’t maintain interest in anything else.

I don’t think I would have achieved this kind of career just by being pretty. Directors call for talent, not beauty.”

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