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The BMW 5 Series E60’s engine displacement is doubled thanks to a V10 swap.

This isn’t an E60 M5. It may seem to be the top dog variant of the fifth-generation 5 Series, but this was not always the case. It boasts the powerful V10 beneath the hood, but BMW did not develop the vehicle this way from the start. Indeed, it began as a standard 5er with a 2.5-liter engine before being increased in capacity through a S85 conversion.

Conti JDM Auto, a Malaysian tuner, was the project’s mastermind. It’s fair to say that the M5 E60 lookalike with V10 conversion was a labor of love. It was only conceivable after purchasing a JDM-spec wrecked automobile that had been split in two. The techs extracted whatever salvageable from the wrecked automobile. Furthermore, the battery was installed in the middle, where the spare tire would normally be, precisely as in the original M5 E60.

Not a genuine M5 E60, but an impressively close substitute.

The prototype automobile was completely resprayed and given a body kit to look like the actual thing. To trick the untrained eye, it also includes a discreet trunk lid spoiler and quad exhaust arrangement. Similarly, the M-branded tachometer can reach 9,000 rpm, while the speedometer displays 330 km/h. As amazing as the attention to detail is, the 5.0-liter engine is unquestionably the crowning achievement.

The S85B50 was BMW’s sole V10 engine, producing 500 horsepower and 520 Newton-meters (384 pound-feet) of torque. It featured an 8,250 rpm redline and produced 100 horsepower per liter, which was an outstanding performance for a normally aspirated engine. This E60 build isn’t a genuine M5, but it’s fairly close. It goes without saying that a lot of rewiring was required to get everything working properly, with no caution lights flashing on the dash.

It’s a pristine construction throughout, to the point that someone who isn’t familiar with BMWs may be tempted to believe it’s the genuine thing.

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Source: Kereta Galeri / YouTube

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