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The BMW X1 and iX1 2023 have been leaked ahead of their public premiere.

Another leak precedes a worldwide BMW release, as has been the trend in previous years. The 2023 BMW X1 and iX1 were supposed to be unveiled on June 1 in Europe (May 31, 6PM EST in the United States), but a set of official photographs leaked on social media. This Instagram account features the gasoline-powered X1 as well as the first-ever iX1 electrified crossover. Full information are still being withheld, however we can publish what is presented in this leak.

First and foremost, the BMW X1 and iX1 have a really appealing look. It has the appearance of a smaller X3 crossover, but with a revised front end and new headlights. The M Sport Package also has an aggressive appearance, with huge air intakes and a plethora of dynamic forms. The kidneys are bigger than the previous model, with expanded outer margins and a shark-like snout. The headlights include upside-down corona lights, giving the automobile an extremely futuristic appearance.

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The side view also exposes a highly sporty and dynamic posture, with fascinating creases and lines going across, emphasizing the sportiness of the X1 and iX1. The rear end is distinguished by a coupe-like roofline and a big roof spoiler. The taillights also feature a fresh take on the BMW L-shaped lighting. Because both versions are pipeless, it’s probable that only the reported BMW X1 M35i will have standard exhaust pipes.

Inside, the BMW X1 and iX1 include a big curved display that is driven by the iDrive 8 operating system. The leaked photographs also show a vertical wireless charging tray, similar to the one seen in the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer. Another intriguing design feature is the absence of the iDrive knob and the addition of a simple gear shifter. A Head-Up Display is also available as an option. The boot capacity ranges between 540 and 1,600 liters.

In terms of specifications, the BMW iX1 electric SUV is powered by the BMW Gen5 eDrive platform, which produces 200 kW of power (268 hp) and an extra 30 kW (40 hp) under high load. The battery capacity is 64.7 kWh, with a WLTP range of 438 kilometers. As is customary, the EPA range will be somewhat lower. According to the leaked slides, the charging duration from 10% to 80% is 29 minutes. BMW claims that 10 minutes of charging will provide a range of 120 kilometers. The usual charging capacity is 11 kW, however an alternative 22 kW system is also available.

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