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Current BMW 3 and 4 Series Production Will Continue Until 2027: Rumor

According to the newest rumors, the current generation BMW 3 Series and 4 Series would not be phased out until 2027, putting both vehicles over their normal 7-year lifespan. The report comes as no surprise, given that BMW’s strategy will evolve in 2025. The Neue Klasse will be available that year, with a range of electric-only variants. The rumor comes from an insider with a proven track record, but there is always more information to be added.

To begin with, reports claim that the plan for the following three Series has yet to be established. BMW is debating whether to go all-electric with the next 3 Series or provide a mix of combustion-powered and totally electric cars. In reality, the next-generation BMW X3 SAV will most likely follow the same model approach. The crossover is caught in the middle of its cycle.

Current BMW 3 Series, 4 Series Production Won’t End Until 2027: Rumor

The present X3 is approximately a year ahead of the G20 3 Series in development, therefore BMW was likely forced to start designing the new X3 on the existing CLAR Gxx platform as well. At the same time, the Bavarians are expected to develop a completely electric crossover (NA5) based on the Neue Klasse design in parallel. Of course, the narrative changes somewhat in the future three series. BMW must decide quickly whether to go all in with their 3 Series electrification intentions or to continue to provide an option for markets that are behind in electro-mobility.

We feel that extending manufacturing of the G20/G21 3 Series sedan/tourer until mid to late 2027 will give BMW some time, but one thing is certain: A new 3 Series electric will be introduced using the Neue Klasse architecture, perhaps under the NA0 designation. Simultaneously, if a new combustion-powered 3 Series is created, it will retain the CLAR base and provide a diverse selection of engines.

Until then, the G20/G21 3 Series will continue to get improvements, some of which are expected as early as 2024. Nonetheless, this is a critical choice for the future of the BMW brand, and it will not be simple.

[First reported by ynguldyn on Bimmer Post]

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