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The Boys Season 3 Ending Explained

Season 3 of The Boys concludes with a massive battle including Butcher, Homelander, Soldier Boy, and others. Here’s our complete breakdown of this awful conclusion.

WARNING: The Boys season 3 finale contains spoilers.

Here’s how “The Instant White-Hot Wild” changes the game forever in Amazon’s The Boys season 3 finale, which is replete with shock surprises, supe showdowns, and cruel smiles. The Boys promised something bigger, better, and even more stomach-churning for season 3 after two seasons of satirical superhero mayhem, and while Herogasm couldn’t quite justify its over-inflated anticipation, Billy Butcher’s 2022 escapades haven’t been lacking in passion or drama.

Butcher and Hughie both used V-24 to grant themselves temporary superpowers, Homelander knocked Stan Edgar off his Vought perch while sparking a depressingly relevant culture war, and Starlight left the Seven. Meanwhile, Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy has dredged up some of Vought’s deepest, darkest secrets, not the least of which is the patriotic supe legend being Homelander’s secret father.

When The Boys’ season 3 finale begins, Butcher, Hughie, and Soldier Boy are planning one last attack on Homelander at Vought HQ, while MM, Frenchie, Kimiko, and Starlight resolve to bring down Soldier Boy, drag Butcher back from the brink, and return home in time for pizza rolls and Remington Steele. This is how the third season of The Boys ends.

Why Does Homelander Murder Black Noir?

The Boys 3

Homelander rams a gloved fist straight through Black Noir in the season three finale of The Boys. The intestines of the Silent Knight are scattered throughout the floor of Vought Tower’s legendary Floor 99, as Noir’s animated companions gradually fade away, confirming his death.

Strangely, Homelander spends the rest of The Boys season 3 mourning Black Noir, as if he’d been plowed over by a bus rather than murdered by his own hand. Though sacrificing his sole true Seven ally undoubtedly hurt, the incident reflects Homelander’s intense need for the love and approval he missed as a child. Noir did everything Homelander wanted, but he kept the fact that Soldier Boy was his father and that the Russians had taken him alive hidden from him. Homelander is so yearning for a parent that even Black Noir gets punished for this crime.

The Boys’ death not only puts one final nail in the coffin of an actual comic conclusion (the masked supe is revealed to be a Homelander clone), but it also completes Earving’s terrible history. Soldier Boy was betrayed by Payback because he physically and mentally abused them, but even after 40 years of relative peace, Black Noir can’t escape the shadow of his former leader, and is poetically killed by his tormentor’s son.

The Final Battle of The Boys Season 3 Decoded

The Boys 3

Team Butcher receives a shocking draft pick ahead of The Boys season 3’s final battle, with Queen Maeve abruptly switching sides – but it’s a twist hinted at in previous episodes. Not only was Maeve the one who recommended V-24 to Billy Butcher (she may have been aware of its lethal side effects), but her information led directly to the capture of Soldier Boy in Moscow. It’s no surprise that Queen Maeve would agree with Butcher that Soldier Boy is the lesser of two red, white, and blue evils after Homelander made her life horrible throughout The Boys season 2.

Butcher, Maeve, and Soldier Boy are left to pursue Homelander, while MM, Kimiko, Frenchie, Starlight, and Hughie (who Butcher released in a show of compassion) work together to stop Soldier Boy before any more Herogasm-esque detonations. Early in the fight, Team Butcher is only seconds away from victory. Homelander survives thanks to Ryan’s timely intervention as all three grip their target while father-of-the-year charges his power-canceling blast from point-blank range.

Homelander nearly gets beaten again when Soldier Boy uses a shield whack to knock Ryan down. While Soldier Boy glows ominously behind the Seven leader, Homelander is saved by Billy Butcher. Seeing Ryan get hurt was clearly the last straw for Karl Urban’s character. What good is vengeance for Becca if the child she loves is being beaten up?

At this moment, the conclusion of The Boys season 3 becomes a free-for-all against Soldier Boy, with only Queen Maeve keeping an eye on Homelander. The Boys gain an advantage thanks to Frenchie’s creation of the same nerve toxin used by Russian scientists to sedate Soldier Boy, but the villain’s wrath at being gassed causes another explosion. As she tackles the superhero bomb out an office window, ensuring he detonates in the relative safety of midair, it’s Queen Maeve’s turn to prioritize rescuing others over her own selfish desire for vengeance.

