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Only Baby Boomers Will Remember These 30 1990s Things.

Excellent decade, the 1990s. Before the year 2000, a lot of events took place that had an impact on the lives of children who were growing up at the time. Grunge music, Tamagotchis, Blockbuster, Friends, and the Super NES are some of the 90s cultural artifacts that evoke nostalgic feelings in people

Even so, there were plenty of significant controversies and events that took place, including the OJ murder trial, President Clinton’s liaison with Monica Lewinsky, and the Gulf War

Do not, however, concentrate on the drawbacks. The last generation to have lived in the 1990s, they had no social media and were unaware of the reality TV craze that so many young people today suffer from. At that time, children still enjoyed playing with toys, enjoying enjoyable music, and enjoying formerly popular snacks. So take a trip down memory lane by thinking back to these amazing moments that will make you smile

Only Baby Boomers Will Remember These 30 1990s Moments

1. the Internet

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember

The internet was created in the 1990s and is now something we take for granted. Dial-up internet was agonizingly slow, and you had to endure the infamous screeching sound as it connected to the Internet. Who would have thought that the internet would develop into one of our most useful (and dangerous) sources of information? 2

Tamagotchi. omeus/Shutterstock The Tamagotchi was a great alternative if your parents wouldn’t let you have a pet

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember

Without the hassle of a real pet, you had to feed, play with, train, and walk it

The loss of a pet was the hardest, but the good news was that you could always start over. 3. Calabria Sun

J. Gustafson/Shutterstock You knew you were doing something right if you received a Capri Sun in your school lunch box

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember

This flavored beverage had a decent flavor and was packaged in a foil pouch, which was revolutionary for the time

The flavors, such as Wild Cherry, Grape Geyser, and Tropical Tide, were some of the best. Yummy. 4. Dinosaur Park Universial Pictures on YouTube

Children adore dinosaurs, so it goes without saying that when it was revealed that the legendary director Steven Spielberg was creating a film about these extinct animals, people were ecstatic. Thankfully, Jurassic Park lived up to the hype and is a thrilling dino adventure with an amazing cast and special effects that are still effective today

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember


teddy bears. YouTube or Sixty Formula

In the late 1990s, these stuffed animals were in high demand. According to the book The Great Beanie Baby Bubble: Mass Delusion and the Dark Side of Cute, they were the first Internet phenomenon

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember

Although Beanie Babies were popular among children because they were cute and cuddly, many people now buy them to resell as collectibles

Some are still very valuable as secondhand goods today. Although the toy’s current iterations aren’t even close to being as well-liked as the 1990s originals, production of Beanie Babies ceased in 1999. However, a new version was released in 2000, and it is still available. 6


Harry Potter YouTube/Screen Rant. Is there a more popular children’s fantasy series than Harry Potter? J

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember


Seven novels, several spin-off novels, and eight films have been produced based on J. K. Rowling’s tale of Hogwarts and the young wizard Harry Potter. Rowling’s contentious opinions have slightly diminished the books’ legacy, but they still rank among the best intellectual works to emerge from the 1990s

7. Jennifer Lopez

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember

from Dooley Productions/Shutterstock

The male boy band and the female solo singer both peaked in popularity in the late 1990s. None of the young musicians who emerged during that time period made a bigger impact than Britney Spears. With the number-one single “


Baby One More Time,” the pop icon made his entrance and hasn’t looked back since

Spears is one of the most well-known artists of the last 20 years, with over 200 million records sold worldwide, six number-one albums to her credit. When she was at the top of her game, she even dated Justin Timberlake, a fellow pop star

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember

Despite her personal struggles, she recently released a new song with Elton John that she hopes will help her music career recover

8. A Troll doll. rescued dolls on YouTube Troll Dolls were extremely popular in the 1990s, despite their ugly appearance

Troll Dolls were invented by a Danish woodcutter and are essentially plastic dolls with furious hair. Although they were first sold in the 1960s, they really took off in the last decade of the 20th century, in part because of a number of TV shows and video games that had ties to the dolls

