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Captain America 4 Has New Director

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier concluded with Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson fully transformed as the MCU’s new Captain America. The newly anointed Star-Spangled Avenger is expected to be a significant player in Phase 4 and beyond, and this was confirmed when Captain America 4 rumours surfaced online.

The specific plot details of the film are yet unknown, but it’s logical to presume that it will follow up where The Falcon and the Winter Soldier left off.

Although Mackie remained tight-lipped regarding his involvement in the upcoming Captain America film, the MCU veteran expressed hope that his next MCU excursion will still contain Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes. Meanwhile, the film’s lead writer, Malcolm Spellman, indicated that the question of “whether or not a Black man should be Captain America” will be “part of [Sam’s] ongoing fight” as he carries the mantle in future editions, such as Captain America 4.

While fans await an official announcement from Marvel Studios, a big production update for the film has been released.

Captain America 4 will be directed by Julius Onah

Julius Onah

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Nigerian-American director Julius Onah has been chosen to direct Marvel Studios’ Captain America 4. Onah is best recognized for directing The Cloverfield Paradox in 2018.

The next MCU sequel will be Anthony Mackie’s first big-screen appearance as the Star-Spangled Avenger, with a script penned by The Falcon and the Winter Soldier director Malcolm Spellman.

When Does Captain America 4 Come Out?

This latest behind-the-scenes Captain America 4 development could signal that the movie is poised to enter pre-production, which could lead to filming.

The next Star-Spangled adventure presently has no release date, owing to Marvel Studios’ failure to formally announce it. However, based on this current update, there’s a good likelihood the project will begin production in early to mid-2023.

Hiring Nigerian director Julius Onah is also appropriate since it allows him to use “[Sam’s] ongoing battle” as a Black guy becoming Captain America in his own distinct way.

Onah has long advocated for more representation, as seen by his past work directing and co-producing Luce. The aforementioned picture dealt with the legacy of racism and the darkest regions of the white imagination, which The Falcon and the Winter Soldier also touched on.

Given that Marvel Studios will have a significant presence at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Captain America 4 might be one of the key announcements from the studio’s highly anticipated Hall H panel.

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