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12 Marvel Cinematic Universe Actors Confirmed for Marvel’s ‘Crossover Event Series’ Secret Invasion

Because of its cryptic plot and large cast, Secret Invasion is one of the most anticipated MCU programs on Disney+. The new series, based on the comic book of the same name, centres on the plot of malevolent Skrulls infiltrating Earth through time, impersonating heroes and high-ranking authorities in preparation for planetary invasion.

This is an unexpected shift in the MCU, particularly since Captain Marvel depicted the Skrulls as one of the good people. Despite this, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige intimated that Skrulls have “a diversity of moralities among them,” implying that there might be wicked Skrulls out there waiting for the right opportunity to attack.

The specific narrative of Secret Invasion is yet unknown, but Marvel Studios just stated that the series would be Disney+’s first MCU “crossover event.”

This assurance implies that more known people from the interwoven series may emerge, perhaps as Skrulls or as Nick Fury’s allies in the face of the impending invasion.

Confirmed Cast for Secret Invasion

Given the scope of Marvel Comics’ Secret Invasion plot, it’s hardly surprise that the MCU’s version will be a crossover. Here is a list of all the confirmed actors who will feature in the Disney+ series.

12 MCU Actors Confirmed for Marvel's 'Crossover Event Series' Secret Invasion

Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury) has been confirmed to appear in Secret Invasion since the show’s launch. Given his intimate relationships with the Skrulls, and more especially, Talos, it makes sense for the former director of SHIELD to appear in the crossover in the MCU. Given that the character is constantly ten steps ahead, there’s a good probability he’ll be the one to find the Skrull danger to Earth, making him an unlucky target for his erstwhile comrades.

Mendelsohn, Ben (Talos)

12 MCU Actors Confirmed for Marvel's 'Crossover Event Series' Secret Invasion

Ben Mendelsohn’s role as Talos in the Disney+ series was revealed with Samuel L. Jackson at Disney Investor Day 2020. The actor reprises his performance as Captain Marvel in Secret Invasion for the third time, after his debut in Spider-Man: Far From Home in 2019. Talos might be a great ally to Fury owing to his tight relationship with the MCU veteran, but a devastating surprise concerning the character’s loyalties could be revealed as the season goes.

Smulders, Cobie (Maria Hill)

12 MCU Actors Confirmed for Marvel's 'Crossover Event Series' Secret Invasion

Deadline initially reported in December 2021 that Cobie Smulders will return to portray Maria Hill in Secret Invasion, with set photographs eventually confirming her role in the series. Smulders offered further information about the movie at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, characterizing it as having a “claustrophobic” atmosphere while also noting that Skrulls have been expanding their numbers “since [fans] last saw them in Captain Marvel.”

Maria Hill’s involvement in Secret Invasion is believed to be linked with Fury and Talos, but the series’ “don’t trust anybody” conundrum might imply that the previously trustworthy SHIELD agent could ultimately convert into a dangerous Skrull threat if it is proven that she has been an imposter all along.

Mr. Martin Freeman (Everett Ross)

12 MCU Actors Confirmed for Marvel's 'Crossover Event Series' Secret Invasion

Samuel L. Jackson accidently announced Martin Freeman’s return as Everett Ross in Secret Invasion in March 2022. Although the actor’s gaffe didn’t disclose anything about Freeman’s position in the series, his MCU character’s high-ranking status might be the key to figuring out how he fits into the Disney+ crossover jigsaw. There’s a good likelihood the CIA agent has already been replaced by a Skrull, or he’s been an impostor since his appearance in Captain America: Civil War in 2016.

Cheadle, Don (James Rhodes)

12 MCU Actors Confirmed for Marvel's 'Crossover Event Series' Secret Invasion

A set shot from the Marvel series accidently revealed Don Cheadle’s casting as James Rhodes in Secret Invasion. The character’s inclusion was later confirmed when Rhodes appeared during a heated battle against Nick Fury in early footage presented at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con in Hall H. While Fury could use an Avenger in the shape of Rhodes, the teaser hints that the MCU veteran might be the first hero to be replaced by an evil Skrull.

Clarke, Emilia

12 MCU Actors Confirmed for Marvel's 'Crossover Event Series' Secret Invasion

Variety claimed in April 2021 that Game of Thrones veteran Emilia Clarke was in “final discussions” to join Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion. Clarke eventually confirmed her MCU debut in the forthcoming Disney+ series, noting that the show’s creators “pushed [her] over the edge to genuinely wanting to do it.”

Given that the actress’ role has yet to be announced, speculation has erupted as to which Marvel Comics character Clarke will play in the series. MCU fans have been speculating about anything from Abigail Brand to Spider-Woman since the actress was chosen.

