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The Boys 10 Best Powers

Even though not every Supe can always control their powers, many of them have abilities that can do a lot of damage.

In The Boys, superheroes are mostly made, not born. A mysterious super-serum called Compound V changes regular people into people with superpowers. Compound V, which was made by a former Nazi scientist named Frederick Vought, makes Vought International a global powerhouse and starts a new era of corporate arrogance.

Almost no one can guess how a Compound V experiment will turn out, which suggests that there are genetic factors that haven’t been found yet. Different people react to the chemical in very different ways and get very different abilities as a result. Some Supes are way too strong, and others might not even be able to control their powers.

The Deep uses telepathy in water to get whales and sharks to fight for him

The Boys

In The Boys, The Deep isn’t a very complicated person. On the contrary, he is almost completely unable to understand emotional nuances or read between the lines of a conversation. At the same time, The Deep can use something called “Aquatic Telepathy” to understand what every sea animal is thinking.

When he is in open water, it is very dangerous to fight him because he can get whales and sharks to fight on his side. The Deep’s problem is that he doesn’t know how to use his powers well.

Homelander’s X-ray and telescopic vision give it a wide range of surveillance

The Boys

Homelander has a lot of strange superpowers, like Superman’s X-ray vision. His eyesight can see through almost everything people know about, including the human body. Zinc blocks Homelander’s X-ray vision, but it doesn’t stop Superman from seeing through lead.

The Boys take advantage of this weakness by putting Translucent’s body in a container lined with zinc. Homelander can also see far away things with his Telescopic Vision, which makes his eyes work like biological binoculars.

Cindy’s telekinesis is strong enough to break down superhuman

The Boys

Cindy only shows up in the TV show version of the comic book series, which is why not much is known about her. She is likely one of Vought’s test subjects since she is a patient at Sage Grove.

Cindy’s power shows up as telekinesis, and it’s a lot more advanced than you might think. She can break through doors that even Supes can’t open, and she can also make people explode. Cindy gets knocked out by Stormfront, but she lives through the fight and quickly disappears from the story.

Electrical energy from Starlight can be used to make light, heat, and loud blasts.

The Boys

“Electricity goes in, blast comes out,” Starlight says simply about her power. She gets her powers by absorbing electrical energy from the environment, which she then sends out as photonic blasts.

In theory, light attacks don’t seem powerful or useful, but Starlight can turn her energy store into pure heat and a powerful blow. Starlight’s Light Generation move is more than enough to beat weaker Supes and temporarily overpower characters like Stormfront and Black Noir.

Plasma blasts from Stormfront can, in theory, bring down skyscrapers.

The Boys

Stormfront might be the first Supe in Vought’s history, since she got her Compound V injection before World War II. Even though she has been alive for a century, she shows no signs of biological aging and seems to have kept most of her strength and fighting skills.

Stormfront’s special power, called “Plasma Manipulation,” lets her make huge blasts of electrokinetic energy. Her achievements show that, in theory, she could use a single attack to bring down a skyscraper. Stormfront also uses her powers to lift herself up and fly around.

Translucent: skin is made of carbon, he can’t be hurt by attacks from the outside

The Boys

Translucent says that his skin “turns into this carbon metamaterial that bends light, like an invisibility cloak.” But at the same time, the changes he made to his skin made it impossible for attacks to hurt him.

Chainsaws, car wrecks, and even bullets “coated in the same carbon metamaterial as his skin” don’t bother Translucent much. Homelander’s Laser Eyes are unlikely to leave him unharmed, but most Supes wouldn’t be able to hurt Translucent.

Victoria Neuman’s head-banging

The Boys

In the Season 2 finale of The Boys, Victoria Neuman is revealed to be the mysterious head-popper. Even though her goal is still unclear, it is clear that she is one of the most dangerous Supes in the story. Victoria’s power is a form of telekinesis that is very specific and very effective.

She blows people’s heads open with nothing but her psychic powers. Neither her enemies nor her allies know who she is as a Super Hero. Victoria even tries to scare Starlight by saying that if they fight, Starlight would lose.

Ryan Butcher’s Laser Eyes

The Boys

In The Boys, Homelander, Billy Butcher, the famous Laser Baby, and Ryan Butcher have all shown that they have Laser Eyes. Based on how they fought in “Herogasm,” Homelander and Billy are about the same. The Laser Baby doesn’t count, as it should be clear.

Ryan’s version seems to be the strongest, at least when you look at what happened. Even though Ryan has trouble controlling his Heat Vision, his laser blast manages to burn and break up Stormfront. Becca, his mother, dies because of the attack, which is very sad.

