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Naruto: The Strongest Justu of Each Akatsuki Member, Ranked 

In terms of the Akatsuki, each member has a very powerful jutsu. 
Naruto was formerly one of the most famous anime series in the world, and its popularity has mostly remained unchanged since the story’s conclusion in 2014. Naruto, like many othe

In terms of the Akatsuki, each member has a very powerful jutsu. 

Naruto was formerly one of the most famous anime series in the world, and its popularity has mostly remained unchanged since the story’s conclusion in 2014. Naruto, like many other shonen anime, contains a gang of formidable antagonists known as the Akatsuki. Except for Zetsu, every member of the Akatsuki is a Kage-level ninja, and some of them are capable of fighting a Tailed Beast or Jinchriki on their own. 

Each Akatsuki member has their own set of talents and abilities, and the majority of them can use a range of jutsu. Every jutsu has the potential to be beneficial or lethal, but some are significantly more powerful and effective than others. In terms of the Akatsuki, each member has a very powerful jutsu. 

Hidan’s Curse empowers him to defeat any foe. 

Hidan was exclusively interested in murdering people, making him one of Naruto’s most egotistical characters. He practiced the Jashin cult, which preaches only devastation, and used its hidden procedures to become everlasting. 

Hidan received a curse that binds him to his victim while researching these skills. Any injuries Hidan receives are shared with this victim. This method can kill anybody, but it requires the victim’s blood to be consumed first, and the user cannot leave the sign on the ground. 

9. Sasori’s Hundred Puppets Performance Can Conquer A Nation

Sasori may have been the first member of the Akatsuki to be beaten, but that does not make him a weakling. He was a real master of the Puppet Technique and one of the most powerful ninjas the Sand Village had ever produced. 

Sasori is a fictional character that should not exist in real life, mostly because he enjoys transforming his defeated foes into human puppets. His strongest puppet was the 3rd Kazekage, but his most impressive trick was his Hundred Puppets Performance. He utilized this method to bring a whole country to its knees. 

8 Kakuzu’s mastery of the Earth Grudge Fear Technique made him very dangerous. 

Kakuzu’s Earth Grudge Fear In Its Final Form The confrontation between Shikamaru’s crew and Kakuzu and Hidan in Naruto is one of the series’ most memorable. Kakuzu was a highly adept Waterfall Village ninja who stole a variety of banned skills. 

His go-to jutsu is the Earth Grudge Fear Technique, which gives him his signature grey tendrils. He has the ability to take other ninja’s hearts and utilize them for himself. The fact that he can transform these hearts into disguised entities capable of using a particular Nature Release and attacking separately is what makes this method so effective. 

7. The Spore Technique of Zetsu may absorb and transfer chakras.

Zetsu was the poorest Akatsuki member in terms of combat skill, but he was an excellent spy for the group. He was able to employ Wood Release, a very rare Nature Transformation that had previously only been available to the 1st Hokage. 

Wood Release by Zetsu is significantly weaker than Hashirama’s, hence it cannot be considered his greatest jutsu. His Spore Technique, on the other hand, is significantly more powerful. His spores are planted on his opponent’s body, and once triggered, they drain the chakra of their victim. After then, the chakra may be transferred to a friend. 

Kisame’s Water Prison Shark Dance Technique Drowns His Opponents 

Kisame was a member of the Mist Village’s Seven Ninja Swordsmen and wielded Samehada, a sentient sword that drains the chakra of those who it cuts. He had an enormous chakra pool and was a master of Water Release. 

The Water Prison Shark Dance Technique, in which he creates a vast dome of water, is his most powerful jutsu. He is the dome’s center, and the dome moves in tandem with him. To take full use of the sea, Kisame unites with Samehada to become a shark-human hybrid. His opponents will be drowned using this technique. 

5 For 10 Minutes, Konan’s Paper Person Of God Technique Causes Explosions 

Konan was the sole female member of the Akatsuki, and she is one of several anime characters that resemble Arya Stark from Game of Thrones. Jiraiya was her teacher, which explains why she grew to be one of the Rain Village’s most powerful ninjas. 

Her fighting technique was inspired by her passion of origami. She employed her Paper Person of God Technique against “Madara,” which included burying 600 billion paper bombs in the lake of her town. The subsequent explosion lasted ten minutes and was powerful enough to knock anybody out under normal conditions. 

