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In a new set video, Emilia Clarke’s Marvel character fights for her life.

Despite the lack of a premiere date for Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion, the series has the MCU audience on edge simply because of its subject matter. The mini-series, which stars Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn while also introducing newcomers to the MCU like Emilia Clarke, is fittingly veiled in mystery. 

In its most basic form, Secret Invasion will tell the story of the Skrulls invading Earth, putting everyone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in danger of being replaced and replicated. For the first time since Spider-Man: Far From Home, Nick Fury and General Talos will have to work together to figure out who these Skrulls are and what they want with Fury’s home planet.

Emilia Clarke vs. CGI Character: A Secret Invasion

A 23-second footage from the set of Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion was released by Twitter user @Daenerys4lyfe. 

Emilia Clarke is seen in the video shooting with someone dressed in a grey motion-capture CGI outfit. There is no audio, and it appears that the CGI character is choking Clarke while she fights for her life on the ground beneath her.

The Mysterious Debut of Emilia Clarke in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Although it’s thrilling to see additional footage of Clarke on site for her first Marvel film, there’s little to go on in terms of what’s actually going on. 

Clarke’s role is still unknown for the time being, making it difficult to guess on this scene in which she fights an unknown character. Following her stint as the show’s executive producer, she appears to be slated to take on a role in the MCU that incorporates some action, which means viewers may expect to see more battle sequences in the future.

This is in addition to set videos from earlier in 2022, which showed Clarke walking through a UK street with Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) following closely behind her. 

Once more information about Clarke’s involvement and Secret Invasion as a whole becomes available, videos like this should become easier to understand in terms of characters and plot. For the time being, though, Marvel Studios’ secrets remain a well guarded secret as the show prepares for its highly anticipated premiere. 

Secret Invasion is presently in production and will most likely premiere on Disney+ in 2023.

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