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The Biggest Concern Dragon Ball Super Fans Have Regarding Android 17’s Wish

When you think about it, it’s fitting that the Tournament of Power arc in “Dragon Ball Super” concludes with a wish. Despite the series’ emphasis on working hard to attain one’s objectives, “Dragon Ball” is built on fulfilling one’s ambitions instantaneously via the use of magical wishes. Shenron is, for all intents and purposes, a gigantic reptile genie with the Dragon Balls as his lamp, and for a long time, no arc of the series didn’t rely on his abilities in some manner. This is why the fact that the reward for the winner of the multiversal Tournament of Power, Android 17, is a desire matters so much.

Of course, not any desire will suffice as the top prize in a struggle between eight realities. With the blessing of Super Shenron and the approval of the Omni-King, Zeno, Android 17 could wish for whatever his cybernetic heart desired. Originally, he planned to wish for a cruise with his family. However, in the end, he requests that all of the worlds that have been wiped throughout the tournament be restored.

Of course, this request isn’t as simple as it seems. Because of certain significant implications made by the narrative in “Dragon Ball,” 17’s request may have a much greater impact than he intended. This has been a major concern for “Dragon Ball Super” fans, who are hoping that these possible ramifications may result in a fascinating future tale.

Is it possible that 17’s request will bring back more than seven universes?

Questions about Android 17’s request originally arose in a Reddit discussion started by u/mermicide. u/mermicide proposes that 17’s desire — which doesn’t specify which worlds should be restored — might include the lost six. Prior to the events of the Tournament of Power, Zeno erases six more universes to produce the current 12 (four of which are excluded from the tournament). This would bring the total number of worlds restored by the desire to 13, and the total number of universes that exist throughout Zeno’s reality to 18. Furthermore, u/mermicide speculates that 17’s request may encompass Future Trunks’ deleted history, essentially tripling the number of worlds in existence.

Fans of “Dragon Ball Super” jumped on board right away. “I’ve always puzzled about this as well,”. “I believe the request was left open-ended in this manner so that the authors may utilise the other worlds IF they so desired. Whether there were 6 deleted worlds and each of the current 12’mirrors’ one another, I’m curious if one of the erased universes contained Saiyans like 6 and 7.” I hope he did, Consider the possibilities

Unfortunately, it seems that Android 17’s request is now limited to the seven wiped worlds stated on the Dragon Ball Wiki (along with a new, artificial one). While there are enough of universes to go around, it still feels like a squandered opportunity to leave six new planets undiscovered.

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