Why Does Soldier Boy Reject Homelander (But Ryan Doesn’t)

The Boys 3

The season three conclusion of The Boys is a mixed bag for Homelander and family members. On the one hand, his father despises him, but Ryan does not. During some pre-Herogasm downtime with Jack Quaid’s Hughie, Jensen Ackles’ horribly outdated supe slammed modern fathers as “pussies” and pledged any son of his would be nurtured as a “true man,” laying the groundwork for Soldier Boy’s rejection. Homelander is notoriously sensitive, especially when it comes to family affairs, which is why Soldier Boy rejects his son in The Boys’ season 3 finale.

Homelander’s emotional fragility, on the other hand, works in his favor when it comes to winning over Ryan. Billy Butcher put his crusade against Homelander over taking care of Ryan, as seen before in The Boys season 3, and tragically harsh words were exchanged (“maybe I don’t want to look at you after what you did to my Becca”). Homelander, although being a violent villain, adores his child. He refuses to accept responsibility for Stormfront’s injuries and refuses to confront Soldier Boy until he has checked on Ryan following Grandpa’s shield attack. Homelander, through his attentiveness and true care, finally transforms Ryan into a father figure rather than the stuff of nightmares.

The Compound-V Powers of Starlight Have Evolved

The Boys 3

Starlight obtains a new ability in The Boys season 3 finale’s climactic last battle: she can fly! Hughie cranks up the VNN studio lights to full power, supercharging Starlight and seemingly unlocking this divine new capacity to fly. However, Starlight has previously absorbed large amounts of light in The Boys and her feet never left the ground, hinting that this flight power was not just triggered by increased solar fuel, but represents a significant increase in her powers. It remains to be seen whether Starlight can now fly at will (without a whole studio’s worth of strong bulbs on full blast), but The Boys would not have introduced Star-flight unless there were intentions to display that power further in season 4.

The flight of stars represents her connection with Hughie. Throughout The Boys season 3, Jack Quaid’s character has felt inferior to his mega-powerful girlfriend, but an almost deadly encounter with Compound-V has shown him the mistake of his ways. Rather than injecting again in the last episode (fulfilling his desire to “save the girl”), Hughie saves Starlight in a healthier manner, turning up the lights that spark her power and practically lifting his lover to save herself.

Will Butcher die in The Boys? Will He Survive?

The Boys 3

Dosing with V-24 is lethal after 3-5 hits, as Starlight revealed in The Boys. After dose four, Hughie seemed to have escaped uninjured, but Butcher administered a whopping six, ensuring he doesn’t walk away without penalties. The ending of Season 3 reveals that the infamous spanker of supes has 12-18 months left, which sends major shockwaves across The Boys’ future. To begin with, it’s impossible to imagine the Amazon series lasting long with such a stringent time limit on its primary character. In-universe, a year elapsed between seasons 2 and 3, although another lengthy jump along those lines currently seemed implausible.

Butcher will very certainly get much more desperate in The Boys season 4 as he faces death. He has 18 months to assassinate Homelander, reclaim Ryan, and, depending on his ideology, discover a way to eliminate all Compound-V subjects on God’s green Earth. The diagnosis foreshadows a more volatile, evil Billy Butcher. There is only one chance for Karl Urban’s character to avoid his death sentence, and it is not one he looks forward to. If Butcher injects permanent Compound-V, the ensuing abilities could overcome any negative side effects from the V-24.

What became of Queen Maeve? Will She Return in Season 4 of The Boys?

The Boys 3

Queen Maeve survives her leap of faith from Vought Tower despite being hit in the head by Soldier Boy’s radioactive blast. Video footage shows her being picked up by Starlight and MM and taken to the latter’s place to (largely) recover. The Boys doesn’t explain how Queen Maeve survives here, but the season 3 finale’s struggle against Homelander emphasizes her toughness when Vought’s Almost-Amazonian is subjected to three blasts of heat vision. Audiences may believe Maeve’s superhuman endurance rescued her from a gruesome death. However, as we’ve seen with Soldier Boy’s explosions, Maeve loses her powers totally – in addition to the eye Homelander gauged out with his thumb.

Queen Maeve appears unlikely to return in season 4 of The Boys. Not only has she been stripped of her power, but the public believes Maeve died courageously while pursuing a “radicalized” Soldier Boy. Elena (The Boys season 2’s girlfriend) returns, and Maeve boldly marches toward the humdrum life she sought after a touching torch-passing moment with Starlight. Ashley erasing the security film of Maeve’s survival ensures the truth will remain concealed… even from Homelander.

