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5 Naruto and Boruto characters that died in peace (& 5 who did not) 

Various fatalities have occurred in both Naruto and Boruto. Many characters died, regardless of their side or principles. Some of these personalities died peacefully, while others did not, clinging to their hatred even in death. 

Here are five Naruto and Boruto characters that died happy (& 5 who went out with rage) 

5 Naruto and Boruto characters that died peacefully, like Itachi Uchiha and Jiraiya1) 

Itachi died fighting Sasuke as Sasuke’s back was against a wall. Sasuke trembled as he stretched out to his younger brother, fearing Itachi might attack him. But with blood-stained fingers, Itachi just gave Sasuke the old-fashioned forehead tap. He died soon after. 

Despite the conflict that led to his death, Itachi died gently, and like many others on this list, with a grin. 

2) Neji Hyuga in Naruto Shippuden 

Throughout the series, Neji resented his fate. Naruto persuaded him that he could ignore his fate and do anything he pleased. 

Neji died defending Naruto and Hinata from the 10 Tails’ spikes. Despite not escaping fate, he was pleased with his actions. So he achieved both his assigned fate and his desired outcome. He died a hero, smiling as he died. 

3) Jiraiya


Jiraiya perished in Paths of Pain. He was just overwhelmed by the multitude of people and couldn’t fight back. He perished on the ground, black receivers protruding from his back. 

4) Uchiha, Obito 

Obito was a major enemy in the War Arc. He nearly succeeded in destroying Konoha with Madara’s help. 

But he died defending Naruto and Kakashi from Kaguya Otsutsuki. He died thanking Naruto for reminding him of his true self. 

5) SekieiSekiei in Boruto 

Ohnoki designed Sekiei during the ‘Mitsuki’s Disappearance Arc’. He rapidly grew close to Mituski. On the other hand, Mitsuki betrayed Sekiei and the other fabrications to take down Lord Ku. 

As soon as Sekiei found out, they fought. The heated battle persisted until Mitsuki overpowered Sekiei and incapacitated him. Despite his anger at Mitsuki for betraying him, the two reconciled in his last moments. 

5 rage-filled Naruto and Boruto deaths 

Danzo’s right arm during Sasuke’s attack (Image via Studio Pierrot) Danzo has been destroying the Leaf Village for decades to preserve it. He routinely stole Sharingan pairs from unsuspecting Uchiha clan members. 

Many fans delighted when Danzo died, since he was a greatly despised figure. He attempted suicide to seal Sasuke during their combat, but it failed. Sasuke walked away from the battle, as Danzo perished in agony. It was his retribution for all his terrible deeds. 

2) Momoshiki Otsutsuki 


Momoshiki, like the other Otsuki, despised people. He thought they were inferior, thus he was overconfident while fighting Naruto and Sasuke. Despite his ability to disable the Five Kage and Sasuke, he ignored Boruto. His missing rasengan led to his demise. 

Naruto and Boruto’s rasengan dissolved Momoshiki. Momoshiki hated Boruto as he died. In truth, Momoshiki still despised Boruto because of his Karma. 

3) Isshiki 

Like Momoshiki, Isshiki died. His arrogance led him to be fooled by a simple shadow clone manufactured by Kawaki. He couldn’t implant his Karma in time and crumpled to dust. 

4) BoroBoro after Sarada 

To save Naruto, Sarada led Boruto, Kawaki, and Mitsuki against Boro. Despite seeming to be dead following Sarada’s chidori, he rose up and prepared for another battle. After Boruto’s death, Momoshiki took over his body and murdered him. 

Boro displayed no regret for his actions before to his death. He intended to murder Sarada and the others and return to normal. He never found peace and died with hatred. 

5) VictorVictor in Boruto 


Victor despised human existence. His experiments put his loyalists in risk and even murdered them. He turned their devotion against them. 

Victor was killed by Kashin Koji in episode 181. Kashin Koji’s flaming arrows caught him off unprepared. He had no time to make up for his earlier actions on the program, but judging by his actions, he was never going to.

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