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Although The Boys is graphic, Amazon still said “F—- No”

The Boys was only released on Amazon’s streaming service a few days ago, and many people have already binged the anti-superhero series, despite its gruesome nature. In truth, there is a significant difference between streaming services and network and cable entertainment, and that difference is often the permissible level of violence and NSFW language. However, even with streaming, there are limitations.

Eric Kripke, co-creator of The Boys, just disclosed one scene that he claims Amazon said “fuck no” to, and to prove his point, he wrote the sentence in ALL CAPS. The NSFW scenario featured jerking off, which is detailed in great detail further down. Don’t pretend we didn’t warn you.

Amazon responded, “FUCK NO, you have to eliminate that scene.” I couldn’t figure out why, given everything else on the program, but Homelander was standing on one of the Chrysler building Eagles after getting dressed down by Stillwell in Episode 2. He yanked his trousers down and began jerking off, muttering over and again, ‘I can do anything I want,’ until he climaxed all over New York City.
I’m going to discuss true Season 1 spoilers, so if you want to start from scratch, now’s a good time to stop reading.

Have you seen the film The Boys yet? The new Amazon series is dramatic, but its graphic nature often leans toward violence, despite full-frontal nudity and odd sex scenes, such as one in which a D-list super puts her landlord out as they have sex.

As a result, it’s strange to hear Eric Kripke explain in an AMA that this is where Amazon drew the line.

However, that is hardly the only instance of restraint throughout the series. Starlight, the series’ new hero, is sexually raped in an early episode, and although the attack is widely addressed throughout the series, the exact event is not shown onscreen. So, there are sequences in The Boys when the amount of severe violence is limited at important points.

If seeing Homelander do his Homelander thing appeals to you, the scenario is still available on a computer someplace. During his Reddit AMA, Eric Kripke revealed that the scene with Antony Starr’s Homelander was shot for The Boys. The studio only said “fuck no” when Amazon viewed it. He expanded:

We captured it! Antony was the standout in the scenario. Amazon seems to believe it was unnecessary. I assumed it revealed something about his personality. To be clear, they’ve been fantastic; it was maybe the only battle I lost in Season 1.

So, in general, Amazon has allowed Eric Kripke rather free rein over The Boys, which is consistent with what many other showrunners and industry insiders have stated about streaming services in general.

There’s always the possibility that a comparable incident may demonstrate the same point in The Boys in the future. Homelander is still alive and well in the world of The Boys, and the show has already been renewed for Season 2, however I believe it’s worth noting that, given the program’s streaming format, this scenario may never see the light of day outside of our imaginations.

Stream The Boys on Amazon right now, or check out our autumn TV schedule.

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