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What Antony Starr really gets paid for each episode of the drama The Boys

Due to how popular the Amazon Prime Video show The Boys has been, fans have been talking about Anony Starr, who plays the terrible Homelander, and how much they love him. Some people say that he must make a lot of money for each episode of the drama because he is one of the most popular and favorite actors. But this is really what makes the star.

Starr had been a leading man for a long time before he joined the cast of The Boys. On the show “Outrageous Fortune,” where he played twins Jethro and Van West, he may be best known for this role. He has also been in the mystery drama “American Gothic,” which came out in 2016, and the Australian thriller “Wish You Were Here,” which came out in 2012.

Starr’s artistic career started in 1995, when she was cast as Mesas in the TV show Xena: Warrior Princess. In 1996, she was cast as David. Since then, he’s been in a lot of TV shows and movies, but only as a supporting actor until he joined The Boys in 2019. But how much does he get paid for each episode?

How much does Antony Starr make for The Boys?

Celebrity Net Worth, the website that keeps track of how much money actors make from different shows, says that Antony Starr’s net worth is about $2 million. But the amount could go up a lot thanks to the growing popularity of The Boys series and the other projects that the star is working on.

But because Starr is in every episode of The Boys, it’s another step up for him as an actor, at least in terms of the budgets of the shows he’s in, so he’s thought to make about $400,000 per episode. Which would mean an extra $3.2 million per season.

Even though we don’t know what the budget for The Boys’ actors is, these are the estimates that can be made based on how much each cast member is worth and how popular a TV show is. Which means that the stars of the Amazon drama will make more money as the show gets more popular.

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