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The BMW i3 Sedan Makes Its Video Debut, and It’s the First 3 Series With Air Suspension.

The BMW i3 is no longer in production. The i3 will live on. That’s one way to summarize what BMW has in store for the alphanumeric moniker debuted in 2013. The worldwide popular hatchback will leave the Leipzig manufacturing plant in July, while the i3 Sedan is set to begin production in China. Following its unveiling a few weeks ago, the 3 Series without a combustion engine is featured in its debut film.

The marketing campaign’s main point is to emphasize that the i3 Sedan symbolizes the future while honouring its elders. We get to witness all of the previous iterations of the 3er, as well as how the kidney grille and the Hofmeister kink have developed over the years. The zero-emissions sedan bears the design characteristics of an i-badged vehicle, but it also anticipates the worldwide 3 Series LCI.

BMW i3 Sedan Makes Video Debut, First 3 Series With Air Suspension

BMW China is talking about improved LED headlights with new angel eyes (a word we haven’t heard in a long time). In addition, the i3 Sedan receives Angel Wings, which have LED projectors that light up when the doors are opened. We’ve previously discussed the much anticipated iDrive 8, and you’ve surely seen that the big gear lever has been replaced with a little switch.

One feature buried inside in the press release is a complete first for the 3 Series. The i3 Sedan receives air suspension for the first time since the model series debuted in 1975. It is solely for the rear axle and is designed to enhance ride quality, as seen in higher-end BMWs. The EV is 44 millimeters shorter than a comparable combustion-engined 3er (1.73 inches).

Finally, will there be air suspension for the 3 Series or only the i3 Sedan?

Given that the archrival Mercedes C-Class has had Airmatic for many years, air suspension is long overdue. It’s unknown if this function will be included to the facelifted 3 Series for overseas markets. We should find out in the next months, since the LCI will make its appearance later in 2022. It will be joined by another first for the lineage, the M3 Touring.

BMW China is the source.

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