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BMW M2 G87 with CSL styling characteristics.

The BMW M2 G87 is still months away from its formal appearance, despite the fact that M2 prototype reviews will be revealed in June. We also got the opportunity to test the M2 on the Austrian track of the Salzburgring, so stay tuned for that evaluation. Meanwhile, rendering artists are putting the finishing touches on what the M2 may look like. The rendering below depicts the probable design of the G87 M2, which also incorporates aspects from the M4 CSL.

This light blue BMW M2 has the front fascia of previous M2 prototypes, featuring a distinctive kidney grille. This M2 also has a carbon fiber hood with the M4 CSL design, as well as an aggressive carbon fiber front splitter and side skirts. On the side, the red brake calipers can be seen peeping out from beneath a set of M4 CSL wheels. The red kidney grille surrounds and visible carbon parts of the bonnet, as well as the yellow daytime running lights, are further CSL characteristics.

BMW M2 G87 rendered with CSL design elements

Like the previous generation, BMW is expected to offer an M2 CS variant, which will push the M2’s sportiness to a new level. An M2 CSL is not currently in the works, but we wouldn’t be shocked if BMW saves the special CSL until the conclusion of the manufacturing cycle. The next generation BMW M2 will not be available until 2030, when the majority of the BMW range will be electric. As a result, the next G87 platform may be BMW M’s only opportunity to release a true M CSL variant.

We’ve written extensively on the G87 M2 in recent months, so here’s a brief reminder. The smallest M vehicle, like its big brother, the M4, will have rear-wheel-drive. The main difference in traction between the two will be the absence of an optional xDrive system, since BMW will only offer the vehicle with RWD.

Buyers will have the option of a manual or automatic gearbox, like with the M4. The S58 engine from the bigger coupe will be used, although logic dictates that the twin-turbo 3.0-liter mill will be detuned. Nonetheless, the inline-six could produce up to 450 horsepower, which is a decent figure since the standard M4 has 473 hp despite being larger and hence heavier.

With the 2 Series Coupe already adopting iDrive 8, it’s fair to assume the M2 will include a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and a 14.9-inch touchscreen as well. The G87 BMW M2 will be built entirely in Mexico at the San Luis Potosi Plant.

[Image courtesy of instagram.com/superrenderscars]

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