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The Boys season 3, episode 7 review and episode 8

When Ashley is interviewed by VNN about Starlight’s allegations, she tries to refute them by alleging that Starlight is connected to a human trafficking ring. When Homelander sees Queen Maeve, who is still alive but being held hostage, he inquires as to Billy and Soldier Boy’s whereabouts. The fact that Homelander is wearing concealer, or covering up a bruise, worries Queen Maeve further. Queen Maeve queries Homelander’s decision to keep her alive. Homelander admits that he will be keeping her alive in order to preserve her eggs, not allowing her to live. Despite the devastating information, Queen Maeve claims that this was one of the top three days of her life because it was the first time she had ever witnessed a Homelander in fear.

Billy and Hughie are being led through the woods by Soldier Boy, who cautions them not to look Mindstorm in the eye. However, as they are ambushed, Billy establishes eye contact and becomes trapped in a never-ending nightmare. Hughie begs Soldier Boy to assist Billy, but he is more intent on taking out Mindstorm. As Starlight treats The Female’s wounds, Marvin notes what a f**king mess they are all in after Frenchie and The Female ask Marvin for assistance.

The Female requests that Starlight assist her in obtaining permanent Compound V. In the Deep, Cassandra is waiting. When she inquires as to who else he has in mind, The Deep takes out the octopus. He offers that they bring someone else into the partnership. Cassandra, however, finds it too much and dumps him. When Soldier Boy and Hughie come upon a Nun and a Priest, Soldier Boy shoots the Priest in the head because he thinks that they are under Homelander’s mind control. When the nun attacks Hughie, Soldier Boy shoots her as well, despite Hughie’s best efforts to convince him not to hurt the nun.

Homelander milks a cow while he struggles with Starlight’s betrayal. He needs someone he can trust, and Neuman says that person is her. But she demands that he take one step first. As Ashley waits for A-Train to awaken, she describes how Soldier Boy “murdered” Blue Hawk to him. She does, however, inform A-Train that Blue Hawk has her heart now.

Starlight and Homelander “collision” with one another. Starlight is informed by him that she will take back what she has said. She no longer fears him, though. Additionally, Starlight confesses that she has been filming the entire incident for her Instagram account as Homelander threatens to kill Hughie. Mindstorm is discovered by Hughie, who tells him that he is not like Soldier Boy and asks him to awaken Billy. Just as Mindstorm awakens Billy up, his nightmare begins to crescendo.

But the joyous moment is abruptly interrupted when Soldier Boy shows there, slashes Hughie with a knife, and lunges at Mindstorm’s eye. Soldier Boy beats Mindstorm to death after hearing something off-screen from Mindstorm. Starlight discovers that Compound V turns people’s brains to mush and can be fatal in doses of three to five. She cautions Billy and requests that he inform Hughie. Hughie, however, refuses, telling him that they need more. Starlight chooses to save Hughie even if he does not want her to after Billy refuses to answer her calls.

The Female regains her abilities shortly after. Soldier Boy calls Homelander and tells him that after beating his meat into a cup, Vogelbaum created a child from it that was born in the spring of 1981. Homelander’s dad is Soldier Boy.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 8

The Boys season 3 finale will air next week on Amazon, and you better believe that we are not at all prepared for it. Although we are aware that season 4 is on the way, we will probably have to wait a very long time to see it because there is still SO much that needs to be handled.

So what can we expect from this episode? First and foremost, we anticipate that the momentous revelation that Homelander is in fact Solider Boy’s son will have a significant impact.

Are these two characters suddenly going to unite themselves? Or how much vengeance would the character played by Antony Starr attempt to exact? We assume that regardless of whether they actually did it, he will wish to exact some sort of retribution on everyone who he believes has ever lied to him. Moreover, we have a tendency to believe that things will turn bad. We still don’t know if Jensen Ackles will just be around for this season, and there are a lot of people who could pass away by the time this is over.

Black Noir is the character we’re most concerned about right now because he is the one who understands he is in danger. The future of Queen Maeve continues to worry us, and Hughie and Butcher have both been flying dangerously near to the sun.

We would not be surprised! This is a show that enjoys being incredibly wild, and they will want you to continue watching it.

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