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Five new characters that might debut in Season 4 of The Boys

Five comedic characters that might debut in Season 4 of ‘The Boys’

Five comic characters who could appear in 'The Boys' season 4

We’ve reluctantly accepted the concept of superheroes inflicting heinous brutality on individuals they’re supposed to — and usually do — rescue from disasters. That is, owing to the well recognized, mega-hit series The Boys, which has meticulously satirized the stereotyped image of superheroes as saviors by portraying them as cruel, power-hungry monsters prepared to go to unthinkable lengths to get their way. The comics include much more gruesome scenes that are tough for the faint of heart to bear.

Throughout the three seasons, we’ve met new superheroes whose abilities and look are inspired by DC and Marvel superheroes. Stormfront (Aya Cash), who is based on Thor and Captain Marvel, and Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles), whose destructive qualities are moulded by Captain America’s exceptional patriotism, are examples of this. These characters were also prominent in The Boys comics.

Each of the supes brings their own personalities and opinions to the program, enticing viewers and keeping them coming back for more. Let’s hope season 4 follows suit and includes fresh characters from the comics. Well, conjecture about the program and its themes abounds, and based on them, there are six comic characters that may feature in Season 4 of the series.

The Tek Knight

Five comic characters who could appear in 'The Boys' season 4

It has already been speculated and suggested that Tek Knight may be a noteworthy arrival in the series’ next season, steering the drama in a new path filled with mysteries, thrills, and surprises.

The character did not appear in the first two seasons of the program, although he was referenced in connection with his act of breaking a woman’s spine in an effort to save her. He did not have a prominent position in comics, although he was cited as a pioneer of Paycheck.

Tek Knight, unlike his peers, was never injected with Compound V, hence he lacks the superhuman talents that his peers have and utilize to their advantage. He wields power only via the use of devices and armor.

Because he lacks magical abilities, his heroic nature is directed and formed by resolve and courage. It is assumed that Tek Knight is modeled on the DC comic superhero Batman, and that he would replace Soldier Boy as a multifaceted character with numerous subtleties to concentrate on in the much-anticipated season four.

Jupiter’s Jack

Five comic characters who could appear in 'The Boys' season 4

Jack from Jupiter is another character who hopes to appear in the series’ future season. In the original comic book series, he is a member of the Seven, but a comparatively weaker one, which causes him to frequently incur Vought’s displeasure and finally be forced out by Translucent.

He is rarely depicted as having committed any horrific actions, except for the occasion he murdered Butcher’s dog Terror, earning the latter’s fury and his proclivity for vengeance. In episode seven of the second season, Hughie and Lamplighter were viewing some adult-themed supe videos when a spoof of Jack from Jupiter was shown. It’s unclear what role Jack from Jupiter would play, but it’d be amusing to see a missing member of the evil Seven up to anything horrific or naughty.

Goldolkin, John

Five comic characters who could appear in 'The Boys' season 4

Another villain that might appear in the upcoming season is John Goldolkin, one of the most heinous villains in The Boys comics. He is a pedophile who would kidnap and sexually assault children from their families.

In the comics, he is said to have adopted Supe children as well as other juvenile superheroes to form the G-Men. These youngsters are being imprisoned against their will and subjected to physical and sexual torment.

This would undoubtedly be a useful addition to the enormous cadre of supes that we have been exposed to for a variety of reasons. The first is the debut of the infant supes, whose importance was not fully explored in season three, and the second is his involvement in the show’s forthcoming spin-off series, Gen V, in which G-Men will be stressed in depth.

The series’ stomach-churning brutality is definitely not new to the viewers, who have seen it all before. A emphasis on pedophilia, in this instance through Goldolkin’s entrance, would heighten the show’s depravity. That, in addition to being horrifying, will undoubtedly be captivating.

The Nubian Prince

Five comic characters who could appear in 'The Boys' season 4

Nubian Prince is another figure that might debut in season four. He originally debuted in the series’ first season. Little is known about him other than the fact that he is from Detroit and was subsequently relocated to Baltimore to handle the city’s rising murder rate.

His talents have been mentioned briefly, but they include superhuman strength and speed, as well as the ability to float. Madelyn dismissed him as ineffective and “not too militant” on the broadcast. Now that she’s gone, there’s a chance he’ll show up in season 4.

It is unclear what role he would serve, or if it would be significant enough. There is a chance (though this hasn’t been stated or hinted at) that he may be a candidate for Seven or a member.

Since Homelander is in charge of everything and is hell-bent on using physical strength as a main factor for recruiting subordinates (after all, he disfigured Blindspot and dubbed him a handicap), Nubian Prince could just make it to the top.

Five comic characters who could appear in 'The Boys' season 4

This might be considered an essential and intriguing addition to the show. Butcher referred to Kessler as a monkey after he was assaulted by two monkeys (what a Butcher thing to say), and he would most likely act as an informant in lieu of or alongside Grace Mallory.

If the series stays faithful to the comic book, we may get to witness an extreme side of the brothers that will undoubtedly be scary to viewers. In this aspect, his feud with Billy Butcher speaks volumes. Manipulation of him to get further information about Congress might be a possibility, particularly now that Vitoria Newman has been identified as the head-popper.

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