Colman, Olivia

12 MCU Actors Confirmed for Marvel's 'Crossover Event Series' Secret Invasion

The Hollywood Reporter initially reported in April 2021 that Marvel is in discussions with Oscar winner Olivia Colman for Secret Invasion. Colman was earlier speculated to portray a gender-flipped Union Jack, a Marvel hero who is believed to be prominently engaged in the comics’ fights against Skrulls.

Furthermore, Colman is said to have a substantial MCU future beyond Secret Invasion, implying that her character will stay around for other projects after the Disney+ series.


12 MCU Actors Confirmed for Marvel's 'Crossover Event Series' Secret Invasion

Deadline initially announced Ben-appointment Adir’s to the MCU series in March 2021, with the publication also suggesting that the actor would portray the series’ major villain. Aside from some not-so-revealing set images, nothing is known about Ben-participation Adir’s in Secret Invasion. If the actor is portraying the show’s main antagonist, he might be a high-ranking Skrull commander who is possibly in charge of the invasion of Earth.

McDonald, Christopher

12 MCU Actors Confirmed for Marvel's 'Crossover Event Series' Secret Invasion

Christopher McDonald, actor of Happy Gilmore, was reportedly cast in a part in Secret Invasion in May 2021. According to Deadline writer Nellie Andreeva, the actor’s part is “a freshly conceived character that might cross over to the bigger MCU.” McDonald’s MCU character, like Colman’s, seems to be here to stay.

Scott, Killian

12 MCU Actors Confirmed for Marvel's 'Crossover Event Series' Secret Invasion

Killian Scott joined the cast of Secret Invasion in April 2021, according to Deadline. According to Murphy’s Multiverse, Scott’s role is a wicked Skrull who works with Ben-villain. Adir’s Furthermore, The Direct said that the Love/Hate actor is portraying Fiz, a Skrull with comic book links to Professor X and the X-Men.

Dermot Mulroney

12 MCU Actors Confirmed for Marvel's 'Crossover Event Series' Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion announced that Dermot Mulroney would play US President Ritson in the series.

Irina Kara

Disney+ series also unintentionally verified Irina Kara’s casting as an unnamed character. According to the photographs and videos, it is unclear if Kara will play a prominent part in the series.

12 MCU Actors Confirmed for Marvel's 'Crossover Event Series' Secret Invasion

5 Possible MCU Characters Who Might Appear

Aside from the known cast members, a Disney+ crossover event would be incomplete without a few surprises from MCU veterans. Here are five prospective contenders who may make an appearance in the Secret Invasion series.

Brie Larson’s (Captain Marvel)

Carol Danvers, played by Brie Larson, might make an unexpected cameo in Secret Invasion as Nick Fury’s final choice in resolving the Skrull dispute. Captain Marvel’s inclusion in the Disney+ series makes sense since the MCU hero feels a duty to the Skrulls after assisting them in finding a new home in her 2019 standalone film. While it is sad for Danvers to battle against a race she considers a friend, the hero’s mission to safeguard Earth is supposed to take precedence.

However, it’s likely that a different Carol Danvers may appear in the series, one who is a Skrull imposter who can play with Nick Fury and Talos’ heads.

Parris, Teyonah (Monica Rambeau)

Monica Rambeau, played by Teyonah Parris, was last seen speaking to a Skrull in the post-credits sequence in WandaVision. While this scenario may set up her future appearance in The Marvels, it may also hint to her presence in Secret Invasion’s Skrull-related battle. There’s a possibility Nick Fury secretly enlisted Rambeau to fight with him against the deadly Skrulls.

Given that Rambeau already has abilities by the time of Secret Invasion, the character might prove to be a vital tool on Fury and Talos’ side.

WandaVision verified that Maria Rambeau died of cancer, but the Skrulls may exploit her appearance to play mind games with Nick Fury. Lashana Lynch’s cameo appearance in Captain Marvel might act as a mini-reunion with the original Captain Marvel ensemble.

Mackie, Anthony (Captain America)

At the conclusion of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson delivered a powerful statement that was heard across the globe. Nick Fury may have observed the new Star-Spangled Avenger and may have attempted to enlist him in the battle against the Skrulls. On the other hand, the Skrulls are certain to have taken notice of Sam’s revival as the new Captain America, and they might easily target him as a replacement.

A Skrull impersonating Captain America might easily persuade the general population and even some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. In any case, witnessing Sam Wilson in the first MCU crossover event on Disney+ is a new experience for fans.

Chloe Bennet (Quake) From Agents of SHIELD, Chloe Bennet has been a fan favorite for a probable MCU comeback in Secret Invasion. Although the actress has already denied reports of her Disney+ comeback, there is rising speculation that the Marvel actress is lying in order to partake in the impending crossover.

If Bennet’s Daisy Johnson does return, the same thing that occurred with Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin may happen again. This might imply that the character will get a soft relaunch, connecting her tale with what’s been happening on in the MCU. Finally, Quake’s unexpected participation might tip the scales in Fury’s favor against the Skrulls.

Secret Invasion will air on Disney+ in the spring of 2023.

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