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BMW Announces a Video Commemorating 50 Years of M Power

The cooperation agreement for BMW Motorsport GmbH was signed exactly 50 years ago, on May 24, 1972. The rest, as they say, is history, and this new BMW M retro video reminds us why aficionados fell in love with the “most powerful letter in the world.” We get to witness almost all of the biggest hits, including the mid-engined M1, and hear the insane V12-powered X5 Le Mans for a brief minute.

The film concentrates mostly on the racing side of the M division, although the M4 CSL makes an appearance. It’s accompanied for a single second by the still-masked M3 Touring, which will be shown at the Goodwood Festival of Speed next month.

To the chagrin of some purists, the “50 Years of M Power!” movie features an SUV in addition to the unconventional Le Mans discussed previously. The X3 M is used in the video to demonstrate how essential high-riding vehicles are to the Bavarian brand. So much so that the XM, a plug-in hybrid SUV that will be the most powerful production BMW ever, will be the second dedicated M vehicle ever.

BMW Releases 50 Years Of M Power Video To Mark Important Milestone

The video is definitely a throwback, as it reminds us of the M5 F90’s drift record from early 2018. Thanks to some skillful drivers and a special refueling mechanism, it was possible to refill the super car from another M5.

Interestingly, the movie concludes with the one and only 3.0 CSL, which may or may not be related to the much awaited resurrection, which is expected to launch before the end of 2022. It’s said to be based on the M4 CSL, but with a manual transmission and a 600-horsepower inline-six. According to rumors BMW produces just 50 automobiles at a cost of more than €700,000 each. The unique edition is supposed to be a coachbuilt project with design cues from the 2015 3.0 CSL Hommage concept, and it will be the centerpiece of the M division’s 50th anniversary.

courtesy of BMW M / YouTube

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