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Why does Zeno behave in such a childlike manner? (plus 8 additional Dragon Ball Omni-King-related questions that need to be answered) 

Grand Zeno is the Dragon Ball multiverse’s Omni-King. From his seat in his palace, he lords over all of creation. He is a deity with a childlike mentality who has the capacity to destroy everything he desires, at any time and for any cause. He also seems to be easily bored, so the Tournament of Power was the ideal method to keep him occupied for a while. 

Despite the fact that fans have a lot of information on Zeno, there are still a lot of unsolved questions regarding the Omni-King. 

So, let’s attempt to respond to them. 

I’ve stated it before, but Zeno from “Dragon Ball Super” is one of my favorite supreme god characters. His presence at the top of the Dragon Ball hierarchy has a Toriyama-esque quality to it. He’s the ideal blend of cute, silly, and frightening. 

1) Why does Zeno behave in such a childlike manner? 

There is a widespread hypothesis among Dragon Ball fans that answers this question, albeit it has not been proven. Grand Zeno is said to have a childish demeanor since his seeming innocence maintains a feeling of impartiality. 

Being neutral is crucial, particularly when you’re the Omni-King. Zeno must decide whether he wants to destroy planets or universes, and no favoritism may influence his choice. 

2) Where did Zeno originate? 

 Zeno’s origins are never revealed in the series. It’s conceivable that he originated from the Angel Dimension, much like the Angels, or from another realm entirely. It would, however, make sense if he was created by another creature. Because he lacks qualities such as omnipotence, he couldn’t have created himself. 

3) What is the purpose of Zeno’s guards? 

Because Grand Zeno is the Omni-King, the ruler of all creatures, these guards are most likely there as a formality. Regardless matter how huge their power disparity is. They also prevent people from approaching Zeno too closely. 

This is significant because, due to his childlike disposition, Zeno may easily get enraged, and if he does, a large number of planets could be obliterated during that period. 

4) What was the purpose of Zeno erasing worlds 13-18? 

There were 18 worlds instead of simply 12 when the notion of the multiverse was initially established in Dragon Ball Super. These six worlds are said to have been obliterated long before the start of Dragon Ball, maybe even before the present Gods of Destruction took control. 

Grand Zeno is said to have eliminated these six worlds because their mortal levels were too low, and it was simpler to maintain 12 universes rather than 18. This does not seem to be a very strong argument, since Angels may easily be sent to assist in the supervision of universes that appear to be creating too much problem. 

5) Is Zeno capable of erasing Super Shenron? 

In the Dragon Ball Super anime, Super Shenron has incredible strength. Super Shenron effortlessly fulfilled the assignment when it was summoned by Super Dragon Balls and Android 18 desired for all of the worlds obliterated during the Tournament of Power to be restored. 

Zeno is unlikely to be able to erase Super Shenron since it was able to entirely undo his erasure and may perhaps be superior to him. 

6) Has Zeno ever had a friend other than Goku? 

Zeno has met numerous individuals that fear and admire him over his lengthy rule as Omni-King. Goku, on the other hand, is the only person he believes to be a genuine buddy. Grand Zeno, on the other hand, enjoys the company of people. 

Zeno has a tight relationship with the Grand Priest, his valued counselor. Grand Zeno is also shown expressing his admiration for the warriors in each world during the Tournament of Power. So it’d be understandable if he wanted to make more friends than only Goku. 

Goku also introduced Present Zeno to his future counterpart, Future Zeno, and the two became fast friends. But it doesn’t matter since he’s just pals with himself. 

7) Are there any flaws with Zeno? 

Even though Zeno has the ability to wipe an entire world clean, he has flaws, one of which is obvious: he is incapable of fighting. He is inexperienced and untrained, therefore if he had to fight someone, he would most certainly lose. 

His incapacity to fight, on the other hand, makes sense. He should not have to fight for himself since he is the Omni-King, the highest of all monarchy in the Dragon Ball series; instead, others should fight for him. If the necessity came, the Grand Priest, his royal guards, the Angels, and the Gods of Destruction would all battle for him. 

8) Is the Omni-King equipped with Ultra Instinct? 

It is conceivable for him to have Ultra Instinct since he is a heavenly entity. He may have been born with it, like the Angels, but he may not have mastered it yet. It’s also possible that he doesn’t have any UI at all. 

To answer this question, he would have to be assaulted with malevolent intent, which is unlikely given the level of security he has on a daily basis. 

9) What kind of destructive energy does Zeno employ?


In Dragon Ball, whenever a God of Destruction utilizes their abilities to destroy anything, they employ Energy of Destruction, also known as Hakai energy. When Beerus erases something or someone, a dark purple and black aura surrounds the object, which then vanishes. 

When he erases things, though, the image that is unique to Hakai is missing. As he prepares to remove anything, his hands flash a white and light blue radiance, making his erasing look more pure. It’s conceivable that the energy Zeno utilizes is the source of Hakai energy.

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