After the Season 3 finale, The Boys and Seven look completely different.

The Boys 3

The drama of Season 3’s climax significantly changes the landscape of The Boys. Starlight, who became an honorary Boy in season 2 but couldn’t make the arrangement legal due to her heroic obligations, joins Butcher’s team as an official sixth member. Starlight now has her official Boys membership card, “I Hate Supes” t-shirt, and list of Flatiron Building regulations after openly leaving Vought following the Herogasm incident. More importantly, the Boys are now a democratic squad. Cake-holes will remain securely open from now on, sick of Butcher’s dictatorial methods.

Even more significant staff changes are taking place at Vought Tower. Homelander, Deep, A-Train, and Ashley are the only remaining members of the Seven. While Vought may recruit new Seven heroes for season four of The Boys, Homelander’s remark about the squad failing to become the “family” he envisioned implies otherwise. By confining his inner circle to three feeble followers, Vought’s villain can maintain a tighter grip on power. The ending of The Boys season 3 does, however, hint to an A-Train redemption arc. With his sibling suffering lifelong damage from Blue Hawk, A-Train may be losing interest in his heroic life. Could he join the Boys for Season 4?

Soldier Boy is defeated – although he may return in Season 4 of The Boys.

The Boys 3

In the season 3 finale of Amazon’s The Boys, Frenchie’s nerve agent fulfills its aim. Despite blasting into the night sky, Soldier Boy is knocked unconscious long enough for Mallory to imprison him in a secure institution for good. Soldier Boy, on the other hand, is clearly still alive, implying a possible comeback in The Boys season 4. Soldier Boy can make a comeback if Stormfront can following her season 2 injuries. Though he is unlikely to reprise his role as the main antagonist, Homelander’s father may be recruited as a soldier for another villain…

Victoria Neuman is now Robert Singer’s vice-presidential running mate, and she has access to Vought’s Sleeping Beauty. Neuman may be an invaluable trump card against a more unpredictable Homelander if he can discover out a way to puppeteer Soldier Boy (either chemically or through a deal).

What Vice President Neuman Means for Season 4 of The Boys

The Boys 3

Homelander tells Deep to kill Robert Singer’s vice president pick in exchange for Victoria Neuman revealing Ryan’s location. The swimming pool heist puts Neuman in pole position for the job, and The Boys season 3 concludes with Butcher declaring the congresswoman his gang’s next target. That’s one decision where a show of hands is probably not required…

The scene definitely establishes Claudia Doumit’s character as The Boys season 4’s main villain (although we predicted that after season 2’s conclusion…), and the thought of a head-popping supe inside the White House is not one that those who know Victoria’s secret are looking forward to. Viewers may undoubtedly assume Neuman will not stop at Vice President. How long before Deep swims up Robert Singer’s plug hole, having already bribed Homelander to assassinate one politician standing in her way? In season four of The Boys, “President Neuman” should become a frighteningly plausible possibility. Of course, the more favors Neuman owes Homelander, the greater his influence in American politics. Butcher’s Boys may soon be confronted with the two-headed demon of Vought and the White House, robbing them of government protection.

The Final Scene of The Boys Season 3: Homelander and Ryan Explained

The Boys 3

The Boys regard the concluding seconds of “The Instant White-Hot Wild” as groundbreaking for two reasons. For starters, Homelander’s instigation of culture warfare has reached an altogether new level. The public is already divided between those who accept Starlight’s (totally genuine) claims and those who proudly support Homelander, Stormfront, and their right-wing theories. Homelander was surprised earlier in The Boys season 3 to realize that revealing his genuine self in public really increased his popularity, but even Vought’s mightiest supe misjudged the extent of his supporters’ blind loyalty. In the final scene of The Boys season 3, Homelander murders a Starlight fan in full front of the baying mob… who then cheer. Homelander’s smile indicates a man realizing he can finally be his genuine, dark self without fear of repercussions.

That’s not even the darkest note in The Boys season 3’s conclusion. Ryan’s smile demonstrates that any goodness Becca fostered in her kid is now poisoned by Homelander’s depravity. Ryan is not just desensitized to violence and death, but he is also being enticed by the safety and control that comes with wielding so much power. The more father-son time Ryan has, the stronger these feelings will become. Billy Butcher’s job in The Boys season 4 will be to find a means to rekindle Becca’s values inside Ryan’s nasty little heart, in addition to stopping Neuman, escaping death, and killing Homelander.