Within a 6-mile radius, Deidara’s C0 can destroy almost everything.

Trying To Destroy Deidara Sasuke Deidara is the youngest member of the Akatsuki and one of the greatest blond characters in the anime. He was the organization’s explosives specialist, with a unique form of explosive chakra that he shaped into clay. 

He could make a variety of clay monsters that he could explode at any moment, and his most powerful method was turning himself into a bomb. When the mouth in his chest consumes clay, it activates C0. The explosion that follows covers roughly 6 kilometers and vaporizes practically everything in its path. 

Susanoo, the third Itachi, had a powerful magical sword and shield. 

Itachi was a real Uchiha genius, and one of the people that aided Sasuke the most in his development. With his Sharingan, he can imprison anybody inside a genjutsu, and he can employ Amaterasu to produce black flames that are impossible to extinguish. 

He is one of just a few Uchiha who has unlocked the Susanoo, a massive avatar with enormous destructive potential. Susanoo possesses a fabled sword that can penetrate anything and capture people in a dream realm, which makes Itachi’s Susanoo rather special. It also has a legendary shield that can withstand any assault. 

2 Obito’s Kamui Is Way Too Strong 

Obito agreed to gather the Tailed Beasts for Madara’s scheme because he desired a world in which Rin was still alive. After seeing her death, he reawakened his Mangeky Sharingan, which allowed him to utilize Kamui. 

He can transport items from one dimension to another with this space-time ninjutsu. He can even make his body intangible using it. This ability is very strong since it renders him immune to almost all attacks and allows him to confine opponents inside his own realm. 

One Shinra Tensei’s Shinra Tensei Is Capable Of Destroying An Entire Village 

Naruto Suffers From Shinra Tensei Pain is often regarded as Naruto’s finest villain, and he also happens to be one of the anime’s brightest antagonists. Because of the Rinnegan, Pain may employ a multitude of skills, but Shinra Tensei is considered the eye’s peak ability. 

It enables Pain to produce a tremendous repelling force that can reject both physical and ninjutsu-based assaults, and it may be employed via the Deva Path. This is mostly a defensive strategy, although it may also be employed on attack. This method may wipe out an entire town depending on how much chakra is utilized.


Boruto: Learn why Sasuke and Naruto lost their importance

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a spin-off of Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto series, set years after the Fourth Great Ninja War’s conclusion. Although much has changed over the time jump, the essence of the story, from the ninjas to the ninja villages

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a spin-off of Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto series, set years after the Fourth Great Ninja War’s conclusion. Although much has changed over the time jump, the essence of the story, from the ninjas to the ninja villages, has remained the same. The largest change that fans have had to witness is the transition from an older generation of shinobi to a younger one, led by Naruto’s son, Boruto Uzumaki.

Boruto Uzumaki is the story’s protagonist, and he aspires to be a powerful shinobi who can defend the village and help the Hokage like Sasuke Uchiha, all while facing his own fate. Boruto is clearly his narrative and not that of the characters from the previous era, such as Naruto and Sasuke; nonetheless, the two are still vital to the plot’s progression and their importance to the fans remains important. Recently, though, the story appears to have made several dubious decisions that have a significant impact on the plot.

What Has Been Happening With Naruto And Sasuke?


Since the beginning of Boruto, Naruto and Sasuke have been pivotal characters in the story. It’s no surprise that both were extremely important to the ninja world as a whole, having climbed through the ranks in Naruto to become the two strongest shinobi in the entire shinobi history. Fans saw how Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha dealt with the Otsutsuki menace while also protecting their town in the Boruto film. As the Hokage and the Other Hokage, they’ve always had a responsibility to protect what’s obviously vital. Following the events of the film, the two were pivotal in every subsequent event, with Naruto fighting the likes of Delta and even defending the village from Jigen’s danger. The two had already been nerfed a lot by this point, but their relevance to the tale was still well-emphasized.

He even faced Isshiki Otsutsuki, the strongest known Otsutsuki to ever live, alongside Sasuke. Unfortunately, this conflict profoundly altered the characters, as Naruto Uzumaki lost Kurama and Sasuke lost his Rinnegan. While Isshiki was eventually subdued, the plot felt terribly forced and overly convenient in order for the new generation to take center stage at the expense of the previous. Naruto and Sasuke’s role in the tale has waned since then, and the two are scarcely prominent in their previous positions.

