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Top 10 Deaths from The Boys 

Through three seasons, Amazon’s The Boys has been lauded by both superhero fans and television viewers as not just a fantastic comic book program, but a terrific show in general. It has delivered to the cinema entertaining, dynamic, flawed, and compelling individuals. Despite the fact that the program deviates significantly from the source material, particularly in the most recent season, it remains captivatingly unique.

Of course, both the comic and the program are infamous for their graphic brutality. In this program, any character, from Supes who are members of The Seven to side characters with no abilities, is liable to death. Some deserved it completely, while others were unlucky collateral damage.

This article includes The Boys spoilers. There are also allusions to sexual assault, racism, and suicide in this article. Readers should use caution.

10) Hughie’s Path Is Set by Robin’s Death

'The Boys': 10 Deaths Ranked From

Poor Robin (Jess Salgueiro) didn’t even see it coming, yet it’s still one of the most terrible deaths. A-Train (Jesse Usher), high on Compound V, runs right through Robin, leaving Hughie (Jack Quaid) clutching her severed wrists as blood splatters over his face.

The violence of the first death certainly made everyone who wasn’t acquainted with the original material drop their mouth. This death sets Hughie on his road with Butcher, leading him to join The Boys and become more and more like Butcher than he’d want to acknowledge.

9) Butcher was forced to deal with Becca’s death.

Twice Butcher’s (Karl Urban) desire for vengeance on all Supes was palpable. Homelander (Antony Starr) raped and murdered his wife, thus he had no choice but to die. However, towards the conclusion of season one, it was revealed that she was still alive, living in a safe house with her son, Ryan, whose father was Homelander.

'The Boys': 10 Deaths Ranked From

Butcher is taken aback, but he is pleased she is alive, regardless of the circumstances. Then, towards the conclusion of season 2, Ryan’s heat vision activates, almost killing Stormfront (Aya Cash), but accidentally catching Becca (Shantel VanSanten) in the neck. Butcher and Ryan must witness Becca’s death, and Butcher must cope with the sorrow all over again.

8) Supersonic’s Brief Appearance in The Seven

A fresh addition to The Boys lineup seems to be a good match for season 3. Supersonic (Miles Gaston Villanueva), a local friend and previous lover of Starlight (Erin Moriarty), won a Bachelor x American Idol-style game show to become the newest member of The Seven (even though it was rigged).

'The Boys': 10 Deaths Ranked From

Starlight begged him to return home multiple times, fearing he would be wounded, but he refused and pledged to stand by her. A-Train snitched after informing Homelander they were planning against him, and Homelander violently murdered Supersonic off-screen, displaying his damaged remains on a rooftop to Starlight afterwards.

7) The Courtroom Uprising (s)

Homelander and Vought seemed to be doomed. Dr. Vogelbaum (John Doman) and other members of Congress’ heads began to explode like balloons as everyone crowded around their televisions to watch the judicial sessions. The moment is very unexpected; it’s gory, and you’re left thinking the whole time, “how many more?”

'The Boys': 10 Deaths Ranked From

Knowing that Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit), who was considered to be associated with The Boys, was behind it is equally surprising. In a matter of minutes, you’ve gone from comrade to foe. The fact that the season 3 finale establishes her as the season 4 primary enemy enhances the transition.

6) The End of Alastair Adana’s Cult

The Fresca monarch and Scientology-like leader were far from the worst of the characters to die on the episode, but he was far from a “nice person.” He effortlessly exploited The Deep (Chace Crawford) to achieve his purpose and subsequently attempted to do the same with A-Trian.

'The Boys': 10 Deaths Ranked From

Alastair (Goran Vinji) was a late victim of The Head Popper Supe, who was discovered to be Victoria Neuman after his death. Alastair was a fascinating side character, and The Deep’s plot with him was undoubtedly humorous, but he became a touch too ambitious.

5) Soldier Boy exacts his revenge

Payback was a gang of Supes lead by Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) who planned to betray him and give him over to the Russians in order for Homelander to become the new face of Vought. Butcher strikes a bargain with them after freeing Soldier Boy to eliminate each member one by one (sans Gunpowder, who Butcher already killed).

'The Boys': 10 Deaths Ranked From

The TNT Twins (Jack Doolan and Kristin Booth), who were hosting the annual Herogasm party and also died from Soldier Boy’s radiation blast, are the first to be disintegrated by Soldier Boy’s radiation blast; finally, Soldier Boy went after Mindstorm (Ryan Blakely), who had become a hermit and put up the best fight.

4) A Homelander murders his ostensibly only friend, Black Noir

Perhaps the most dramatic death in the episode, and one that came as a surprise. Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) has shown to be the only person in Homelander who actually believes in The Seven. When Noir learns that Soldier Boy has returned, he grabs his tracker and flees Vought Tower. Following that, Payback is the first time the viewer sees Noir’s history.

'The Boys': 10 Deaths Ranked From

It’s too late when Noir eventually summons the resolve to return to Vought and inform Homelander that they need to work together to murder Soldier Boy. Soldier Boy had previously informed Homelander that he is his biological father, which Noir was aware of. Noir was so angry that he struck him in the stomach and left him to die.

3) The Death of Madelyn Stillwell Frees Homelander

Stillwell (Elisabeth Shue) was a prominent enemy in Season 1 of The Boys, therefore her death was a surprise. Homelander and Stillwell had this strange, improper connection, yet she appeared to be the only one who could manage Homelander (apart from Stan Edgar).

'The Boys': 10 Deaths Ranked From

When Homelander discovers that Stillwell has kept his kid hidden from him, he treats her the same as everyone else (like he did with Black Noir in season 3), and he melts her face in with his heat vision. It’s harsh, slow, and very personal. This was the first step in Homelander’s descent into madness.

2) Blue Hawk is taken for a ride by A-Train.

In season 3, Blue Hawk (Nick Wechsler) was a component of A-“redemption Train’s narrative.” He is a white superhero accused of excessively patrolling, harming, and murdering Black people in A-previous Train’s area. A-Train ultimately convinces Vought to have Blue Hawk offer a pre-written, half-hearted apology at a rec facility in a televised event, which pleases almost no one. When confronted by the audience about his wrongdoings, Blue Hawk erupts in a frenzy and strikes numerous defenseless individuals.

'The Boys': 10 Deaths Ranked From

After paralyzing A-brother, Train’s he seeks payback against Blue Hawk outside Herogasm. A-Train throws Blue Hawk to the ground and flees, dragging him over the asphalt and murdering him. A-Train almost dies from a heart issue, but thanks to some poetic irony, it turns out he has Blue Hawks’ heart and will be able to run again.

1) The Stormfront

Stormfront, formerly Liberty, was Dr. Vought’s wife and a real Nazi. Stormfront was the major adversary of season 2, even convincing Homelander to join with her and utilize him to further her cause. Their partnership was risky, and when Stormfronts’ background was disclosed, Homelander’s reputation suffered greatly.

'The Boys': 10 Deaths Ranked From

Ryan utilized his heat vision to stop Stormfront from murdering his mother, Becca, towards the conclusion of Season 2. Unfortunately, Becca was also killed in the incident. Stormfront was thought to have perished as a result of Ryan’s injuries, however she really survived. In season 3, she was briefly seen in a completely incapacitated condition; on Homelander’s birthday, she cuts her tongue out and chokes herself to death. It wasn’t a nice way to die, but she earned it.

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