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BMW has released a free remote software update for 3.3 million vehicles.

BMW was one of the first manufacturers to deliver over-the-air upgrades in 2019 and has continued to do so ever since. Remote Software Upgrades are quickly becoming the standard as its newer models get more and more connected. A free upgrade enabling additional functions is available for more than 3.3 million eligible automobiles worldwide beginning in mid-May.

It is compatible with over 30 models equipped with previous-generation infotainment as well as the most recent iDrive 8 fitted on newer BMWs. For example, the iX gets the QlockTwo widget, which displays the time (duh!) in writing every five minutes using a word matrix. Each matrix corner includes discretely lighted spots that signal further minutes. It is available in 16 different languages and automatically utilizes the language of the car’s iDrive.

BMW Free Remote Software Update Available For 3.3 Million Cars

In the case of the i4, BMW IconicSounds Electric is created by Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer. Aside from that, the 8 Series has updated software to boost the Iconic Glow, a marketing phrase for the illuminated kidney grille.

This month’s Remote Software Upgrade improves the Lane Keeping Assistant by detecting when the driver want to return to their lane after passing another vehicle. While doing so, the device will merely generate a haptic signal by vibrating the steering and will no longer adjust it. In that vein, the steering intervention is now smoother, since its severity is determined by how slowly or quickly the car exits the lane.

The May update to the My BMW app – which should take no more than 20 minutes to install – also includes a widget with a variety of capabilities for the home screen of iOS and Android devices. It will enable owners to execute various remote operations, such as unlocking the vehicle or turning on the temperature control, by merely pressing on the home screen.

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