The Boys: Erin Moriarty Teases Shocking Season 4 Storylines

Season 4 of Prime Video’s The Boys has already begun production, and the group is already teasing spectators with all of the surprises in store. Specifical

Season 4 of Prime Video’s The Boys has already begun production, and the group is already teasing spectators with all of the surprises in store. Specifically, actress Erin Moriarty, who teased something unusual on social media.

Moriarty remarked in an Instagram story, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Attached was a photo showing herself and co-stars Jack Quaid, Karen Fukuhara, Tomer Capone, and Laz Alonso gazing out of a vault-like area, similar to the one they were in during Season 3.

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The Boys' Erin Moriarty Teases Shocking Season 4 Storylines

Vernon Sanders, Amazon Studios’ head of global television, previously teased the escalation of The Boys, saying before Season 3’s release, “We knew from our first conversation with Eric Kripke and the creative team about Season Three of The Boys that the show was going to get even bolder – an impressive feat given the show’s Emmy-nominated second season… The Boys keeps pushing narrative limits while simultaneously being compulsively entertaining and threading the line on social satire that seems all too true.”

Season 4 was announced before of Season 3’s broadcast, with actor Karl Urban announcing in March, “I’m filming The Boys until the end of the year.” This followed previous claims, dating back to 2021, that Prime Video had approved a fourth season.

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In Season 3, Billy Butcher and Hughie used a temporary version of Compound V to take on the Vought and members of The Seven. Butcher and the Boys, desperate to bring Homelander down, searched for and awoke a dormant supe, Soldier Boy. While specifics about the new season’s narrative are scant, actor Jensen Ackles hinted that the Seven’s previous leader may not have met his end.

Season 4 of The Boys won’t be available on Prime Video for a while, but the Vought Universe has lots more in store. Prime Video is producing a spinoff series set on a supe college in addition to a second season of the anthology series The Boys Presents: Diabolical! The project, dubbed Gen-V, is the franchise’s first live-action spinoff. Jaz Sinclair as Marie Moreau, Chance Perdomo as Emma Shaw, Shelley Conn, Maddie Phillips, London Thor, Derek Luh, Asa Germann, Patrick Schwarzenegger as Golden Boy, Sean Patrick Thomas as Polarity, and Marco Pigossi as Doctor Edison Cardosa are among the cast members.

The Boys’ first three seasons, as well as The Boys Presents: Diabolical!, are now accessible on Prime Video.

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Jensen Ackles Landing The Role On The Boys Just As Supernatural Was Ending (And Beat Movie Stars To Do It)

Jensen Ackles is no longer Dean Winchester from Supernatural, and his follow-up role as Soldier Boy on The Boys took a drastically different turn. His new

Jensen Ackles is no longer Dean Winchester from Supernatural, and his follow-up role as Soldier Boy on The Boys took a drastically different turn. His new post resulted in a Supernatural reunion, since creator Eric Kripke also oversees the Amazon Prime program. The actor has spoken openly about how he landed Soldier Boy just as Supernatural was wrapping up. It even included defeating some Hollywood stars.

Eric Kripke described how Jensen Ackles got the part of Soldier Boy in 2021, but now it’s Ackles’ turn to tell his side of the tale. In a recent interview with Men’s Health, he discussed his experience on The Boys and how he got the part of Supe. Soldier Boy was originally intended for an older actor, but when Ackles contacted Kripke to ask his thoughts on a different project, the discussion took an unexpected turn: “I said, ‘So what’s going on over there at The Boys?” We were about to finish watching Supernatural when I realized, ‘You know, I’m going to be jobless.’ I just tossed it out there playfully. ‘Look, dude, if you want to come over to The Boys, I’ll bring you over here no problem,’ he offered right away. I’d be delighted to have you.’ ‘Sign me up!’ I said.

Given that Supernatural was nearing the end of its 15-season run, it’s no surprise that Ackles leaped at the chance to join The Boys! The actor said that Kripke gave him several audition tapes and that he instantly wanted in.

