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Actor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Responds to Harry Styles’ Marvel Spin-Off Rumors

Following the dramatic conclusion of Eternals, viewers were taken aback by a post-credit stinger that brought Harry Styles to the MCU. The former One Direction member was introduced as Eros, also known as Starfox to comic fans, Thanos’ brother, Titan’s royal prince, and an Eternal in his own right.

After most of the gang was taken by Arishem to evaluate what occurred on Earth, Eros came accompanied his intoxicated teleporting friend, Patton Oswalt’s Pip the Troll. Fans of the music heartthrob have been waiting to see when Eros will next appear in the MCU, and all indicators point to Eternals 2.

Now, rumors are flying that Styles is planning a heroic solo excursion, and the actor who plays his CGI traveling buddy is on board.

The Actor of Eternals Talks About Harry Styles’ Eros Spin-Off Rumors


Patton Oswalt, who plays Pip the Troll in Eternals, recently talked with ComicBook about rumours that Harry Styles’ Eros, alias Starfox, may appear in a standalone movie for Marvel Studios.

Styles’ Eros will headline his own solo adventure after his debut in Eternals’ mid-credit sequence, according to an exclusive story from The SPR Project. The former One Direction member was previously linked to a five-picture contract with Marvel Studios.

In response to the speculations, Oswalt said that a Starfox/Pip project “would be dice [he]’d want to roll” since Marvel’s efforts with lesser-known characters “usually wind up sort of really blossoming:”

“I’ve never heard such stories. That would be incredible if it were true [the sequel was about Starfox and Pip], because it seems like every time Marvel has rolled the dice on these types of B or C-level characters, everyone is like, ‘Oh, who cares about them?’ That is where they finish up actually blooming. There’s the film Guardians of the Galaxy. I’m not sure whether you’ve seen the new Ms. Marvel program, but it’s a total thrill. I mean, it’s such a fantastic… In addition, I’m a major admirer of both Ant-Man films. I believe they are amazing and vastly underappreciated in terms of Marvel and catching the mood of the moment. So, if they made a movie about Starfox and Pip… Those are the dice I’d want to roll. Why not?”
When Will Harry Styles’ Eros Return?
Although Eros has yet to show his heroic skills in the MCU, Marvel Comics’ Starfox has the telepathic capacity to manipulate the powers of others. Thanos’ Eternal brother has always been described as a hard-partying womanizer who has used his skills to coax women into falling in love with him, both mistakenly and unknowingly.

These powers have gotten Eros into a lot of trouble over the years, especially when he was put on trial for sexually assaulting a married lady. She-Hulk, with whom he had a personal involvement, eventually ended up working as his attorney, until Starfox utilized his talents to convince the court – maybe this storyline will be used in this year’s courtroom comedy Disney+ series.

Depending on the approach chosen, a standalone film featuring Styles’ Starfox may be one of the most unusual entries in the MCU. Perhaps it could function as an origin story that explores Starfox’s legendary lifestyle and his connection with Thanos; this would also provide Marvel Studios with an excellent opportunity to enter the rom-com genre.

With Werewolf by Night and Guardians of the Galaxy planned to headline Disney+ holiday specials, maybe Styles’ Eros might take on a Valentine’s Day celebration special, one in which the Eternals strive to find love, or perhaps just a casual fling, in the Marvel world.

Styles has recently released his new solo album, “Harry’s House,” and will be touring the globe through March 2023. With these heavy responsibilities in mind, Eros’s next appearance in the MCU may be a long off, with his solo film or series more likely to spin out of his role in Eternals 2. However, there is a break in the artist’s Australian tour dates between mid-December and late-February, which may allow the actor to shoot an MCU cameo.

Eternals is now available exclusively on Disney+.

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