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BMW X3 M40d vs. Macan, Model Y Drag Race: Diesel vs. Gas vs. Electric

It was just yesterday that Carwow pitted the M240i against the Golf R and Civic Type R, and now it’s back with another BMW drag race. This is also a M Performance model, but it’s a much different proposition since it’s an SUV with a diesel engine. The German luxury brand is one of the last to offer a high-performance oil-burner, and the X3 M40d is on that list.

This facelifted version was pitted against a Porsche Macan representing gasoline automobiles, while the Tesla Model Y represented electric vehicles. While all three weigh about 2,000 kilograms (4,400 pounds), you may be shocked to learn that the electric vehicle is not the heaviest of the bunch. That’s because the BMW is the heaviest of the three, while the Zuffenhausen model is the lightest. However, at 1,960 kilograms (4,321 lbs), the GTS version of the Macan is still a substantial crossover.

Because it is a diesel, the X3 M40d has the least horsepower of the three. It must make do with 340 horsepower, which is 100 hp fewer than the Macan. The Model Y is just seven horsepower less powerful than the Porsche. On the other hand, the BMW boasts by far the highest torque, with 700 Nm, which is 150 Nm more than the Macan and slightly more than 200 Nm than the Tesla. Having said that, the latter provides torque almost instantaneously.

BMW X3 M40d Drag Races Macan, Model Y: Diesel Vs Gas Vs Electric

How do all of these metrics translate into real-world performance? Diesels, as predicted, do not thrive in drag racing. In the initial drag race, the Porsche launched substantially faster than the Tesla, so much so that the electric crossover couldn’t catch up. The ensuing battle was more tighter because the Model Y had a stronger start and did not allow the Macan GTS to regain lost ground.

Fighting for the best two out of three, the last drag race was an emotional roller coaster as the lead the Macan acquired early on was finally squandered, enabling the Tesla to earn another victory. The X3 M40d finished dead last once again, despite precisely jumping off the line every time. The Model Y easily won the two rolling races from 30 mph (48 km/h), demonstrating the advantages of an electric motor’s quick punch and minimal transmission delays.

The last comparison was a braking test from 100 mph (161 km/h), where the Macan used the least length of runway to come to a complete stop. The EV required a little more asphalt, while the X3 M40d finished third.

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