However, Ackles was skeptical that he would even receive the role. While he didn’t say who since he’d be blacklisted, he did say that after hearing who was on the shortlist, he was certain he wasn’t going to get Soldier Boy: I do know that there were certain names that I believe the network was considering. A brief list of names was provided. And when [Kripke] recited a handful of those names to me, I said to myself, ‘Oh, well, there’s no way.’ I don’t stand a chance. Those people are Hollywood stars.’

Fortunately, Jensen Ackles was cast as Soldier Boy, and the rest is history. It makes me wonder who else was up for the position and who made Ackles so concerned that he wouldn’t win it. Maybe one of those actors will appear as a different hero in The Boys Season 4, when it airs?

Meanwhile, Ackles was not the only Supernatural performer to go right into a new project once the show wrapped. Jared Padalecki agreed to play the title character in the Walker revival before the last season of Supernatural had even wrapped (and prior to the COVID shutdowns). Walker launched in SPN’s timeslot the following year, and the third season is already in the works, with prequel series Walker: Independence set to debut this autumn. In addition, Ackles’ Supernatural prequel The Winchesters will air in a few months.

There isn’t much information regarding The Boys Season 4 or if Soldier Boy will return. It’s unclear if he’ll return to cause more havoc now that he’s been taken back under and frozen in the season finale. Jensen Ackles, on the other hand, has been cast as a series regular on ABC’s Big Sky.

Season 3 of The Boys is now accessible with an Amazon Prime membership, while all 15 seasons of Supernatural are available with a Netflix subscription.



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In One Important Way, The Boys’ Soldier Boy Outperforms Captain America

While The Boys’ Soldier Boy seemed to be a crude parody of Marvel Comics’ Captain America, the copycat supe actually outperformed the original in one essen

While The Boys’ Soldier Boy seemed to be a crude parody of Marvel Comics’ Captain America, the copycat supe actually outperformed the original in one essential way—at least in terms of the live-action version.

Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) is a Super Soldier in the Amazon Prime Video original series The Boys who was produced via the usage of Compound V—a serum that can convert individuals into superhumans. Soldier Boy was originally only extraordinarily strong and invulnerable. However, after extensive testing in a Russian laboratory, Soldier Boy obtained the ability to take away the abilities of other superheroes with a catastrophic explosion that he can generate from inside his own body. While that powerful skill is amazing (and one that Captain America lacks), it isn’t the reason The Boys’ Soldier Boy is more impressive than Captain America. The true explanation is significantly more subtle, but immensely more helpful in combat settings.

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The Avengers receive a distress call from a region of the planet that has been taken over by communist tyranny in Avengers #18 by Stan Lee and Don Heck, which was a huge matter given that this issue was published not long after the ‘Red Scare’ in the United States. Following a distress signal from a place in eastern Asia, the Avengers are met by communist officials from that region who pose as people in danger in order to deceive the Avengers into falling into their trap, all as part of their strategy to show that communism was better to capitalism. When the Avengers realize their error in taking this call, they are promptly attacked with a knockout gas that renders all of them unconscious, including Captain America.

The Boys’ Soldier Boy is Superior to Captain America in One Key Way

M.M. tosses a smoke grenade at Soldier Boy in The Boys season 3 episode 6 titled ‘Herogasm,’ but Soldier Boy picks up the grenade and inhales the deadly smoke merely for the head rush, indicating that it has absolutely no effect on him at all. Captain America’s physique isn’t as powerful as Soldier Boy’s, as seen by Cap being put unconscious by the same chemical that took out Hawkeye, who is practically just an ordinary human, in Avengers #18. Being resistant to sleeper gas during a combat is very valuable since it is generally one of the first things an adversary would attempt to employ to target a group of heroes they intend to capture. Soldier Boy can only be knocked unconscious by a fatal nerve poison, therefore if he had been in Captain America’s place in this Avengers issue, the enemies would have had no idea what struck them.

Of course, this comparison is only valid between the comic book Captain America and the live-action Soldier Boy, since Soldier Boy in the comics cannot compete with any version of Captain America. Butcher immediately kills the Soldier Boy from The Boys comics after he is repeatedly insulted and molested by Homelander. Soldier Boy in the comics is the polar opposite of Captain America in terms of strength and ferocious courage. While The Boys’ live-action Soldier Boy is similarly a dark twist on a Captain America-like figure, he is more strong than the original since his body can withstand much more torture than Marvel’s top Super Soldier.

Following that, Captain America’s Avengers training is much too grueling for the MCU.

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