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Today’s Top 5 hottest BMWs

So, what precisely does the term “super geil” mean? In a free translation, it would be’very enthusiastic,’ with a strong sexual connotation (as shown in the video below), which instantly made me think of highly attractive and appealing BMWs. I mean, I write about them every day!

As a result, a list of the top 5 sexiest BMWs of today soon sprang to mind, which I wanted to share with you and get your feedback on.

BMW E89 Z4 LCI is the sexiest BMW. With balmy summer days quickly coming and bright spring mornings beckoning, BMW’s sole genuine roadster is an excellent option. The Z4 looks gorgeous and, like its grandpa, the 507 Roadster, carries on the history of open-top fun that the Bavarians were famous for back in the day. Get the sDrive35is model, which has 340 HP, 332 lb-ft (450 Nm) of torque, and a 7-speed DCT gearbox, and you’re in for a wild ride with the wind in your hair. Super cool!

The 4 Series Convertible is another open-top ride at number four. With its sleek body and hardtop, this baby is just as fantastic looking as the Z4 but more practical, seating four people and employing a hardtop to keep you covered from all kinds of bad weather, even in winter. The 435i is now the best model available, but a convertible insane M4 is also on the way, delivering out 431 HP and 550 Nm of torque from day one. Super cool!

The M3 and M4 combine spring to mind when discussing the S55 3-liter biturbo mill. Yes, the two cars share the third slot on our list since they are essentially the same vehicle with either 2 or 4 doors. The M3 is the better of the two in my opinion since it is more practical and visually appealing, but I wouldn’t rule out the M4. Both of them hit 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.1 seconds with the 7-speed DCT transmission and look fantastic with their CFRP roofs and new aerodynamic adjustments. Super cool!

The M6 Gran Coupe is the runner-up, and it’s certainly one of the best-looking cars BMW has ever produced. The Gran Coupe was first seen as an atrocity, a 5 Series reinterpretation and a worthless 6er, but it demonstrated that if there is a will, there is a way to make people understand the reasons behind it. With the magnificent S63Tu 4.4-liter V8 under the hood producing 560 HP and 680 Nm (501 lb-ft) of torque, the 4-door coupe demonstrated it’s even better than the F10 M5, which didn’t make our list since it’s much too serious. Super cool!

The i8, BMW’s most inventive automobile in the previous 20 years, had to take the top place. Looking at it, there isn’t a hotter or more attractive automobile from Bavaria. After you go beyond the outside, you’ll enter a cabin created entirely of the finest materials available, while also caring for the environment. Furthermore, a recent research found that some women worry about how eco-friendly your automobile is, making the i8 even more appealing with its hybrid capabilities in retrospect.

The new car’s motor produces 362 HP and 570 Nm of torque, resulting in a sub-4.5 second car to 62 mph, an all-wheel-drive vehicle, and an emission-free ride for up to 23 miles (37 km) if you really want to wow your lady friend. What other BMW could possible be more sexy and desirable? SUPER COOL!

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