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The BMW 3 Series M Sport Limited is now available in Japan, with additional standard equipment.

We’re still months away from seeing the 3 Series LCI, but BMW Japan has introduced a special version of the existing model. In retrospect, the facelifted 3er has already been shown. It’s the all-electric i3 Sedan for China, equipped with iDrive 8 and subtly modified headlights. This model with combustion engines is also available as a diesel Touring with standard xDrive.

The M Sport Limited for the Land of the Rising Sun expands on the M Sport standard. It is available as a rear-wheel-drive 318i sedan or a fuel-efficient 320d Touring. Both body types save money by packing more standard equipment at about the same price as the M Sport.

BMW Japan has an enhanced sound system as well as tinted glass. The M Sport Limited package adds heated front seats and optional leather upholstery to the 318i Sedan/Touring and 320d Sedan/Touring. To liven things up, the nicer seats have blue stitching on black. Regardless of the option, the chairs provide more lumber support. Choosing the sedan includes an electrically powered trunk.

The Vintage BMW Motorsport Badge Has Arrived On The M Sport Limited

Although the only photograph released by BMW shows the vehicles with the usual roundel, the M Sport Limited is said to have the commemorative badging. Specifically, the vintage BMW Motorsport emblem to commemorate the M division’s 50th anniversary. It’s unclear if the corporation is referring to an internal badge commemorating the golden jubilee or whether it just used standard emblems in this rendition.

The 3 Series M Sport Limited, which is only available in right-hand drive with an automatic gearbox, begins at $5,840,000 ($47,000) for the 318i Sedan. The most costly model is the 320d xDrive Touring, which costs $6,880,000 ($55,300). BMW dealers in Japan are now accepting orders, with delivery beginning in late 2022.

BMW Japan is the source.

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