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The Boys: The Deep – Aquaman Joke went too far ?

The Deep’s storyline this season on “The Boys,” and indeed his entire storyline throughout all three seasons of the show, appears to share a common theme. The Deep has frequently been the target of jokes on the program, which are almost always delivered with great comic timing by actor Chace Crawford.

The humor on the program definitely seem to be progressing in the third season. Although it has always been implied that he has a passion for the aquatic creatures he can talk to, the subtext has now been made explicit in the text. Naturally, this is a joke that has been told for years about Aquaman, the DC superhero that The Deep is a spoof of. Even DC has recognized that Aquaman might have tampered with fish.

But one has to wonder if all of this is actually necessary. Was it funny when it wasn’t openly displayed, like in the infamous “Herogasm” episode, but merely hinted at? Although the solution is somewhat convoluted, we are pleased to explain it.

Why Aquaman joke is exhausting

Must we say anything else? Due to its juvenile nature, the original Aquaman joke was never met with ear-splitting laughter. For The Deep, nothing magically alters. He may not have always been the most nuanced or nuanced of characters, but focusing on his fetish for fish seems rather stupid. In addition, he is a pervert in other ways, which we’ll talk about in a moment.

The first episode of “The Boys'” third season featured a brief scene in which a shrinking superhero attempted to enter a main character’s butt, proving that the show isn’t exactly the most sophisticated in the world. Additionally, the scene was amusing since everyone in it played off one another.

The Deep is typically the only one included in the fish sex jokes, even leaving out his wife Cassandra. The reason the show has retained its fan base is because it functions best when it recalls that it is an ensemble piece, one that doesn’t rely primarily on one character to work. This seems to be devalued by jokes like those directed at The Deep, which devalues the program’s often fantastic satire and humor.

Why it is merited

One thing should be made very clear: The Deep is a predator. She loses hope in The Seven and in becoming a Supe in general as a result of him forcing himself on Starlight (Erin Moriarty). Whatever he claims, he has never truly expressed regret for the assault and most likely never will. I’m sorry, but it is the case.

The fact that The Deep is continually humiliated throughout the show is so enjoyable because of this repulsive deed and his lack of empathy. Consider this. He joined a cult, had his deepest sexual impulses revealed, and did everything in his power to appease Homelander (Antony Starr). He is possibly the unluckiest character in the entire production, and the reason for this is that the show wants you to keep in mind what a horrible person he is. The sexual jabs and embarrassing circumstances The Deep is involved in can easily be seen as odd karmic justice for what he did to Starlight, which will never be forgotten.

What is the next step for them?

The answer to this query is not simple. First off, it’s arguable that The Deep’s storyline on the show won’t change. He has left the Church of the Collective, returned to The Seven, and achieved his lifelong goal of being gobbled up by an octopus. What’s the point then? He shouldn’t necessary be eliminated, but perhaps he ought to play a supporting role rather than the protagonist.

But there’s no denying that Chace Crawford stands out among the bunch. Despite being a complete POS, The Deep exudes an innocent, youthful enthusiasm in each scene that is impossible to resist. This makes him a superb member of the ensemble who would be greatly missed if The Deep were to be killed off, along with his hilarious timing and direct delivery of even the most ludicrous lines.

The Deep just being phased out of the show is possibly the greatest solution for a compromise. Have him for significant scenes or character exchanges, then send him off-screen to concentrate on his marriage and self-improvement. But ultimately, he’s just a scumbag who irrevocably altered Starlight’s image of the authority Supremes possess. Maybe his agonizing death will be the last humiliating experience he has to go through in this life. Regardless of the path the writers decide to take—which we’re not completely sure will be it—we fervently hope it won’t feature fish sex.

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