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The Straight-Piped BMW M240i Has a Surprisingly Deep Tone

One of the first BMW M240i xDrive coupes to arrive in the UK has already had its look and sound altered. The tiny sports vehicle, finished in Thundernight Metallic, has been totally covered in a stunning teal hue that reaches into the door jambs as well. It would be difficult to tell it’s a wrap rather than the genuine color without knowing.

The glossy black roof contrasts with the primary color and complements the air intakes, kidney grille, and side mirror caps. The bespoke front splitter and side skirts are likewise black, while the custom wheels are coated in a golden tint inspired by Lamborghini. The trunk lid spoiler has been removed in the rear, as the tuner desired a more CSL-like look.

Straight-Piped BMW M240i Has Impressively Deep Tone

The normal M240i’s two exhaust tips have been replaced with a scary quad system with carbon fiber finishing. The totally modified exhaust features a straight-through structure and no gasoline particle filter (OPF) to make the B58 sound louder without being unpleasant. The remarkably deep sound complements the automobile wonderfully, and we doubt your neighbors will have a (significant) issue with it early in the morning.

All of the modifications were completed by British tuner R44 Performance, who is also working on a full body makeover for the little performance coupe. The M240i has just arrived in the UK, and the tuning company claims it hasn’t had much time to tamper with the vehicle since it’s so busy with client cars. A louder version of the exhaust is being developed, but we’d be happy with it just the way it is today.

Meanwhile, BMW has now revealed that the rear-wheel-drive M240i will go into production this summer for individuals who don’t want xDrive and are willing to spend less to get behind the wheel of the tail-happy vehicle.

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