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Boruto Uzumaki’s – Top Ten Attributes

While fans dislike Boruto Uzumaki for a variety of reasons, he is a compelling figure who has done a great deal in his short time as a shinobi. Boruto is a powerful, clever, and quick-footed character. However, since he is so powerful and competent, he has the capacity to do immense good as well as great evil. Boruto fans will know how Boruto will end up if he is anything like his father.

10 Boruto Has A New Approach To The Show

Boruto gives a fist bump.Naruto Uzumaki’s can-do attitude, eagerness to help everyone (including villains) evolve, and apparently endless wells of compassion were adored by fans. Boruto, on the other hand, provides fans a somewhat different perspective; each protagonist grew up in a totally distinct environment.

Naruto was orphaned and shunned as a child, and he never wanted anybody else to go through what he did. Boruto, on the other hand, was the son of the Hokage and hence had a certain amount of self-assurance and entitlement. While Boruto is unmistakably different from his father, it provides a new perspective on the shinobi.

9 Boruto Has A New Power That Is Quite Interesting

The karma seal of BorutoNaruto was an Uzumaki who was the home of Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit. Meanwhile, his son, who was also an Uzumaki, had the karma seal’s abilities. Both could do the Rasengan and possessed deep chakra wells, but that was the extent of their power similarities.

Boruto’s karma seal kept Momoshiki’s strength, whereas Naruto possessed Kurama’s near-limitless power. At the end of the day, they were both hazardous abilities that exposed them to deadly entities. Their talents, on the other hand, were significantly different, as were the repercussions of employing them.

8 Boruto Is The Hyuga & Uzumaki Naruto and Hinatas Family’s Culmination

Due to their delicate fist combat technique and strong dojutsu, the Byakugan, the Hyuga clan was one of the most fearsome clans in the Hidden Leaf Villages, second only to the Senju and Uchiha clans. The Byakugan had almost 360-degree vision, could find chakra networks, and could even see through things.


Boruto and his younger sister, Himawari, are members of the Hyuga and Uzumaki clans, who are famed for their vast amounts of chakra and formidable sealing jutsu. Despite the fact that Boruto is not the Byakugan’s successor (Himawari is), they share significant family connections that open them a world of possibilities.

7 Boruto Is More Capable As He Gets Older

Water Battle Boruto Anime Costume DesignBoruto, unlike his father, is an extraordinarily capable youngster. He graduated from the Academy in first place, has already acquired jonin-level jutsu, and absorbs knowledge far more quickly than his father. Meanwhile, Naruto’s youth consisted of failing the Academy, not understanding even the most fundamental shinobi ideas, and initially suffering with chakra.

Boruto and Naruto had quite different beginnings as ninjas. Fans, on the other hand, would have become tired with the same tale, and it would have reflected badly on Naruto if he had not prepped his kid.

6 Boruto Will Go To Any Length To Help His Friends

Naruto and Boruto have one thing in common: they both care about their friends. Boruto has also gone to great lengths to rescue Sasuke Uchiha from himself, like Naruto did. Even when Mitsuki attempted to beat him off, he stopped Sumire, battled for her acquittal, and pursued Mitsuki to another area.

Neither Uzumaki has ever been accused of failing to look after their pals (yet). Furthermore, unlike Naruto, who had to make friends along the road since he was initially despised by everyone, Boruto had a huge group of friends from the start and was unwilling to abandon them.

5 Boruto Will Do Things That His Father Wouldn’t Do

Boruto is a cheater.Boruto is still a youngster, and he makes mistakes from time to time. In reality, he has been held responsible for a number of sad events in Boruto. Those failures, on the other hand, are what make Boruto so fascinating. He isn’t like his father, and he has a distinct set of lessons to learn. Boruto isn’t the kind of guy who just goes along with what others say is “appropriate.”

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Boruto will do things that his father would never do, which is both a good and a negative thing. It may put Boruto in a better position to save the planet in the future.

4 Boruto adores his little brother

Boruto’s Gentle Fist is a fictional character created by Boruto.Naruto Uzukami was orphaned and raised as a single child, therefore he never had siblings. He didn’t even have pals as a child since the town shunned him. Though he treated Sasuke as if he were a brother, their bond was not the same as Boruto’s with his sister.

Boruto and Himawari have a healthy connection. Even when she is being a naughty younger sister or outperforming him in things like unlocking the Byakugan, he protects and encourages her. While he may be irritable like any sibling, he is a staunch defender of her.

3 Boruto Acquires High-Level Jutsu Exceptionally Quickly

Boruto’s rasengan has a high compression.Boruto has a natural affinity for jutsu. Boruto was able to master the Rasengan rather fast, although his father required days to acquire simply the core abilities (though it did have some variations). Naruto could hardly make a clone or change (unless he was utilizing sexy-jutsu) as an Academy student and genin, and he took far longer than the rest to master things like tree-climbing.

Boruto has a natural talent for everything, which indicates that he will produce jutsu and combat methods that surpass those of his father.

2 Boruto Is Unafraid

Boruto, like his father, is brave, even when his foes are vastly outmatched. He was even prepared to fight an Otsutsuki who was attempting to murder his father. Boruto is a courageous warrior who will always do whatever it takes, even though he has been known to take the easy way out on occasion.

Boruto’s father, even at that age, was not as courageous as his son. Naruto was so terrified by Zabuza and Haku that he even gave the villains the upper hand for a little while.

1 Boruto Is Forging A Path For The Next Generation

Boruto, Sarada, and Kaito in the Boruto anime Boruto is a charismatic and charismatic figure, so it’s no surprise that his students, comrades, and other shinobi look to him as a leader. He is not simply a role model for young shinobi, but he is also an extrovert who, like his father, can inspire others.

Boruto is preparing the road for the next generation to take the lead and surpass their forefathers. While Boruto strives to be better than his father, his companions strive to be better than their role models, parents, competitors, and mentors.

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