The Importance Of Naruto And Sasuke In The Story


It’s clear that the two aren’t as crucial to the plot as they previously were, and they probably won’t be in the future. When Naruto’s village was attacked, he wasn’t even able to protect his village against the threat of Code, let alone do anything useful. Instead, he needed Kawaki’s protection, which, as the Hokage, does not present a positive picture. Later, he was powerless to stop Kawaki from ripping a hole through his son’s chest. Naruto, although being the strongest and having the title of Hokage, did not live up to the hype. Naruto is clearly weaker than he has ever been, but he is the Hokage, and things are expected of him.

Sasuke, on the other hand, appears to have been treated even worse. Sasuke, unlike Naruto with the Baryon Mode, was not even given a proper send-off, and his Rinnegan was stolen from him in a foolish manner. Sasuke has had very little involvement in the plot since losing his eye. In nearly a year, all he’s done is seek down Code’s lair, and for someone who played such an important role in the Naruto series, it’s rather heartbreaking to witness. Without a question, Naruto and Sasuke are the face of the series. It is merely lazy writing for the author to weaken them greatly and use them cheaply in moments for the following generation to save. Worse, none of them seemed to have a definite function in the tale any longer. Naruto’s role as Hokage has shrunk because he can no longer protect his people, and Sasuke isn’t even allowed to participate in the narrative.

While it was necessary to make the new generation stronger in order for the tale to be fascinating, it is mind-boggling that it had to come at the expense of the old characters who are cherished by the fans. For the time being, things aren’t looking bright for either Naruto or Sasuke, and the two may end up being relegated to characters who require constant protection. Despite having Kishimoto on board as a writer, Boruto has taken an unexpected turn, but maybe things will improve for both Naruto and Sasuke.

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Goku Gets the Father-Son Reunion He’s Always Deserved in Dragon Ball

In recent chapters of Dragon Ball Super, the Granolah story has revealed a lot about Bardock, beginning with the fact that Bardock was there during the attack on Granolah’s home world of planet Cereal

While most Dragon Ball Super fans are familiar with Goku’s father Bardock, Goku himself has not been that fortunate; his juvenile brain trauma has erased any memories he may have had of his parents. Plus, with the Saiyan race on the verge of extinction, there aren’t many people left to tell him tales of his father—but it seems that Goku will finally get to hear his father, if only for a little period.

In recent chapters of Dragon Ball Super, the Granolah story has revealed a lot about Bardock, beginning with the fact that Bardock was there during the attack on Granolah’s home world of planet Cereal. Bardock, on the other hand, stood up to the Heeters, who orchestrated the invasion, and saved a young Granolah and his Namekian guardian, Monaito, who would wind up being the planet’s sole survivors. He even faced Gas, the Heeter’s muscle, who has proved to be a challenging opponent for current Saiyans. Because it paints a kinder picture of Bardock than many fans had hoped for, this new narrative has sparked debate, as it indicates that Goku’s generosity stems from his father rather than from the early brain impairment that prevented him from conquering Earth.

Monaito shows up in Chapter 82 with a broken Scouter that he’s had for 40 years, saying it’s the one Bardock wore when he battled Gas. Vegeta is able to switch on the Scouter in the hopes of learning more about Gas’ flaws from the recordings in the device’s memory. They can play an audio clip of Bardock’s speech using Granolah’s eyepatch-robot Oatmeel. While the chapter ends before the dispute between Bardock and Gas can be settled, it does provide Goku the opportunity to hear his father’s voice for the first time, bringing back memories of the moments before he was thrown to Earth.

Although Goku has never been concerned about not knowing his parents, the sound of Bardock’s words seemed to have reawakened something deep inside him. With just a few panels, it’s evident that this is a pivotal moment for Goku. After all, Goku has always been shown as possessing a disposition that is diametrically opposed to the majority of Saiyans, even his own brother Raditz, who almost killed him when they first met. Many fans think Goku banged his head when he first arrived on Earth, and it’s plausible that even Goku believes the same thing. However, this notion has the unintended effect of implying that Earth’s greatest hero is just the product of chance, and that everything that makes Goku “good” is essentially a flaw by Saiyan standards. This shift in Bardock’s personality is important, but the potential for Goku to learn about his father’s actions is maybe even more so; Goku is no longer the lone “good” Saiyan, and whether he cares or not, he can be certain that his father would be happy of the life he’s led on Earth.

