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Doctor Strange 2 Line Is Accidentally Ruined by Ms. Marvel Episode 2

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ultimately exposed MCU fans to the Illuminati, a long-awaited Marvel squad. Fans were excited to see which famous figures would emerge on the roster in the build-up to the big event, and the sequel definitely delivered with cameos from Baron Mordo, Charles Xavier, Captain Carter, Black Bolt, Captain Marvel, and Mr. Fantastic.

Doctor Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, encountered the Illuminati while trying to safeguard America Chavez from Scarlet Witch on Earth-838. Unfortunately, the Illuminati overestimated the danger and, with the exception of Mordo, all fell prey to Wanda’s fury.

Following the Multiverse-hopping blockbuster, Ms. Marvel just debuted as Marvel Studios’ most recent release, bringing fans to Avengers super-fan Kamala Khan. Given Iman Vellani’s hero’s fanatical adoration, the story is jam-packed with allusions to the MCU’s main characters and events.

Ms. Marvel made a reference to the Illuminati in the second episode, which created a big discrepancy with a scenario from the sequel.

Ms. Marvel Questions Doctor Strange 2

The allusion to the Illuminati in Ms. Marvel Episode 2, “Crushed,” establishes a contradiction with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Nakia invites Kamala and Bruno to help her campaign for the Mosque Board during the Eid Mubarak holiday. The election candidate divides attendees into six groups: Mosque Bros, Pious Boys, Sunday School Teachers, Insta Clique, Converts/Reverts, Mini Harami Girls, and Illumin-Aunties.

MCU Illumin-Aunties Marvel Studios Ms. Marvel

The Illumin-Aunties’ name indicates the presence of an Illuminati notion on Earth-616, whether it’s the heroic Marvel squad, another hidden society, or simply a generic phrase for people working in the shadows. Doctor Strange, on the other hand, is perplexed when initially presented to Earth-838’s Illuminati: “The Illumi-whaty?”

Marvel Entertainment

Strange looked to be unfamiliar with the word, which is odd given that he, of all people, would be acquainted with such a phrase as a previous Sorcerer Supreme. The fact that Nakia, Bruno, and Kamala are familiar with the word, even if just informally as a catchall for secretive groups rather than the MCU’s interpretation, raises an inconsistency: Strange should have at least heard of an Illuminati.

Marvel Studios

This kinda destroys the scenario since the all-powerful, all-knowing Stephen Strange has been let down by a couple of high kids.

The Illuminati of Marvel Studios Earth-838 includes variants of Baron Mordo, Black Bolt, Captain Carter, Captain Marvel, Professor X, and Mr. Fantastic, with only Mordo surviving the Scarlet Witch battle.

Marvel Studios

Even in the actual world, the Illuminati is said to be a secret club of the world’s elite dedicated to the establishment of the “New World Order.” The alleged group was the topic of popular memes in the mid-2010s, so maybe Marvel’s millennials are more aware of the phrase than a more out-of-touch Doctor Strange.

This was most likely a mistake on the part of the authors, who did not consider the implications of adopting the Illuminati moniker for Ms. Marvel’s gangs of terrifying aunties. While developing Ms. Marvel, the authors had no idea the Illuminati were making an appearance in the MCU. However, there may be an in-universe answer — although a feeble one.

Is there already an Illuminati in the MCU?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ location in the MCU timeline might aid in solving this dilemma. Because Strange was ignorant of the Illuminati prior to Multiverse of Madness, the heroic squad most likely does not yet exist in the MCU.

If the Doctor Strange sequel happens before Ms. Marvel, the former Sorcerer Supreme may have returned to Earth, formed his own Illuminati, and caused rumblings that went all the way back to Kamala and her friends. After meeting the team from Earth-838, the Avenging Sorcerer may now proceed to gather the Illuminati on Earth-616 in the aftermath of Thanos’ onslaught on all reality.

In the aftermath of the Kree-Skrull battle, the hidden think-tank of heroes was formed in the comics to share knowledge and discuss methods to safeguard Earth.

In terms of who would be recruited to such a squad, each member of Multiverse of Madness’ roster was there to represent a different corner of the Marvel universe: cosmos, science, magic, Avengers, Mutants, and Inhumans. Following this design, the ultimate MCU roster may contain Captain Marvel, Mr. Fantastic, Doctor Strange, and Sam Wilson’s Captain America, with spaces free for Mutant and Inhuman representation if Marvel Studios choose to add them.

Doctor Strange’s Multiverse adventure is currently streaming exclusively on Disney+; Kamala Khan’s newest escapades will be available on the site on June 22.

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