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember


Friends. MsMojo/YouTube. In retrospect, Friends wasn’t all that great of a television program

It was uninspiring due to its lack of diversity, Ross and Rachel’s toxic relationship, and the jokes’ lack of humor. But it was a cultural phenomenon that grew to be one of the most popular sitcoms of all time and is still viewed by millions of people on streaming services today

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember


Blockbuster. Adwo/Shutterstock. Blockbuster was at its peak when renting a movie required a trip to a video store

There was nothing better than browsing through the covers of the many VHS tapes that were on the shelf at your neighborhood Blockbuster and selecting a film to watch with your friends. Wow, what a time to be alive

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember


Spice Girls. Shutterstock/Featureflash Photo Agency. Although manufactured groups have always existed, in the 1990s they advanced significantly

Five English women, each with a unique personality reflected in the nickname they were given, made up the top of the crop as The Spice Girls. There was Mel B (aka “Scary Spice”), Melanie C (aka “Sporty Spice”), Emma Bunton (aka “Baby Spice”), Geri Halliwell (aka “Ginger Spice”), and Victoria Beckham (aka “Posh Spice”)

During their initial six-year run (1994–2000), the Spice Girls broke numerous records en route to world dominance and contributed to the advancement of pop music, particularly British pop. Even though they have recently toured and reunited (though without Posh), they will always be known for dominating the charts in the 1990s

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember


Power Rangers. YouTube/Power Rangers Official Power Rangers is still making a ton of money today, almost 30 years after its debut in 1993. The Power Ranger action figures were what brought in the cash while the TV show excited kids

Every kid coveted them as a toy. 13. The O. J

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember

Trial and Car Chase with Simpson

KTVU FOX 2 San Francisco/YouTube. On June 17, 1994, viewers in the US and around the world were glued to their televisions as former NFL great O. J When Simpson wouldn’t cooperate with the investigation into the killings of his ex-wife and her new partner, he started a slow-moving car chase in his white Ford Bronco along the LA freeway. Because it had never happened before, the trial that followed became one of the most widely covered historical events

14. Splash noodles

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember

Despite their existence in the 1980s, it took a decade before pool noodles could be found in every home with a pool. They were nothing more than a long, foam cylinder that you could use to float on or hit your friends with. amusing for hours

15. Boys of Backstreet

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember

Shutterstock/Debby Wong In the 1990s, the Backstreet Boys, a female version of the Spice Girls, ruled the music charts

Four timeless songs that are still relevant today are “As Long as You Love Me,” “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back),” and “I Want It That Way. ” Strangely, none of the members of the group ever achieved solo success

They continue to tour the world and release albums on a somewhat regular basis because it pays well. 16

Polaroid Pocket. Sean P

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember

Aune/Shutterstock. A line of dolls called Polly Pocket was made for young girls

It was their size that distinguished them from other dolls. They were considerably smaller and, as the name implies, could easily fit in your pocket. 17

Brick telephones There were large, heavy cell phones before they evolved into portable computers that could fit in your pocket. These early mobile phones, which resembled bricks, were not in the least bit practical

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember

When you consider how lightweight phones are now, the first Motorolas were absurdly heavy—nearly two pounds. 18 Game Boy. padu_foto/Shutterstock

Every decade since the 1980s has seen improvements in video games, but many consider the 1990s to be their heyday. SEGA and Nintendo were competing for supremacy, with Nintendo winning thanks to the Game Boy

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember

With the help of this portable gaming system, you could enjoy your favorite video games (such as Super Mario Bros

() was in motion. Despite its simple graphics and lack of color, the original Game Boy was a huge success. Eventually being discontinued in 2003, it had undergone significant development over the years with the addition of colored visuals and a long battery life. Although CDs are still in use today, cassettes started to lose ground to compact discs in the early 1990s

When it came to listening to music, CDs quickly replaced vinyl because they could store more data and produced better sound. Amazingly, they are still in demand today despite the market dominance of services like Spotify and Apple

