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Season 3 Finale of The Boys: Cast Answers Burning Questions

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen “The Instant White-Hot Wild,” the Season 3 conclusion of “The Boys,” stop reading now.

After that climactic battle and a couple key deaths, Season 3 of Prime Video’s R-rated superhero series “The Boys” has come to an end. A lot occurred, so buckle up, take some Temp V, and prepare for some of the most pressing questions as we prepare for Season 4.

The episode ended with the Boys fighting Homelander (Antony Starr) and Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles); Homelander killing Black Noir; the Deep (Chace Crawford) mounting a political assassination; Starlight (Erin Moriarty) joining the Boys and gaining new powers; Butcher (Karl Urban) learning he has 12-18 months to live; Homelander killing a protester in the middle of a supportive crowd; Queen Maeve (Dominique Mc

Butcher’s ‘Ticking Clock,’ ‘The Boys’ Boss on Finale Deaths Season 4 Plans for Homelander and Soldier Boy’s ‘Supernatural’ Moment
What can we expect from Season 4? In the aftermath of that wild conclusion, several “Boys” cast members address our most-anticipated questions, and showrunner Eric Kripke also discusses Black Noir’s death and Ryan’s tortured ending moment here.

Will Soldier Boy make a comeback?

The Boys

Last week’s episode revealed that Soldier Boy is Homelander’s long-lost father, and in the season finale, he meets Ryan, his grandson. Soldier Boy changes his mind and turns against the Boys and Butcher, but he is defeated by Starlight’s new abilities. Finally, Grace Mallory (Laila Robins) stands guard over Soldier Boy as he is returned to the ice. But how does this affect Soldier Boy in Season 4?

“That is a terrific question, and I can’t really address it because I don’t know,” Ackles told Variety. “I’d like to be called up off the bench, and I don’t think [Kripke] ever wants to shut any doors.” So, as a writer, I believe Soldier Boy would maintain that door open a crack for him to use in any manner he sees fit. I’m not sure what Soldier Boy’s future holds; I haven’t seen or heard anything. I’m aware of some possibilities, but I believe that everything is being worked out right now in terms of how, when, and why that character will be employed in the future.”

Will Victoria Neuman be appointed as Vice President?

The Boys

Victoria Neuman is poised to be the series’ primary villain, alongside Homelander, after arresting Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito). The world has no idea she’s a supe with the ability to blow people’s heads apart, but the Boys do, and she’s suddenly at the top of their hit list. The election hasn’t yet taken place, but the country is undoubtedly in jeopardy if Neuman is elected Vice President, especially with Homelander in her pocket.

“I’m absolutely bubbling with nervous energy about what’s going to happen with that because she’s not out of the danger zone,” Doumit told Variety. “Right now, she’s in the eye of the hurricane.” When I get the scripts, I’ll see. But she’s on a darker path, not one of redemption.”

Is Starlight’s newfound power permanent? Will she be given a new name or outfit?

The Boys

Starlight and Hughie (Jack Quaid) finally put their differences aside, and instead of using more Temp V to fight Soldier Boy in the last battle, Hughie sat back and assisted Starlight in charging up enough power to fly and fire bigger light blasts.

“She is more powerful than she believes, and she may have powers that she isn’t even aware of,” Moriarty told Variety. “The cool thing is that Hughie is the one who makes her aware of it and empowers her in that moment.” They have a hiccup when he feels emasculated by her power, and this is him making the redemptive gesture of empowering her in this incredible moment where she can soar.”

And now that she’s a member of the Boys, will she use her real identity, Annie January, or invent a new superhero persona and costume?

“I was relieved when she threw that away,” Moriarty remarked. “That’s the costume her mother created for her when she was a little child.” She needs to get rid of it and rediscover herself without the influence of Vought and her mother. I don’t think she’ll ever work for Vought again. She’s had it with the corrupt, wicked corporation and its employees. I hope she either stays as Annie or develops a superhero entity separate from Vought.”

Will Butcher be able to survive Temp V?

The Boys

Oi! Is this the final time we’ll see Butcher? Butcher decides not to notify Hughie or any of the Boys about his diagnosis after discovering that the Temp V is lethal after too many doses. Could the Boys find a treatment for the Temp V, or is Butcher’s time running out?

“It’ll be interesting to watch how Butcher handles it,” Urban told Variety. “I appreciate where it’s heading right away in terms of his initial inclination being to conceal it.” Hopefully, he can figure out how to fix it. Butcher is the only one who can think of a way.”

Why is the Deep so devoted to Homelander?

The Boys

Booth, John Wilkes. Oswald, Lee Harvey. The Sea. On Homelander’s orders, the same superhero who had sex with an octopus at the Herogasm orgy is now a political assassin, drowning the president’s choice for VP. Is the Deep aware of what he’s done by causing chaos in the country and putting Victoria Neuman, the hidden supe with head-exploding powers, so near to the White House?

“I don’t think he realizes the gravity of the situation,” Crawford told Variety. “I think he realizes there’s a line there in his head, but I don’t think he has a choice.” There wasn’t enough time to play the thought process or what went into it, but he put in so much effort. He knows what it’s like to be thrown out and be that D-list, washed-up supe in Sandusky, Ohio. I believe he has returned to that location because he is terrified to return there. His position with Homelander is still so precarious that he’ll do anything, and Homelander certainly understands this and is deceitful and continuously testing his devotion.”

On whose side is A-Train?

The Boys

A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) may be in a moral quandary after having a literal change of heart thanks to “super lives matter” hero Blue Hawk (Nick Wechsler). His brother has abandoned him, and the last thing we see is Homelander frightening him and Deep after Homelander murders Black Noir coldly. How long will A-Train remain at Vought? Or would he ever contemplate supporting the Boys?

“There’s another side to that.” “He could easily replace Victoria Neuman,” Usher told Variety. “She is also supremely powerful.” She may take Homelander out at the end of the day. She’s not with the Boys, and she’s surely not with Vought. She only cares about herself. ‘I don’t really believe in what the Boys are doing,’ he would say. I’m not sure I want to stay at Vought. ‘I can collaborate with you.'”

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