Shonen characters often have tense relationships with their dads, who are typically absent, inattentive, or downright malicious. Goku’s absence of father concerns has distinguished him, but this incident does not change that. Hopefully, Goku and Dragon Ball Super can figure out a means to save Bardock’s message so that Gohan and Goten may connect with their history as well.

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In a new scene, Dragon Ball Super returns to Raditz

Raditz was the only member of the family that was a stereotypically aggressive Saiyan, according to Goku’s history of fighting for what’s right

Goku leads Gas off planet in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 82, and, like he has with many of his opponents in the past, while fighting Gas, he is simultaneously attempting to figure out why. He’s perplexed as to why someone so powerful would mindlessly obey someone else’s commands, and when Gas attempts to explain that he’ll do anything for Elec because of all his brother has done for him, Goku isn’t sure he understands. When it comes down to it, Goku is very self-centered, and consequently has no true links to his biological family.

He has no meaningful links to his Saiyan background except than his kids. So Goku bringing up the fact that his own brother Raditz attempted to murder him once was unexpected. He was attempting to persuade Gas that his brother may not be acting in his best interests, so he went deep and, for the first time in his life, thought on his own family. It’s something we’re beginning to see throughout this arc, and Goku’s stronger connection to his Saiyan heritage appears to be the next stage in his development.

What are your thoughts? After all this time, how do you feel about Goku bringing up Raditz? What do you think will happen if Goku spends more time thinking about his family?

Why Raditz is different from his family

Raditz, Goku’s elder brother, is the most ridiculously expendable character in Dragon Ball history. Raditz makes Krillin appear like the Omni King, from his relevance to the story to his strength level. It required a Goku and Piccolo team-up and Goku’s death to beat him, who was introduced as the most powerful enemy yet whose Goku’s-alien-brother background flipped the whole series on its head. Dragon Ball Super has stated that Raditz was also the family’s black sheep, after spending much of Dragon Ball Z as a postmortem joke before being forgotten totally.

By having a four-year-old ring his bell and then failing to escape a nelson grip by a man with damaged ribs without thinking to merely fly away, DBZ soon turned Raditz into a joke. When Vegeta and Nappa arrive on Earth, they plant Saibamen monsters in the earth, declaring the creatures to be as powerful as Raditz. Raditz was so feeble that his death had no value for his friends since they could just generate more of him. It’s no surprise that Nappa and Vegeta would nickname him “Radish-boy.”

If there’s one thing fans of Dragon Ball Z should remember from the beginning of the series, it’s that Raditz is a jerk. Raditz is a unique DBZ villain that has had no atonement or character growth. He is a nasty jerk who would have no problem murdering his own brother or nephew. Of course, he was typical of Saiyans of the time, merciless and ruthless in his pursuit of number one. Nappa was the same way, and it took Vegeta a long time to mature past his harsh Saiyan temperament.

Surprisingly, a flashback in Dragon Ball Super: Broly and the events of Chapter 77 of the Super manga have shown that Raditz is the only member of his family that is incapable of feeling sympathy. Gine, his mother, is regarded for being a rare, gentle Saiyan who chose to concentrate on assisting people rather than fighting. When he concerned for Planet Vegeta’s safety, his father, Bardock, demonstrated something approximating a conscience by moving a newborn Goku off-world. During the Saiyan invasion of Planet Cereal, he also saved the lives of Granolah and his mother, claiming that it was the proper thing to do.

Raditz was the only member of the family that was a stereotypically aggressive Saiyan, according to Goku’s history of fighting for what’s right. Perhaps Raditz’s attitude and determination to murder Goku in Dragon Ball Z stems from childhood hatred, since Gine and Bardock may have been more concerned about their infant Kakarot. Gine and Bardock, on the other hand, did not seem to dislike Raditz, since when Bardock inquired about him after a mission, Gine proudly stated that Raditz was fighting with Prince Vegeta.

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