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A new teaser for the season 3 finale of The Boys says, “Shock and awe.”

Considering what has already been shown on the Amazon Prime Video series, the Boys season 3 finale teaser hints at an epic ending.

All over, the third season of The Boys did a great job of building up the tension. Based on its most recent teaser, it sounds like they’re building up to an epic ending.

From bringing back the dead icon Soldier Boy to Homelander’s mental health getting worse by the minute to The Boys being split down the middle, season 3 has been full of trouble. As the season’s end draws near, all that matters is if the show can land on its feet.

The Boys gave a 28-second preview of what will happen in the season finale on the show’s Twitter account. In the end, it doesn’t tell us much about what’s to come, but it does set up a fight between the main characters of the show. Black Noir is back at Vought Tower sharpening his sword, and Homelander tells him that no matter how long he sharpens it, it won’t hurt Soldier Boy at all. Then, as Hughie says, there’s a quick cut to all of the main characters “Everyone needs to be saved. Even if you don’t think they deserve it. Even more so when they don’t deserve it.” In the two shots in the teaser, it looks like Billy Butcher and Homelander are going to fight each other in what could be their last fight against each other.

Many people will wonder who Hughie is talking to and who he is trying to save someone from. Homelander may have just ruined his public image for good by saying on camera that he killed SuperSonic and will kill Hughie next if Starlight doesn’t do what he says. Also, now that Soldier Boy is known to be Homelander’s real father, maybe he and Homelander will work together to destroy everyone at Vought. Vought has broken both of their trust too many times to count. It may also serve as a reminder that Hughie is still a hero at heart, even though he made some questionable decisions on The Boys. He wants to do the right thing and knows when to stop.

There are so many things at play here for everyone. Even though Homelander is getting less stable by the day, he just found out that he may not have been so alone at the top after all. Soldier Boy still has one former teammate to attack: Black Noir. He didn’t like Black Noir and would attack him if he did something wrong. Butcher just found out that taking the V-24 drug is killing his brain, but he isn’t telling Hughie because they are still trying to get rid of Homelander for good. Starlight is still looking for Vought, and Frenchie and Kimiko are still trying to figure out what they want out of life.

No matter what happens, it looks like the season 3 finale of The Boys will have a lasting effect on the story. Things have changed too much for them to go back to the way they were. Don’t be surprised if the finale kills off one or more of the characters that viewers have grown to know over the past three seasons. Too much is at stake on both sides for everyone to make it out of this alive. If that’s how it turns out in the end, people may stop watching the show.

On July 8, 2022, the season 3 finale of The Boys will be available on Amazon Prime Video.

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