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Someone Wrecked a BMW M5 CS – Do You Want What’s Left?

Seeing a BMW M5 CS with damaged body panels and missing bits literally hurts my heart. It’s the greatest contemporary BMW I’ve ever driven, and I adore it. It’s also very uncommon, having been restricted to just 1,000 pieces, so once one is destroyed, there won’t be another to replace it. That’s why seeing this one destroyed in Pittsburg is so painful. However, everyone who is willing may benefit from it.

The wrecked BMW M5 CS is offered on Copart, and it’s not just in terrible form, but it’s already been scavenged. The driver-side rear door is caved in, the driver’s door is battered, and the front fenders and bumper are gone. Unfortunately, its carbon fiber hood is worthless, since there has a large crank on the front driver’s side.

The M5 CS lacks the front carbon fiber sport seats as well as the rear bench seat. That means you won’t be able to get the killer seats for your BMW 540i. I know you were considering it. One of the back inside door panels is also gone.

Someone Already Wrecked a BMW M5 CS — Want What’s Left?

It’s unknown what kind of damage occurred under the skin, although suspension and chassis damage are almost certainly there. If that’s the case, this M5 CS is definitely fried. If there is no serious chassis damage, this automobile might be purchased and rebuilt, preserving this one-of-1,000 model on the road. However, without its CS-specific interior and carbon fiber hood, this isn’t going to be a cheap remedy.

The most likely scenario is that this automobile is picked apart by vultures looking for parts until there is nothing left. You can still acquire certain CS-specific items from this vehicle, including the interior decor, steering wheel, gold wheels (if the driver’s side front wheel isn’t damaged), and maybe some suspension components. The engine could be extracted, but it’s probably not worth the additional expense given how similar it is to the stock M5 engine. It’s somewhat more powerful than a conventional M5, however even the mildest engine adjustment to a standard M5 will make it more powerful than an M5 CS.

If you need certain M5 CS-specific components, you may be able to recover some from this wrecked vehicle. However, if you’re hoping to acquire a beat-up M5 CS for cheap so you can restore it, this may not be the vehicle for you.

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