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The Relationship Between Homelander and Queen Maeve in The Boys (And Why They Broke Up)

Homelander and Queen Maeve were in a relationship, according to The Boys, but what caused their breakup? A deleted scene might reveal information.

A deleted clip from The Boys’ first season reveals what strained Homelander and Queen Maeve’s relationship. Homelander and Queen Maeve, The Boys’ take on Superman and Wonder Woman, are both members of the Seven, an exclusive group of superheroes owned by Vought International. They dated briefly after Maeve joined the Seven, but broke up for unexplained reasons, it is revealed early on. A deleted sequence sheds some light on what could have transpired between them.

Though their previous relationship is not depicted on television, Queen Maeve’s bond to Homelander is perilous. It’s no surprise that he’s the most immoral of Vought’s superhuman experiments, given he’s perhaps the most immoral of all of them. Homelander dupes Maeve into sleeping with Black Noir in The Boys comics, thereby ending their romance. Regardless of whatever love he may have had for Maeve in the past, Homelander murders her later in the series when she tries to defend Starlight.

The television adaptation of The Boys provides another rationale for their split. Homelander confronts Maeve about the beginning of the end of their romance in a season one deleted scene. She had hesitated to take his hand at a Congressional Medal of Honor ceremony two years previously. She eventually accepted it, but Homelander points out her delay and how, despite appearances, she started to distance herself from him. Maeve claims they split up because he “couldn’t keep it in his tights.” It is unclear with whom he cheated on Maeve. Homelander is quick to point out Maeve’s fast pulse, implying he’s caught her in a lie. Maeve swears she never moved away from him, and Homelander is quick to point out her rapid heartbeat.

The Boys

Maeve most likely ended her relationship with Homelander because she is afraid of him. Homelander is a jealous, nasty guy who was developed in a lab and is emotionally and ethically corrupted, based on the horrors he’s performed thus far, including refusing to save people from a crashed airliner. Maeve even tells her on-again, off-again lover Elena that Homelander physically ripped a producer apart after he spoke to Maeve all night at an awards dinner. Despite her best efforts to keep a cool and serene demeanor, Maeve is aware of what he’s done and what he’s compelled her to do. Homelander seems to perceive her inner conflict and exploits it.

In subsequent episodes of The Boys, Homelander confronts Maeve about her connection with Elena during an interview. Maeve becomes frantic to keep Elena out of the limelight and away from Homelander, who threatens her life. She understands what it’s like to date him and how, regardless of their previous connection, he is always watching over her and her personal life. Despite their on-screen friendship, Homelander was and still a destructive presence in Maeve’s life, and it’s no surprise she stopped things with him.

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