The supersonic flight of Homelander is much faster than the fastest speed of an A-train

The Boys

A-Train calls himself “the world’s fastest man,” but over time, his speed has dropped by a lot. During his Golden Age, he was said to have gone as fast as 1,000 miles per hour, which was faster than the speed of sound. Still, Homelander can fly faster than A-top Train’s speed without even trying, but only when it’s in the air.

The top speed of Homelander is about the same as that of the F-16 Fighting Falcon, which can go faster than 1,500 mph. Also, Frenchie’s CCTV network shows that Homelander flies at a speed of around 1,200 mph when it is in a steady state.

Soldier Boy’s radiation can take away a superhero’s powers

The Boys

Soldier Boy was known as the most powerful Supe in the world before he got into trouble in Russia. He goes back to America with much better skills, especially the ability to make radiation. Soldier Boy basically turns into an unstable nuclear reactor that can’t be turned off in an emergency.

His Radiation Blasts are very dangerous, but not nearly as dangerous as his Radiation Disempowerment. When Supes are hit by Soldier Boy’s energy attacks, they lose most of their powers. This is why the Boys put Soldier Boy against Homelander.


The Boys: Erin Moriarty Teases Shocking Season 4 Storylines

Season 4 of Prime Video’s The Boys has already begun production, and the group is already teasing spectators with all of the surprises in store. Specifical

Season 4 of Prime Video’s The Boys has already begun production, and the group is already teasing spectators with all of the surprises in store. Specifically, actress Erin Moriarty, who teased something unusual on social media.

Moriarty remarked in an Instagram story, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Attached was a photo showing herself and co-stars Jack Quaid, Karen Fukuhara, Tomer Capone, and Laz Alonso gazing out of a vault-like area, similar to the one they were in during Season 3.

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The Boys' Erin Moriarty Teases Shocking Season 4 Storylines

Vernon Sanders, Amazon Studios’ head of global television, previously teased the escalation of The Boys, saying before Season 3’s release, “We knew from our first conversation with Eric Kripke and the creative team about Season Three of The Boys that the show was going to get even bolder – an impressive feat given the show’s Emmy-nominated second season… The Boys keeps pushing narrative limits while simultaneously being compulsively entertaining and threading the line on social satire that seems all too true.”

Season 4 was announced before of Season 3’s broadcast, with actor Karl Urban announcing in March, “I’m filming The Boys until the end of the year.” This followed previous claims, dating back to 2021, that Prime Video had approved a fourth season.

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In Season 3, Billy Butcher and Hughie used a temporary version of Compound V to take on the Vought and members of The Seven. Butcher and the Boys, desperate to bring Homelander down, searched for and awoke a dormant supe, Soldier Boy. While specifics about the new season’s narrative are scant, actor Jensen Ackles hinted that the Seven’s previous leader may not have met his end.

Season 4 of The Boys won’t be available on Prime Video for a while, but the Vought Universe has lots more in store. Prime Video is producing a spinoff series set on a supe college in addition to a second season of the anthology series The Boys Presents: Diabolical! The project, dubbed Gen-V, is the franchise’s first live-action spinoff. Jaz Sinclair as Marie Moreau, Chance Perdomo as Emma Shaw, Shelley Conn, Maddie Phillips, London Thor, Derek Luh, Asa Germann, Patrick Schwarzenegger as Golden Boy, Sean Patrick Thomas as Polarity, and Marco Pigossi as Doctor Edison Cardosa are among the cast members.

The Boys’ first three seasons, as well as The Boys Presents: Diabolical!, are now accessible on Prime Video.

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Jensen Ackles Landing The Role On The Boys Just As Supernatural Was Ending (And Beat Movie Stars To Do It)

Jensen Ackles is no longer Dean Winchester from Supernatural, and his follow-up role as Soldier Boy on The Boys took a drastically different turn. His new

Jensen Ackles is no longer Dean Winchester from Supernatural, and his follow-up role as Soldier Boy on The Boys took a drastically different turn. His new post resulted in a Supernatural reunion, since creator Eric Kripke also oversees the Amazon Prime program. The actor has spoken openly about how he landed Soldier Boy just as Supernatural was wrapping up. It even included defeating some Hollywood stars.

Eric Kripke described how Jensen Ackles got the part of Soldier Boy in 2021, but now it’s Ackles’ turn to tell his side of the tale. In a recent interview with Men’s Health, he discussed his experience on The Boys and how he got the part of Supe. Soldier Boy was originally intended for an older actor, but when Ackles contacted Kripke to ask his thoughts on a different project, the discussion took an unexpected turn: “I said, ‘So what’s going on over there at The Boys?” We were about to finish watching Supernatural when I realized, ‘You know, I’m going to be jobless.’ I just tossed it out there playfully. ‘Look, dude, if you want to come over to The Boys, I’ll bring you over here no problem,’ he offered right away. I’d be delighted to have you.’ ‘Sign me up!’ I said.

