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The Boys Start Jack Quaid said that he’s happy to be naked

Jack Quaid was filming season two of The Boys when Glamour last met with him in 2019. He was repeating his role as Hughie Campbell, the beloved but somewhat helpless nice guy among psychopathic supes and deranged vigilantes. After obtaining Temp V, a super-serum that gives him a taste of the power he has always secretly desired…even if he has to get naked every time he uses it—nearly three years later, we are seven episodes into season three of the popular Amazon series, and Hughie is much less hapless and unquestionably less sweet.

Quaid, on the other hand, is a lot more reliable than his on-screen counterpart and is still endearing at the age of 30, just as he was when he took part in Glamour’s Inappropriate Questions column at the age of 27. Quaid still considers waiting to text someone you’re interested in to be bullshit, as long as you’re not being creepy about it. When Harry Met Sally is still his favorite romantic comedy.

The third season of The Boys is discussed in detail below, and Jack Quaid also revisits several of his earlier inappropriate questions. What has changed (and what hasn’t) for the son of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid?

Hughie is reportedly taking Temp V on a regular basis lately. I have no doubt that will work out beautifully.

Everything will turn up well, according to Jack Quaid. Everything is going to work out splendidly.

Were you eager to get some powers for yourself after two seasons?

The work Temp V does for the character is fantastic. I adore how it reveals aspects of him that aren’t quite endearing. Being a character who has been so morally upright for two seasons, I find it surprising that he does this substance, feels powerful, and enjoys it. I enjoyed playing Hughie as a more complex junkie.

The other was that I had always wanted to be a superhero as a child, which is weird, and I really got to have superpowers in anything. Yes, I had to perform in my underwear. At first, I thought, “Oh man, come on.” On the show, they like torturing me so much.

However, after giving it some thought, I realized that what we do on the program is to consider what the real-life equivalent of a given power would be. When you teleport, only your biological mass moves from one area of the room to another; your clothing is left behind. I therefore found that to be amusing. Hughie finds it especially amusing because he now has this power, yet it has this embarrassing flaw. I believe that is absolutely ideal.

Did recording those nude moments become simpler over time?

Yes, somewhat. Just a little. It’s strange because the human brain isn’t used to being kind of nude in a room full of people who are extremely dressed. Undoubtedly, there was a period of adjustment. At the very end, I felt more at ease with it. I trust everyone since they are all such professionals on set. It wasn’t particularly awkward because I’ve known these individuals for three years and they’ve all grown to feel like my family. The dialogue might be different if it had occurred in the first season, but for what it was, it went perfectly.

Being put in these positions feels normal for women, but it’s less common for guys.

Absolutely. I like how we have subverted that stereotype throughout this season and, in a sense, the entire show. I appreciated how we’re treating the male body somewhat similarly to how Hollywood has long treated the feminine body.

Now that we’ve discussed stripping off in front of a large group of people, let’s discuss some “inappropriate questions.” Actually, you’ve done this with Glamour before, so I figured it’d be fascinating to go back and look at some of the questions you’ve already answered to see how your new responses stack up.

Which of the roles you’ve played in the past is most similar to you in a relationship for the first one?

I hate that I feel like none of my characters—especially Hughie this season—are great in relationships. Richie [from Scream 5] definitely isn’t. The Plus One actor Ben King is not very good. Hughie would probably be the closest. Although I don’t believe I’ve ever gone as dark as I am this season with Hughie, let’s go with seasons one and two of Hughie.

This season, I believe he needs to sort of accept the reality that he is resentful of Annie [Erin Moriarty], who has the kind of authority [he desires], rather than jealous of it. He needs to accept that in its entirety.

That makes sense! You commented, “How he responds to things during the show makes me think I have a little bit more confidence than him, but… I would feel exactly the same way as you do. He could be a little bolder than I am, though.

He has been through so much yet still continues to put himself out there, especially now, therefore I still firmly stand by his response. Therefore, I believe he is braver than I am. I feel a little more assured, I think. This season, Hughie seems to be exuding a little bit more confidence, but I don’t think that’s the case. He is, you know, becoming more and more confident as the program progresses, which I enjoy to see.

Which rom-com is your favorite?

I’ll choose When Harry Met Sally. I believe I said it before as well.


Yes, that one is unbeatable.

What dating or relationship rule do you believe to be nonsense?

I sincerely hope I’m not saying this again. I agree with the statement, “You need to wait a few days before texting or calling someone after meeting them.” I believe you can text if everything went smoothly. Unless you’re intentionally creepy, avoid doing it. However, I find the grace period to be an odd concept. Accept any connection you may have with someone.

Despite the fact that I am a hypocrite and adhere to the rule myself, I still believe it to be nonsense. Simply text them if you like them, and if they tell you to back off, do so.

the same as before. We adore reliability. I base my texts on how quickly the recipient responded.

That is the case. I’ll wait for 15 minutes if they need it.

I’m thinking in my brain, “Oh, I’m not waiting by the phone for your SMS.”

Despite the fact that I am anxiously awaiting their text at my phone.

The answer to the following question may be different: What would you watch if you had a whole day to binge anything you wanted?

I guess I’d just watch the full season of The Wire since I’ve never watched it.

In case you’re wondering, you mentioned Mindhunter and UFO documentaries last time. Finally from the previous time: What kind are you?

The folks I’ve encountered throughout my life seem to fit various sorts. In the end, I believe humor. I just need someone who understands my sense of humor and with whom I can laugh.

When you previously said, “Smarter than me,”

That’s accurate. Everyone I’ve dated is more intelligent than I am. The ability to adapt and being around hilarious people are what I believe to be more important than that. Since 2019 how many years have passed? three years, roughly? Maybe I’m just shifting my priorities.
Okay, here are a few recent examples.

What is the strangest thing you do when you are alone yourself?

I’m just going to visit DogFinder to look at dogs. I’ve been debating getting a pet for ages. But I’ll also be looking at Zillow because I’ve always wanted a home with a dog.

What has been your most romantic action?

I made a musical prom invitation to someone. Look, the song was good. It is a humorous tune. In my high school, there was a kind of garden that was at night. After school, I got down on one knee, sang her the song, and formally asked her to the prom. Since she and I were already dating, I kind of assumed that she would accept. That was most likely my most romantic action to date, in my opinion.

What has been your worst romantic misstep?

Oh my God, I recognize this. I asked this girl out to a movie when I was in middle school. And just as in the movie, I gave her a yawn before wrapping my arm over her. She tried to nestle onto my arm, but she didn’t particularly like the way it was placed in the seat. I simply kind of stayed there since I felt awkward as hell and didn’t know how to remove my arm gracefully. As a result, a pool of perspiration quickly formed on my arm.

That was, maybe, the most perspiration I have ever experienced in my entire life, and it persisted for the duration of the movie.

What has a fan ever said to you that was the most inappropriate thing?

Several of these have I had. mainly during conferences. Basically what they want to do to me. Recently, I heard someone say, “I want to use your legs as scratching posts.” or something like.

Okay, then. These inquiries likely mean nothing to you.

[Laughs.] Yes, this is all right. That was brand-new.

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