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Marvel Comics: 11 Best She-Hulk Crossovers

She-Hulk, who will make her MCU debut in She-Hulk: Attorney At Law on Disney+, has had many adventures as a superhero, including several crossovers with other Marvel characters. She-Hulk has become friends and lovers with many different characters in the Marvel world, from minor issues to major events.

Tatiana Maslany’s representation has the potential to meet a lot more heroes in the future, with Jen Walters entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The countless comics over the decades give instances from which the MCU might draw inspiration for future She-Hulk crossovers on film or on Disney+.

11 Two-In-One Marvel #88 (1982)

This comic would depict the beginning of Jen Walters and Ben Grimm’s long-lasting relationship. She-Hulk and The Thing have been crimefighting partners for years, and the two remain friends even in the current She-Hulk run in 2022.

She-fun-loving Hulk’s personality paired with Ben Grimm’s gruff but charming demeanor creates a lovely interplay between the two heroes. There are even glimpses of romance as they playfully flirt with one another, but Ben Grimm remains a devoted guy to Alica in the end. It’s basically a fun team-up with a simple villain narrative around a reactor.

10 Civil War (2006)

She-Hulk does not play a significant part in the Civil War event, but her tale throughout the war is intriguing. It depicts her thoughts on the issue and has her engaged to the son of Spider-adversary Man’s J. Jonah Jameson, resulting in a quasi-Spider-Man and She-Hulk relationship.

Because Civil War is such a serious and terrible affair, She-side Hulk’s of things provided a welcome reprieve of humor and fun. Jen, on the other hand, exhibits a lot of maturity as well as smiles and laughter.

9 #7 of The Avenging Spider-Man (2012)

The Avenging Spider-Man #7 is a prime example of Spider-enjoyable Man’s crossovers with other superheroes. Spider-Man and She-Hulk team up to combat a supernatural menace in the guise of the Egyptian goddess Bastet.

Jen Walters and Peter Parker both like making fun of their opponents, which is one of the many reasons they make excellent partners. It contains exciting action moments as well as a lot of comedy, such as Peter Parker acquiring a cow’s head and Jen sprouting a green cat’s tail.

8 F.F. (2013)

With the original Fantastic Four no longer present, She-Hulk joined forces with Ant-Man, Medusa, and Miss Thing to establish the Future Foundation. Matt Fraction’s writing, along with an unusual cast of characters, results in a couple of volumes of adventures with the same degree of character depth and heroic spectacle as his Hawkeye run.

She-Hulk was an excellent addition to the squad, given she was previously a member of the Fantastic Four. This would pave the way for her to command a separate superhero squad years later. As an added bonus, Mike Allred’s artwork is stylish and reminiscent of old Silver Age comics.

The Long Night of 7 Things and She-Hulk (2002)

Jen and Ben’s friendship celebrated their 30th anniversary with a special that pitted them against the Roxxon business and Dragon Man. Because it took place between the renowned John Byrne and Dan Slott runs when She-Hulk wasn’t quite as popular, this is one of She-more Hulk’s overlooked adventures.

Todd DeZago’s writing for characters like as Spider-Man, Storm AKA Ororo Munroe, and Doctor Strange was featured in The Long Night. He combines science fiction with fantasy elements such as vampires, resulting in one of Jen Walters’ most outlandish tales.

6 Second World War (2016)

She-Hulk goes through a lot more in Civil War II, almost dying at Thanos’ hands being just one example. She also becomes a Gray Hulk, returning to a more harsh and ferocious condition comparable to her relative.

This issue goes further into Jen Walters’ bond with Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel. The noble captain blames himself for everything that occurs to Jen, and the two heroes are written at their most realistic and genuine.

Five She-Hulks (2011)

Lyra is the darker warrior She-Hulk from an other reality, while Jen Walters is the standard Jen Walters. Harrison Wilcox, a comic book writer, brought the two together in a World War Hulk spin-off.

Jen takes Lyra under her wing as the two pursue a variety of baddies. The two dramatically different characters and fighting techniques result in an odd alliance that works out better than anticipated. Lyra also shines as the New Savage She-Hulk in this comic, despite being overshadowed by her more renowned mentor.

4 Cosmic Collision with She-Hulk (2009)

She-Hulk was a member of another female-led band of heroes in She-Hulk: Cosmic Collision before becoming the leader of A-Force. Jen, Invisible Woman, Valkyrie, Storm, Thundra, and others must defend the galaxy from a new menace.

Jen excels in this comic, and she is the seed that will grow into A-Force. Other characters, like as Susan Storm and Mantis, steal the show, and writer Peter David creates a plot that, in terms of comedy coupled with action and tension, is similar to the MCU Guardians of the Galaxy.

3 A-Force No. 1 (2016)

Though Jen Walters has appeared in a number of crossovers, she usually works alone as She-Hulk; even in Cosmic Collision, Jen was only one of the squad. A-Force is one of numerous comics in which she demonstrates her capacity to lead by communicating with her squad utilizing her charm and knowledge from her years as a lawyer.

Those who appreciated She-Hulk and Captain Marvel’s relationship in Civil War II will enjoy them much more in this series. Dazzler, Medusa, Rogue, Scarlet Witch, and many more of Marvel’s formidable women are also members.

2 #265-#295 of the Fantastic Four (1984)

He brought the two comics together in the 1980s as the writer for memorable runs of She-Hulk and Fantastic Four. After Ben Grimm lost his abilities, the jade giantess filled in as the Fantastic Four’s fourth member for several issues.

This not only resulted in one of She-greatest Hulk’s outfits, but also in her being an iconic and strong member of the Fantastic Four. Jen showed herself to be a suitable successor to Ben, albeit only for a short time. She has, however, remained a longstanding friend of the cast and has sometimes appeared as a guest star.

1 #1 The Avengers (2018)

The Avengers, Marvel’s most renowned team, received a new start in 2018, with none other than She-Hulk joining the roster. This occurred during her Immortal She-Hulk phase, when she was finally portrayed as a Hulk rather than a green supermodel.

Immortal She-Hulk was a welcome addition to the team, joining Robbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider and Captain Marvel, who is now a key member. After Secret Wars and Civil War II, even classic characters like Captain America and Thor have undergone significant changes, thus this fresh run of Avengers by Jason Aaron was intended to entice both new and old fans to return to Marvel comics.

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