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Ten Dragon Ball characters that are too powerful for Goku’s Ultra Instinct

Despite the fact that Goku’s Ultra Instinct form is undoubtedly the most powerful transformation a mortal has ever accomplished in Dragon Ball, there are still others who are better. While they are mostly Angels and Gods of Destruction, they are still too powerful for Ultra Instinct Goku to handle.

Furthermore, there’s always the chance that he’ll take the form to even higher heights, surpassing some of the figures on this list. This is a key theme in Dragon Ball, with Goku always pushing above his boundaries to destroy the apparently unstoppable foe in front of him.

For the time being, here are eleven Dragon Ball characters that are much too powerful for even Ultra Instinct Goku.

Beerus and nine other Dragon Ball characters have currently surpassed Ultra Instinct Goku

1) Zeno

As seen in the Super anime,Zeno is one of the most obvious choices for this list, since he symbolizes the current pinnacle of Dragon Ball strength. His capacity to wipe individuals and worlds in a matter of seconds is a terrible and powerful force.

Furthermore, his childish demeanor and impulsiveness may cause him to use this talent in situations when it is not suitable, like as sparring with Goku.

2) Zeno’s defenders

Similarly, Zeno’s guards are expected to be comparable to Zeno and the Grand Priest in power, but weaker than their two bosses. Otherwise, having them guard Zeno makes little sense if they can’t combat the Gods of Destruction, Angels, and those under them. As a consequence, they should be able to deal with Goku’s Ultra Instinct form.

3) High Priest

The Grand Priest has enormous authority as the leader of the Angels and Zeno’s personal attendant. While he has yet to battle, his abilities have been proved in other ways, including as his ability to create the whole Tournament of Power arena by himself.

He is presumably equivalent in power to Zeno as his caregiver, implying that Goku has a long way to go before overtaking him.

4) As shown in the Super anime, Whis

Whis is still teaching Goku martial arts, so it’s no wonder he’s beyond the Saiyan’s grasp, even in his most powerful form. Although this may alter in the future, the Angel’s employment of Autonomous Ultra Instinct is just too efficient and responsive for him to overcome. For the time being, Goku still has a lot to learn from his Angelic teacher.

Beerus, no. 5

Similarly, Goku would very certainly lose against Beerus. Their battle in Dragon Ball Super’s first arc demonstrated the gap in their ability levels. While Ultra Instinct has aided in closing the distance, it is still much too large for him to beat Universe 7’s Destroyer.

Beerus is just beyond of Goku’s grasp until he achieves Autonomous Ultra Instinct.

6) As shown in the Dragon Ball Super anime, Champa

Champa, the twin and global counterpart of Beerus, should be able to beat Ultra Instinct Goku in Dragon Ball Super. He is supposed to be somewhat weaker than his twin, but given the size of the disparity between Goku and Beerus, this is unlikely to matter.

7) Vados from the Super anime

Vados, on the other hand, is Whis’ sister and Universe 6’s equivalent. Unlike Champa and Beerus, though, she is reported to be significantly stronger than her brother, highlighting the divide between Goku and Whis already present.

As a reason, Goku is unlikely to vanquish Universe 6’s resident Angel unless he defeats Whis.

8) Iwan

Considering Iwan’s home of Universe 1 was exempt from the Tournament of Power for its high mortal level of strength, he’s likely stronger than the Destroyers whose universes participated.

He’s also one of the few Destroyers that fights outside of Beerus, and he impresses in this one case. As a consequence, he’ll almost certainly defeat Ultra Instinct Goku.

9) As shown in the Dragon Ball Super anime, Arak

Arak’s Universe 5 was likewise exempted from the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super. Like Iwan, it’s a safe assumption he’s also stronger than other Destroyers who did participate, and he’s also been seen in combat.

Despite a quick demonstration, he’s clearly at least at Beerus’ level, essentially cementing his superiority to Ultra Instinct Goku.

10) Liquiir

Similar to Arak and Iwan, Liquiir’s Universe 8 was also excused from Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power. Although the exact mortal level is unknown, Universe 8 is at least known to be one of the strongest four universes.

Likewise, Liquiir is also superior to the Destroyers of less powerful universes, and therefore should easily handle an Ultra Instinct Goku.

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