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BMW is recalling over 62,000 vehicles due to a potential power loss.

BMW has issued a global recall for around 61,000 cars that may be affected by faulty software that might cause a major problem. The impacted vehicles include the X3, X4, and X5 built between 2016 and 2022, according to the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). As of this writing, no injuries or accidents have been recorded as a result of the fault with these SUVs.

In the worst-case situation, the faulty software might cause torque loss and possibly engine failure. 12,721 of the 61,714 cars at risk of being affected by this problem are in Germany. BMW is in the process of contacting owners of impacted vehicles to schedule a visit with a local dealer to get the issue resolved as soon as possible via a software update.

BMW Recalling Nearly 62,000 Cars Due To Loss Of Power Risk

It is not the first large recall of the year, as a comparable number of vehicles (61,221) are having their sunroofs repaired. It affects automobiles sold in the United States when the roof function control unit was not set to US regulations. The sunroof, in particular, will shut even if there is no key fob inside the car, ignoring the built-in auto-reversal / anti-trap feature.

The NHTSA issued another recall earlier this year, this time impacting slightly more than 1,000 iX models owing to a faulty airbag control unit. By far the largest recall in 2022 was revealed in early March, when BMW said that it would have to repair over 917,000 vehicles and SUVs in the United States that pose a fire risk in the engine room.

In recent months, we’ve also reported about some i4s without battery crash cushions and one iX with an incorrect A-pillar interior panel. Furthermore, the iX3 was recalled in China due to faulty welding, which might result in a loss of power.

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