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5 MCU upcoming Wanda Movies & Disney+ Shows

Fortunately, Wanda was able to beat Agatha, transform into the legendary Scarlet Witch, and withdraw from society to research the Darkhold. After years of studying the book, Multiverse of Madness showed an even more powerful Wanda who had been corrupted by the Darkhold pursuing America Chavez in an effort to steal her multiverse travel abilities so that she could move to a universe where she could have children.

In order to achieve her aim, Wanda was prepared to do anything, amassing a startling death tool along the road and completing her transition into a Marvel villain. At the conclusion of the film, Scarlet Witch appears to kill herself atop Mount Wundagore in order to destroy the Darkhold after realizing the folly of her ways. When will Wanda return? With a character as well-liked as Wanda, it’s unlikely that she will stay dead for very long.

Are you ready for next Scarlet Witch movie?

Even though Scarlet Witch gave her life at the end of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to destroy the Darkhold, it’s hard to envision Wanda’s popularity enduring for very long. Elizabeth Olsen will likely return to the MCU, whether through rebirth, a Multiverse variant, or the startling revelation of her survival. When and where, though? That is a considerably trickier query.

Agatha: House of Harkness

Agatha: House of Harkness, a spinoff of the wicked character played by Kathryn Hahn in WandaVision, will soon star Agatha Harkness in her own Disney+ series. Wanda transformed Harkness into the nosy neighbor Agnes in the final scenes of the MCU sitcom, abandoning her in Westview without a memory of her magical personality.

The evil magic witch will require a person to cast off this spell unless House of Harkness acts as a prelude to WandaVision, tracing Agatha’s magical journeys through time. Wanda should definitely make an appearance in at least one or two episodes as she was the one who removed Agatha’s magical memories.

Agatha Harkness introduced Wanda to the Darkhold during WandaVision and has since been corrupted by the book, just like the former Avenger was in Multiverse of Madness. Perhaps Agatha can help Wanda accept the corruption or even release her in the Disney+ spin-off, which will supposedly be a dark comedy.

Even in their last encounter, the two witches taunted one another by joking that Agatha would “need [her],” to which Wanda replied, “[knows] where to get [her].”

Wanda gave her life at the end of Multiverse of Madness to destroy Wundagore, but as her body has not been located, it is safe to presume that the Scarlet Witch is still alive. Agatha: House of Harkness might examine the antagonist’s search for Wanda Maximoff, which would set up an intriguing reunion.

Second season of WandaVision

After WandaVision, it could be sensible to bring Scarlet Witch to the big screen given her rising popularity. But the reality-bending sitcom was crucial in launching the MCU on the streaming platform, so Marvel and Disney might want to retain Wanda on Disney+ in a follow-up project or a second season.

WandaVision’s creative team has been referring to it as a limited series up to this point. This might be the case because the idea of WandaVision and its sitcom reality only makes sense in the context of the first season’s narrative. However, that doesn’t exclude Scarlet Witch from serving as the showrunner of a different Disney+ series, perhaps one without Vision.

After all, Wanda hasn’t even spoken to the new White Vision, so maybe his MCU future won’t involve his magical wife. It may be time for the Scarlet Witch to finally fly solo even though SWORD’s rebuilt synthezoid has memories of the previous one. Resuming their relationship would partly devalue the romantic conclusion it reached.

Given that Wanda’s destiny was left unresolved in the Doctor Strange sequel, a potential second season might examine the fallout from her sacrifice, resulting in further tales about the Scarlet Witch’s revival as a hero after her Darkhold depravity.

Scarlet Witch standalone movie

When questioned lately about whether she could confirm reports that Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch would star in her own standalone film, popular insider MyTimeToShineHello simply answered “sure.” If this is true, Wanda’s first theatrical solo adventure might be announced as early as this year, possibly at either the D23 convention in September or the San Diego Comic-Con in July.

Marvel heroes don’t have need to be alive in the MCU to receive their own movie, as Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow demonstrated the previous year. Scarlet Witch might serve as a prequel to fill in the time between projects, perhaps even focusing on Wanda’s rising Darkhold depravity during the two years between WandaVision and Multiverse of Madness.

Alternately, Scarlet Witch could be resurrected or revealed to have survived at her solo debut, which would occur after Multiverse of Madness. A suitable candidate to play the major enemy is the demon Chthon. After all, as the creator of the now-destroyed Darkhold, Wanda may be set free from her corruption and return to the path of righteousness by conquering the Elder God of Chaos.

Avengers prequel

The Young Avengers idea has long been mentioned in connection with the MCU. America Chavez, Kate Bishop, Kid Loki, Ms. Marvel, and Wanda’s twins (Speed and Wiccan) have all already been featured in the series, so it appears that the youthful heroes will soon be brought together for an adventure. On Earth-616, however, Tommy and Billy Maximoff don’t exist because Wanda just conjured them using the Hex.

An alternate Tommy and Billy Maximoff from another Earth might come to Earth-616 to gather young people for the Young Avengers in order to fight an unidentified menace. The reappearance of the Maximoff twins may result in the Scarlet Witch’s victorious return, this time as a hero rather than a villain.

White Vision might appear in a West Coast Avengers spin-off that is also possible. The West Coast Avengers were founded in Marvel Comics at Vision’s suggestion, and the same thing might occur in the MCU at some point. Wanda might seek out her ex-boyfriend in the hopes of being reunited with him once and for all because of White Vision’s importance in this new lineup of the Avengers.

Avengers 5

On the other hand, Elizabeth Olsen’s Maximoff might take a break before making a comeback in the fifth Avengers film. The Avengers’ next major enemy is still unknown as of right now, although Kang the Conqueror by Jonathan Majors is the front-runner.

Scarlet Witch would be a potent weapon in the armory of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes no matter who they may encounter next. However, after the destruction caused by WandaVision in Westview and the deadly rampage of Multiverse of Madness, the Avengers won’t be in the least bit eager to ask Wanda for assistance, let alone to put her back on the plane.

It will surely be challenging for Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch to regain her old allies’ trust if she ever manages to do so. If Wanda survives or returns at all, then perhaps her sacrifice to destroy the Darkhold will be the first step in that path, but Wanda’s road to being an Avenger once more is a long one.

In theaters all throughout the world, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is currently showing.

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