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Chris Hemsworth Shares His “Thor: Love & Thunder” Workout Routine 

After a workout video of the action hero went viral, Chris Hemsworth has produced a variety of videos, interviews, and fitness regimens inspired by his preparation for the next Marvel film “Thor: Love & Thunder.” 

After more than a year since the release of “Avengers: Endgame,” Hemsworth has been hard at work getting ready to reprise his role as Thor. While Hemsworth did not gain as much weight as Thor, Chris still had to get into peak physical performance after the long quarantine and lockdown measured shuttered gyms around the world. Hemsworth spoke about what he eats, how he lifts, and what equipment he utilizes to be in shape that makes both men and women swoon. 

On December 6, a video of Chris Hemsworth practicing with his personal trainer and regular sparring partner Luke Zocchi went viral, as Hemsworth rained punches throughout the workout. “Endgame co-star Josh Brolin and MMA featherweight Max Holloway reacted quickly, as did UFC fighter Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone, who said, “Yeah fine ok! I wish I could look like that on the pads.” 

ChrisChris Pratt, who will play Starlord opposite Hemsworth, commented to the tweet, writing, “Hey Bud. I just got a call from my trainer, and he wants you to stop because we’re going to be in the same movie and everything, and he doesn’t want me to stand next to you if you look like that, so I’m going to need you to put on 25 pounds real soon cool thanks.” 

Following the frenzy around the videos, Hemsworth and his trainer Zocchi, both of whom worked on the fitness app Centr, shared Hemsworth’s training schedule so that others may workout, eat, and sleep like the God of Thunder. Hemsworth noted that his approach is all about balance, and that his nutrition and sleep pattern are equally as crucial as his workout regimen. 

Chris“So there’s the working out, the eating, and the sleeping,” Hemsworth continued. “When you approach health in that manner, and are focused on ensuring that you respect each of those three elements as much as the other two, you can rapidly achieve balance, and from balance, you acquire structure and a foundation on which to succeed.” Hemsworth trains for two hours twice a day, five days a week. He claims that the majority of the workouts are done with bodyweight rather than weights. 


The regimen is based on Joseph “Da Rulk” Sakoda’s functional training technique, which has three golden rules: no equipment required, keep it short and sharp, include yoga and Pilates, and remember that rest is the most essential thing. As a consequence, Hemsworth has said that he incorporates not just yoga but also meditation. These guidelines serve as the foundation for Centr, which was published in late 2019 by Hemsworth and Zocchi and was made available for free during the epidemic. 

ChrisThe strenuous workout has also spurred talk that Hemsworth may portray Hulk Hogan in a forthcoming film about the renowned wrestler. 

ChrisEven if Hemsworth isn’t portraying Hogan, it’s obvious that Pratt’s Starlord will make a few jealous remarks in “Thor: Love & Thunder.”

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