Given that Supernatural was nearing the end of its 15-season run, it’s no surprise that Ackles leaped at the chance to join The Boys! The actor said that Kripke gave him several audition tapes and that he instantly wanted in.

However, Ackles was skeptical that he would even receive the role. While he didn’t say who since he’d be blacklisted, he did say that after hearing who was on the shortlist, he was certain he wasn’t going to get Soldier Boy: I do know that there were certain names that I believe the network was considering. A brief list of names was provided. And when [Kripke] recited a handful of those names to me, I said to myself, ‘Oh, well, there’s no way.’ I don’t stand a chance. Those people are Hollywood stars.’

Fortunately, Jensen Ackles was cast as Soldier Boy, and the rest is history. It makes me wonder who else was up for the position and who made Ackles so concerned that he wouldn’t win it. Maybe one of those actors will appear as a different hero in The Boys Season 4, when it airs?

Meanwhile, Ackles was not the only Supernatural performer to go right into a new project once the show wrapped. Jared Padalecki agreed to play the title character in the Walker revival before the last season of Supernatural had even wrapped (and prior to the COVID shutdowns). Walker launched in SPN’s timeslot the following year, and the third season is already in the works, with prequel series Walker: Independence set to debut this autumn. In addition, Ackles’ Supernatural prequel The Winchesters will air in a few months.

There isn’t much information regarding The Boys Season 4 or if Soldier Boy will return. It’s unclear if he’ll return to cause more havoc now that he’s been taken back under and frozen in the season finale. Jensen Ackles, on the other hand, has been cast as a series regular on ABC’s Big Sky.

Season 3 of The Boys is now accessible with an Amazon Prime membership, while all 15 seasons of Supernatural are available with a Netflix subscription.



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In One Important Way, The Boys’ Soldier Boy Outperforms Captain America

While The Boys’ Soldier Boy seemed to be a crude parody of Marvel Comics’ Captain America, the copycat supe actually outperformed the original in one essen

While The Boys’ Soldier Boy seemed to be a crude parody of Marvel Comics’ Captain America, the copycat supe actually outperformed the original in one essential way—at least in terms of the live-action version.

Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) is a Super Soldier in the Amazon Prime Video original series The Boys who was produced via the usage of Compound V—a serum that can convert individuals into superhumans. Soldier Boy was originally only extraordinarily strong and invulnerable. However, after extensive testing in a Russian laboratory, Soldier Boy obtained the ability to take away the abilities of other superheroes with a catastrophic explosion that he can generate from inside his own body. While that powerful skill is amazing (and one that Captain America lacks), it isn’t the reason The Boys’ Soldier Boy is more impressive than Captain America. The true explanation is significantly more subtle, but immensely more helpful in combat settings.

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The Avengers receive a distress call from a region of the planet that has been taken over by communist tyranny in Avengers #18 by Stan Lee and Don Heck, which was a huge matter given that this issue was published not long after the ‘Red Scare’ in the United States. Following a distress signal from a place in eastern Asia, the Avengers are met by communist officials from that region who pose as people in danger in order to deceive the Avengers into falling into their trap, all as part of their strategy to show that communism was better to capitalism. When the Avengers realize their error in taking this call, they are promptly attacked with a knockout gas that renders all of them unconscious, including Captain America.

The Boys’ Soldier Boy is Superior to Captain America in One Key Way

M.M. tosses a smoke grenade at Soldier Boy in The Boys season 3 episode 6 titled ‘Herogasm,’ but Soldier Boy picks up the grenade and inhales the deadly smoke merely for the head rush, indicating that it has absolutely no effect on him at all. Captain America’s physique isn’t as powerful as Soldier Boy’s, as seen by Cap being put unconscious by the same chemical that took out Hawkeye, who is practically just an ordinary human, in Avengers #18. Being resistant to sleeper gas during a combat is very valuable since it is generally one of the first things an adversary would attempt to employ to target a group of heroes they intend to capture. Soldier Boy can only be knocked unconscious by a fatal nerve poison, therefore if he had been in Captain America’s place in this Avengers issue, the enemies would have had no idea what struck them.

Of course, this comparison is only valid between the comic book Captain America and the live-action Soldier Boy, since Soldier Boy in the comics cannot compete with any version of Captain America. Butcher immediately kills the Soldier Boy from The Boys comics after he is repeatedly insulted and molested by Homelander. Soldier Boy in the comics is the polar opposite of Captain America in terms of strength and ferocious courage. While The Boys’ live-action Soldier Boy is similarly a dark twist on a Captain America-like figure, he is more strong than the original since his body can withstand much more torture than Marvel’s top Super Soldier.

Following that, Captain America’s Avengers training is much too grueling for the MCU.

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