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How the Ms. Marvel finale alters the fate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

How the Ms. Marvel finale changes the course of Marvel's MCU

The Ms. Marvel season finale is now available on Disney Plus, along with the traditional post-credits sequence that comes with such MCU milestones. The huge bombshell in the post-credits sequence, however, isn’t even the most shocking reveal from the final episodes. We’ll go through everything below, but be warned: major spoilers follow.

Knowing that Iman Vellani would portray Kamala Khan in The Marvels next year, I was expecting a cameo from Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) in the Ms. Marvel finale. Captain Marvel, thankfully, only appeared in the post-credits sequences, and the TV program handled the appearance well.

The post-credits surprise in Ms. Marvel’s conclusion

When compared to the bigger MCU picture, Ms. Marvel’s stakes are quite minor. That’s why having Captain Marvel appear in the climax to rescue the day made no sense. Given that Captain Marvel did not interfere during major events, it would have been a major narrative hole for the whole MCU. As in the films Eternals, Love, and Thunder.

It would have made no sense to show up to rescue Kamala Khan. Especially because Kamala had everything under control.

How the Ms. Marvel finale changes the course of Marvel's MCU

That’s why the post-credits sequence in the Ms. Marvel conclusion is so fantastic. Kamala is on her bed, her bangle suddenly springing to life. You know, once more. What follows is the most effective approach for Ms. Marvel to meet Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers ends up in Kamala’s room when the two superheroes trade places. A room crammed with Captain Marvel posters.

They don’t quite meet, but their encounter ensures that Captain Marvel will seek out Ms. Marvel. Ms. Marvel is most likely someplace in space, wherever Carol was before bursting out of Kamala’s closet.

Ms. Marvel’s ending also reveals that she will return in The Marvels, which is more than Marvel ever needed to tell us. Captain Marvel 2 will be released on July 28th, 2023.

Furthermore, the sudden transition effectively connects Ms. Marvel with Captain Marvel. All we have to do now is wait and see how these two personalities are linked.

How the Ms. Marvel finale changes the course of Marvel's MCU

The mutants are on their way.

But the post-credits sequence with Captain Marvel isn’t the most thrilling part of the Ms. Marvel climax.

We learn at the conclusion of the episode that Kamala’s name means “Marvel” in Urdu. That’s what her father says. So she’ll always be Ms. Marvel to them.

Kamala encounters Nakia (Yasmeen Fletcher) and Bruno (Matt Lintz) around a week after the events of the finale, and it is there that the latter tells Kamala surprising news. Bruno has been researching Kamala’s DNA, and her genes vary from those of her family.

That implies her sibling lacks Ms. Marvel’s superpowers. But only because “something unusual” is in her DNA. “Much like a mutation.”

“Whatever it is, it’ll simply be another label,” Kamala says to Bruno. But, at this moment, the crowd is stunned. Because a mutation indicates that Kamala is a mutant. After years of anticipation, Marvel seems to be ready to gradually introduce mutants.

We don’t know what set Kamala’s genes off, and Bruno doesn’t have all the answers. The X-Men Easter egg, on the other hand, is the most mind-blowing discovery of the Ms. Marvel conclusion. Not the post-credits scene from Captain Marvel.

How the Ms. Marvel finale changes the course of Marvel's MCU

The X-Men may have arrived in the MCU before Ms. Marvel.

Marvel will not divulge any more information than is absolutely necessary. And we’re still intrigued about how Marvel will explain the mutants in the MCU. One possibility is that Kamala has a DNA abnormality that has awakened her talents.

She, a mutant, has lived on the world her whole life. She saw the Avengers save the world, but she didn’t get her abilities until the collapse of 2025. There might be a lot of people like her.

Marvel may have shown us one of them in Black Widow last year. Daniel Richters might have portrayed Ursa in the film, which takes set between the events of Civil War and Infinity War in 2017-2018. But the X-Men surprise wasn’t so obvious. Or deliberate. It wasn’t something you’d learn by watching the movie.

Having said that, you can now watch Black Widow and Ms. Marvel in their entirety on Disney Plus. You’ll also want to revisit the X-Men revelation and post-credits sequence from the finale many times.

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How the Ms. Marvel finale changes the course of Marvel's MCU

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