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember

People are simply unwilling to let go. Justice For Mariah/YouTub

Millions of kids watched Total Request Live, also known as TRL, after their schoolday was over. People could vote by phone or online for the top ten videos of the day, which were then played on the program

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember

The program gave Carson Daly his big break and contributed to the rise in popularity of music videos

21. Mega NES. GameSpot/YouTube

The Nintendo Super NES 16-bit console completely changed the video game market in the 1990s. It outperformed the SEGA Genesis as the best home video game console of the 1990s in terms of sales and popularity by selling close to 50 million units by the time it was discontinued in 2003

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember


‘The Magic School Bus’ MrRetroTvThemes/YouTube. Although the books were initially published in the 1980s, it was the animated TV series that really captured children’s attention

Some of the biggest Hollywood actors, such as Little Richard, Lily Tomlin, and Dolly Parton, participated in the voiceover work, which was not only educational but also featured some of their best performances. 23

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember

Saturday Update is hosted by Norm MacDonald

Not Norm or YouTube am I. The “Weekend Update” has been a staple of Saturday Night Live for years

Although many comedians, such as Chevy Chase and Dennis Miller, have hosted this segment, only Norm MacDonald was able to consistently get the audience to laugh. According to the Saturday Night Live Backstage special, even Chase, a well-known grump, praised MacDonald’s take on the segment and called him “the only other guy who did [the segment] funny

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember

” 24

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. WatchMojo


Will Smith owes his success as an actor to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The coming-of-age drama “fish out of water” was fantastic and proved that Smith could act just as well as rap

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember

The original series is jam-packed with laughs and poignant moments, but the gritty reboot is only so-so. 25

Unused tapes. Everyone had dozens of these lying around at home, whether they were cassette tapes or VHS tapes. The only way to catch the most recent top 40 songs on the radio without having to purchase the album on cassette was to use them to record your favorite shows while you were out and about

Additionally, they frequently featured vibrant, wild cover art. 26 Grunge NIRVANA/Curmodgeon on YouTube Despite its short lifespan, the genre gave the voiceless a voice

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember

Grunge, which originated in Seattle, combined punk aesthetics, powerful instrumentation, and catchy guitar riffs with lyrics that dealt with issues such as alienation, low self-esteem, trauma, youth culture, and other pertinent topics. When Nirvana’s sophomore album Nevermind became a huge international hit, it established them as the grunge kings and paved the way for other Seattle bands like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and California’s Stone Temple Pilots to achieve similar success. Kurt Cobain’s death in 1994 brought it all to an abrupt end, but grunge is still alive today despite not having achieved the same level of popularity as it did in the 1990s

27 Mrs. Doubtfire

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember


It’s possible that Robin Williams was at the height of his abilities when he played his most well-known role in Mrs. Doubtfire

Williams, who portrays a divorced father with limited access to his children, poses as a nanny to spend more time with them and learns a lot more about both his kids and himself

a beloved comedy, Mrs

One of the best movies from the 1990s is Doubtfire. 28 the Slap Bracelet Slap bracelets were first offered in the 1980s, but they didn’t become widely popular until the 1990s. They were a popular trend during the 1990s that, thankfully, went the way of the dodo

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember

They came in a variety of vibrant colors and patterns

29 The Macarena. LosDelRioVEVO/YouTube Los del Rio, a Spanish duo, could never have predicted the popularity of their song “Macarena. ” The “Macarena” was ranked as the All Time Latin Song by the Billboard Charts after being remixed by The Bayside Boys and featuring a dance. 30 Books by Goosebumps. ReadingRevival/YouTube You might have checked your closet before turning out the lights for bed after reading one of these popular children’s horror books

R. L

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember

Spin-off books, numerous TV series, video games, comic books, and even a film adaptation have all been produced from Stine’s enduring series of novels. However, nothing compares to the original books

– The 22 Best Cartoon Characters of the 1990s.

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember

30 Things From the 90s Only Oldies Will Remember

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